Mar 1, 2021

When transit North Node conjuncts natal Midheaven!

March 1, 2021: Today I'm using the horoscope of a current transit to my own natal Midheaven ('MC') to write about the potentials involved when transit North Node (aka, the head of the dragon) conjuncts natal Midheaven as it will do approximately every 18.6 years. For me, this transit occurs on March 10, 2021 @15Gem03, as you see in the horoscope, below. The chart is set for Raleigh, North Carolina where I expect to be on the morning of March 10th. The moment of exactitude is 8:50 am est:

At 8:50 am est on March 10, 2021 in Raleigh, Taurus rises and chart-ruler Venus @16Pis16 applies to conjunction with Neptune (a favorable time for Art, photography, and abstract thinking) and is At the Bending or At the Bends as TMA's Mary Plumb ably explains (Venus square Nodal Axis). My suspicion is that Venus in creative Pisces 'at the bends' (here at South bending, counting clockwise) suggests that my artwork and writings are offered or sacrificed to the Collective for spiritual purposes on an internal, subjective level. Plus, planet Neptune relates to sacrifice and chart-ruler Venus applies to Neptune in the chart with the pairing of Venus-Neptune relating to Art and Creativity, Beauty, Visions, Music, and Illusion. And the usual form of my drawings falls under the Visionary Art category.

(Note: for examples, you're cordially invited to join my Art Visions FB group, plus, you're always welcome to browse my Art Portfolio at Fine Art America 24/7. For as you know, viewing Art, unless it's the disturbing kind, is good for lowering blood pressure!)

Now another consideration are the indications of the pair itself: North Node/Midheaven ('NN-MC') which include:

'Seeking and finding others with similar interests; newfound friends; support from associates for ideas or goals; destiny integrated with daily activities' (Munkasey); 'being recognized; a meeting' (Tyl); 'individual relationships; unions based on a mutual inner understanding; associations with joint objectives; placing personal objectives above the group's; cropping up of difficulties when pursuing common interests; the sidereal or astral body and ego-consciousness' (Ebertin); 'harmonizing with present social trends; fortunate meetings' (Sakoian and Acker).

So as you see, it's not quite all lollipops and roses when the transiting North Node points toward a natal Midheaven! Yet perhaps the difficulties that crop up appear in order to be dealt with since they become more visible at MC - and the transiting NN here acts as a timing device. For me, concerns would involve Geminian-Sagittarian issues such as details, logic, fluency, coherent communications, the search for truth, and/or ethical concerns. Too much scattering of energies is a negative as is deceit.

And yet it could be that when transit North Node (a Jupiterian point of public contact, publicity, destiny or future direction, a 'joining' point in Western Astrology) conjuncts the most visible Angle in any horoscope, the MC (Goals/Aspirations), something new is being timed in the realms of Career, Public Standing, Reputation, and/or Relationships.

Well, be that as it may or may not be, my hope is that this post throws a ray of light upon the North-Node-to-MC transit which we all experience at various times in our lives!

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