Nov 16, 2016

Prudence Veiled likes the Number 9

This post is my second attempt to write about the Number 9. The first post is here and includes an image of Autumn Equinox Horoscope 2016 set for our nation's capital (details are linked); the Autumn chart is in force until at least Winter Solstice 2016. Today's post begins here:

Are you curious about the number 9? Is it, perhaps, your 'path' as a system such as Numerology advises you? After all, each number contains its own qualities and our Solar System is built upon numbers and measurements...3 + 3 + 3 = 9 but you knew that already and more besides. So let's see if yours truly can add a few things to what you already know about the Number 9, if you please, for you may find a snippet to interest you in the following!

As do all numbers, the Number 9 has certain associations, correspondences, archetypes, names, and meanings attached in a variety of spheres--mystical, esoteric, cosmic, and otherwise. Some of these will be mentioned herein if you dare read on...

Wanted: Modesty and Circumspection

'Prudence Veiled with lamp and staff' is one of the archetypes of # 9 as is The Hermit from the Tarot deck. He is often shown in gown and cowl with a lantern in his right hand held aloft and a staff in his left. The staff is bestowed by the Jupiter principle and is held in God's hand with the rod in the other, and the rod is Saturn. 'Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me' from The Lord's Prayer refers on a deep level to the universal balance between expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn, a cosmic dance that keeps the planets circling in their courses. Thus, Jupiter and Saturn are known as, 'the Flywheel of the Universe'. And actually, the children's song, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands is not off the mark at all.

As for the Number 9 (flowing beards are optional but study is required), it is associated with astrological Jupiter and the 9th house of Higher Education, and the principles of 'wisdom, virtue, morality, worth, protection, mystery, human love, obscurity, the fruits of merit, and the power of silence. The sacred fire curtained and the Sacred Fire of the Vestals' symbols resonate with the Number 9, as do the 9 muses: Calliope (Poetry), Clio (History), Melpomene (Tragedy), Euterpe (Music), Erato (Love and Inspiration), Terpsichore (Dancing), Urania (Astronomy), Thalia (Comedy), and Polyhymnia ((Eloquence).

Here's an assembly of the nine gods of the Etruscans by name: Juno, Minerva, Tinia, Vulcan, Mars, Saturn, Hercules, Summanus, and Vedius. (Find something on Vedius if you can for there doesn't seem to be much available).

In Astrology, both 9 and 7 determine climacterical-year cycles (9 = ages 9, 18, 27, 36, etc, which dovetails with the 12-year cycle of Jupiter at age 36) which identify those years as periods of time when major changes are experienced. A resonance with astrological Uranus may be noted with all that Ouranos, 'the sky god', can suddenly or unexpectedly bring. This is a good example of why one's natal chart is 'good to know' for its handy foreknowledge ability that defines cycles and trends and informs us when periods of time will begin and end. If known, this self knowledge places a human being into the entire scheme of the Universe if he wishes to discover such ethereal information about himself and/or others. Of course, many people find that gazing up in wonder at a night sky has the power to reveal one's place in the Universe, too! Also note that in Astrology, a novile aspect (40 degrees) resonates with the 9th Harmonic.

Now let us close with the names of the 9 angels who rule the Heavens: Metatron, Ophaniel, Zaphkiel, Zadkiel, Camael, Raphael, Haniel, Michael, and Gabriel. Usually it's the mysterious Metatron, God's Heavenly Scribe and expert on Sacred Geometry, who elicits the most curiosity, and last but not least, here's a website with gems of information concerning those Mysterious Etruscans!

For more information on Number 9 and the rest, you may wish to try Isidore Kozminsky's antiquarian work The Symbols and Meaning of Numbers.

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