Mar 6, 2023

The Neville Family and Anne's Date with Destiny

Image: The Neville Family Book of Hours,_1st_Earl_of_Westmorland.png

In ancient days it was a thing to record prayers in a Book of Hours and if there's a most-famous such book, it must be that of Queen Consort Anne Boleyn.

However, above you see a public domain image of the Neville Family Book of Hours instead, located on Wikimedia Commons because images of my 19th great-grandfather, Ralph Neville, 1st Baron of Westmorland, 4th Baron Neville of Raby (1364-1425) are few and far between if any accurate ones exist at all. Maybe the Nevilles are part of your ancient ancestors, too, so you may wish to check out a depiction of Ralph Neville's effigy at Staindrop Church, plus, a few biographical details that are available online as well.

Appointment with Cruel Destiny: May 19, 1536 8 o'Clock Tower of London

Theirs was a perilous and harrowing time for sure and I wonder if perhaps you'd be interested in viewing the Death Horoscope of Anne Boleyn with early Leo rising, sign of royalty, and a Mars-Saturn conjunction lurking menacingly in 1st house, the midpoint and pair that Reinhold Ebertin terms the death axis. As is often the case of horoscopes set for times of death - her execution at 8 o'clock as history records - Jupiter @7Ari55 conjuncts Midheaven (the Goal Point) along with invisible Neptune @6Ari41, a planetary pair suggesting the inflated scheme and deception by which Anne was condemned, aka, Henry VIII's scheme to rid himself of his wife.

Unsurprisingly, on that fateful morning in 1536 at the Tower of London, Venus (Anne) was conjoined by the melancholy asteroid Orpheus, while the North Node ('NN') of public contact pointed toward 00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation and Fame. Even centuries later, this indicates the significance to the world of Anne's untimely death as Henry continued his desperate quest for a male heir, no matter the cost.

Now there are other chart factors notated upon Anne's death horoscope for the curious so check it out if you wish. And yes, Anne Boleyn and I are connected: she's my 6th cousin 14 times removed, geni dot com informs me, via my Strickland grandmother. So maybe Anne Boleyn is one of your ancient cousins, too!

Feb 19, 2023

When Chiron Returns 2027 and 2028

CHIRON by William Blake, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Now in Aries, transit Chiron will enter Taurus in May 2027

by Jude Cowell, 3rd house Chiron in Sagittarius

Below you see a tri-wheel of the three times that Chiron Returns for the very first time since discovery to the centaur's founding degree of 3Tau08. Chiron, when in Venus-ruled Taurus uplifts within the Collective our concerns about mortality, our life-death connection to our planet (ex: environmentalism; earth changes; Mother Earth; the little blue dot), and of course, as The Key, to resurrection and eternal life with priestly Chiron symbolically represnting the Christ archetype in Astrology.

Moving through the sign of Taurus, Chiron reveals a period of life on Earth when ethics and a search for moral values become paramount for such values must be preserved in order to sustain civilization; history rhymes, and this was society's imperative during the Revolutionary era. More recent time periods when Chiron traveled through tropical Taurus range from 1926/1927, 1933/1934, 1976/1977, and 1983/1984, with Chiron always carrying the message to, Be Here Now!

Meanwhile, millions of folks already understand the need for preserving positive values in today's corrupt world, but through Chiron's sojourn in Taurus, things will reach crisis proportions and we'll be considering a lifting up of values - like a cross on a hill in olden days when spiritual values triumphed over materialistic ones through His sacrifice, for materialism and the love of money can only degrade humankind, never lift us up.

Actually, Chiron's rounded-up Sabian Symbol of '4 Taurus' and its "Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" (with Chiron 'the rainbow bridge' - B. Hand-Clow) word picture, the better end of the deal is the spiritual values side of the bridge - for that's where rust can never corrupt.

And so it is my lifelong belief that the Wounded Healer possesses all the compassion in the world - and for the world - and will do exactly that for those who let Him in!

Now in closing, here's a brief presentation from the Time Traveller channel Centaur Chiron: Wisest and Eldest of all Centaurs, Mentor to Achilles and Perseus....

And if you're interested, check out the natal horoscope of Chiron discoverer Charles Kowal, born with a powerful Pluto-Chiron Conjunction in early Leo (1940--2011), or review our previous discussion: Astro-Notes on the Discovery of Chiron.

Thanks for reading! Jude

Jan 29, 2023

Twitter Horoscope: first tweet March 2006

Nervously Twittering

by Jude Cowell, tweeting since March 2008

This is just a quick posting of the time-stamped 'First Tweet" Horoscope of Twitter along with a few astro-notes:

One chart factor we can't fail to notice is the double Solar Eclipse action at the IC (Foundation Point) of the 1st tweet horoscope. Twitter was founded under the rays of a 7 South Eclipse which occurred on October 3, 2005 and was fueled by 7 South's initial Mars-Pluto square of dynamic energy (@10Libra). Soon Twitter's IC will be activated by degree (along with the 2005 7 South themes listed and highlighted in orange) by an 8 South Solar Eclipse perfecting on October 2, 2024, also @10Libra. 8 South's difficult themes fall into the 'separation, loss, overstrain' category of life, according to Bernadette Brady.

But prior to that, we must also note that, cyclically, a 7 South Eclipse repeats @21Libra on October 14, 2023, again with forceful, perhaps angry, energies of a Mars-Pluto square intact and manifesting in Twitter's 4th house. Themes include 'potential crisis but obstacles suddenly clear' (Brady). What could this be? We'll have to wait to find out.

And of course you know that the IC of all horoscopes are also an Ending Points, yes? Well, the future of Twitter Inc has seemed awfully wobbly since Mr. Musk took over, or whatever it is that he does when he does it.

Meanwhile, computer programmer, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey sports an overgrown beard, last I saw, and a viewable natal chart online which is A-rated and shows a Water-Air personality blend of Sun Scorpio-Moon Libra with hard-working Virgo rising, and the messenger planet of communications and thought processes, Mercury, in adventurous, expansive Sagittarius. Plus, Mercury is energized by a disassociate conjunction with Dorsey's natal Mars in late Scorpio conjunct his natal Sun.

And in case you missed it (although how could you?), here are details concerning the saga of Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, a deal he initiated on April 14, 2022 and concluded on October 27, 2022 with a variety of dramatic twists and turns along the erratic way.

Plus, a dated but untimed natal horoscope for Elon Musk may be of interest with his side-winding Cancer Sun scuttling here and there like a crab across a sandy beach.

Jan 26, 2023

Astrology: Picasso, Matisse, plus Gertrude Stein

Astro-Notes: Modern Artist Pablo Picasso and Two of His Contemporaries

by Jude Cowell

In the natal horoscope of the brilliant American heiress and collector of avant-garde art Gertrude Stein we find an Air-Earth Sun Aquarius-Moon Virgo personality blend with mystical Pisces rising (00:21). When her portrait was painted in Paris by a young art genius named Pablo Picasso, the enigmatic Stein, no traditional artist's model for the woman-loving Pablo, was told by the artist that she would one day "end up" looking as he'd depicted her. As it turned out, Pablo was correct, and the professional support of his work by art collector Gertrude Stein, and her brother Leo, made all the difference to Picasso's financial and career prospects.

The tension between forward-looking artist Picasso and the older, traditional painter Henri Matisse (December 31, 1869 Earth-Fire Sun Capricorn-Moon Sagittarius RR: AA - both he and Picasso born with Jupiter in money sign Taurus and proud, egotistical Leo rising) provides a fascinating study of their era through the lens of world class Art. Matisse the master and thinker tended to lecture the young Picasso and talk down to him. Meanwhile, Picasso decided that Matisse was the last of the classical artists and that he himself was the first of the modern painters. Once again, Pablo the revolutionary with four natal planets in his career 10th house, was correct in his surmise.

Then as we see in his AA-rated natal horoscope, Pablo Picasso, born October 25, 1881 11:15 pm LMT Malaga, Spain; died April 8, 1973 Mougins, France, age 91), sported a steamy, intense, even scalding Water-Fire Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius personality blend with, as noted, Sun-ruled Leo rising. And although the older, well-established Hennri Matisse cared not for a certain then-scandalous, boundary-breaking painting, Picasso's more primly renamed depiction of The Young Ladies of Avignon is considered to have heralded the very beginning of Modern Art.

Because as we know, Pablo Picasso was correct.

Dec 11, 2022

An Astrology Chart for Empress Matilda!

Genealogy Plus History: Empress Matilda

by Jude Cowell

The following post and horoscope/s are part of my series on ancient ancestors - this time concerning Empress Matilda, my 26th great-grandmother, as geni dot com informs me. Ceres (the mother) is active in her natal chart as are Juno (wife), Pallas (daughter), and hearth-tender Vesta who mates with whomever she pleases. Three of the femine asteroids are in a dynamic T-Square pattern so having two illustrious husbands - King Henry I and Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, she must have untold thousands of descendants by now. Why, perhaps you, dear reader, are one!

Never actually crowned queen of England (no matter how hard she tried), the pious Matilda is known as the Lady of the English (although even this title is sometimes disputed). And yet she was a daughter, spouse, and mother of Kings, who was born February 7, 1102 at Sutton Courtenay (Oxfordshire) or possibly at Winchester.

With her exact time of birth unknown, a 'noon' horoscope is shown here set for Sutton Courtenay on the date of her birth (lower left) while the upper right horoscope shows her Prenatal Solar Eclipse chart ('PE' @7Sco17:28: exact timing) which perfected on October 24, 1101 at 9:22:47 am LMT, and is also set for Sutton Courtenay:

So are there cosmic time links between Matilda's natal planets and mine? Yes. Plus, the signs of her and my Nodal Axes are 'flipped' and we share Prenatal Solar Eclipses in the sign of Scorpio, about one or so degrees apart. But our eclipses are not in the same Saros Series as near as I can tell, because unfortunately, her 'PE' reveals no themes due to the fact that its series expired at some point since 1101/02. However, her eclipse may have fallen within the played out 5 Old North Saros Series, if I had to hazard a guess, and for which I have no themes to share.

Even so, we know that Eclipses in Scorpio tell us a little something about the solar-lunar energies running in the background of the society into which Empress Matilda was born (like a time stamp!), suggesting the intensity and forcefulness of Scorpio's Mars-Pluto influences (positively or negatively - motive always matters), and great karmic opportunities are available for higher consciousness, again depending on an individual's motives which must include the avoidance of negative Scorpio traits such as jealousy, hatred, revenge, grudge-holding, and betrayal. Such avoidance must have taken Herculean efforts given her royal circumstances and the villains that surrounded her. And of course, Mars-Pluto energies are active during war and would have come in handy for Matilda and her then-current issue of succession after her father's death are credited with starting the civil war, aka, The Anarchy, a perfectly Uranian word as are 'disruption', 'attack', and 'separation'. Oddly enough and unaware as she is, Matilda is in process of having a modern-day Uranus Return! (@16Taurus as during the US 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse - conjunct disruptive anarchist Uranus). Anarchy then, the return of anarchy now.

Named his heir by her father Henry I, (an unpopular decision - she was female), Matilda was her father's only legitimate child after the tragic death of her brother William. She is said to have been arrogant, proud, and overbearing, and so was not well-liked. Yet perhaps you'll agree that Empress Matilda is a fascinating historical figure. And if you wish more details, try the 10m 23s video from the Her Remarkable History channel concerning The First Queen of England - Empress Matilda.

And one last note: if she'd been arrogant, proud, and overbearing - and male - we ladies know that popularity would have been no problem for Matilda at all. In fact, high praise - and a crown - would have been forthcoming.

Dec 7, 2022

Astrology of a Tragedy in Moscow, Idaho

by Jude Cowell

Admittedly, it's rare that I publish tragic horoscopes of death while a murder investigation is ongoing and, preferring Forensic Astrology of cold cases instead, I waver over doing it now. But my heart is broken over this tragedy, and with the perpetrator/s on the loose, I've decided to share two horoscopes showing the time frame that Moscow, Idaho's police chief, James Fry, has publicly stated as the hour during which the brutal murders of four college students (University of Idaho) were knifed at home in their beds during the early morning of November 13, 2022 (3:00 am to 4:00 am PST). Two of the victims may show defensive wounds but this is not verified, as far as I know. Yet if true, this may indicate that not all of the four were asleep when attacked.

First, here's ABC News' Timeline of events.

And here you see a 3:00 am horoscope (lower left: Hour of the Moon) and a 4:00 am horoscope (upper right: Hour of Saturn) set for November 13, 2022 Moscow, Idaho:

Please enlarge and/or print the image for clearer reading if you wish for many notes are penned on and not all will be mentioned in the following text.

Astrological Potentials: As Above, So Below

As you see, Venus rules both Libra Ascendants so suggestions of revenge for romantic disapointment, being scorned, and jealousy may to be involved. Knife-wielding Mars is out-of-bounds, perigee (very close to Earth - and angry), and in two-faced Gemini, can be bitingly critical. Plus, being retrograde ('Rx') is a frustrating condition for ready-for-action Mars. On another level, Mars can signify Police Chief James Fry who has expressed frustration.

Now Luna in Cancer is also out-of-bounds ('OOBs') so a measure of emotional estrangement is expectable with subjectivism, self-protectionism, and emotional difficulties suggested with the Moon strong in its own sign.

Then as you see, at 4:00 am, assassin Pluto, the primally violent dealer of death, nears the End Point ('IC'), which is also the 4th cusp of Home and Domestic Scene. Actually, invisible Pluto has been 'in the house' for some time - was he waiting for his target/s to return? The four students are known to have returned home - two at about 1:45 am, and two at about 1:56 am (consult the Timeline, linked above for more details). Horoscopes set for those earlier times would be informative as well but are not published in this post.

Other potentials found in the 3:00 am and 4:00 am charts include a possibility that the perpetrator was someone from the students' past, someone unstable and choosing death as their revenge for past slights or hurts, possibly romantic in nature (see Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer notes, upper left). Then as you see, the Scorpio Sun leads a Locomotive shape of planets indicating someone ruthlessly determined upon success.

Another possibility: were jealousy, betrayal, and revenge (Scorpio) due to educational competition or a grudge of some sort? Alcohol, and perhaps other drugs, can be seen with the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces (6th house of Daily Rounds), a planetary pair that tends to include delusion, big dreams, and/or unfulfilled wishes. This may relate to the fact that two of the victims, the dating couple, visited the Sigma Chi fraternity house prior to the their deaths, returning home at about 1:45 am, and as you know, many frat houses are notorious nests of drinking and partying. Just sayin', not accusing Sigma Chi which is known as a social and literary organization, founded in 1855.

So another factor I'll mention is in the 4:00 am chart with its 8th cusp of Death, Sex, and Shared Resources, conjoined by the radical, often political Uranus-North-Node ('NN') pairing which suggests on a basic level, meeting (NN) a sudden attack or attacker (Uranus), plus - and this is why I favor the 4:00 am chart - North Node is precisely conjunct the Vertex ('VX') at 4:00 am, a point of fated encounters (and sometimes, of unfulfilled wishes which are also part of the dreamy Jupiter-Neptune picture).

Shocking Uranus and Mysterious Neptune

Now it could be significant that racism and/or religious persecution are involved with this tragedy, but this is beyond the scope of this post. However, if this turns out to be involved, the Uranus-NN pair conjunct 8th cusp should receive more scrutiny for its political implications, especially considering the particular atmosphere now embroiling US society with transit Neptune in Pisces opposing US Neptune in Virgo activating generational clashes of ideologies and cruel persecutions which the Collective now must deal with. Plus, America's first-ever Pluto Return (since 1776) is bringing life-or-death circumstances and conditions with deathly energies running in the background of many events. And with Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, those with the urge to control (like hardhearted dictators) are feeling their anti-humanity oats and acting out against civilized society in whatever ways their malicious brains can devise.

Now it's obvious that the daily rounds of the students are key to figuring out the guilty party with Daily Rounds represented by the 6th house. A military, police, or other connection to service occupations or industries are hinted at, although I've heard of no suspicions of this nature as of yet. So this could simply signify the necessary involvement of police investigators with the crime, even the FBI.

And naturally, we must hope that the murderer's DNA and other forensic evidence will tell the tale no matter how long it takes!

So in closing: may the four students' family members, their friends and other students soon find a measure of justice and relief which will come when the perpetrator is apprehended, indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced.

Oct 22, 2022

Say Hello to Siegfried I, Count of Luxembourg!

Don't Let His Scowl Fool Ya - He's Happy To Meet Anyone At All These Days!

by Jude Cowell

Well, it's Thanks once again to my paternal Strickland grandmother, for I find that Siegfried I, Count of Luxembourg, is my 30th great-grandfather. Not close enough to do me or mine any harm but there he is way back in the family 'woodpile' all the same! On Wikipedia, he is known as Sigfried, Count of the Ardennes, another of his titles, and we should note that Siegfried was a 6th-generation descendant of the much-lauded Charlemagne , my 35th great-grandfather. A hoary bunch, aren't they? Well, I'm growing somewhat gray around the muzzle myself these days!

Now as you know, Charlemagne is aka, Carolus 'Magnus', Rex Francorum and Imperator Romanum (April 2, 747--January 28, 814). And from his title we can deduce that he was a very busy ruler with a lot on his plate, as we say today. But so was our Siegfried who, around year 950, married Hedwig of Nordgau, a Saxon lady though apparently nothing is known of her parentage which makes Hedwig one of my mystery grandmamas! Because when you venture this far back into ancient family lineages you're bound to find a few mysterious relatives of which little is known. And annoyingly, they're usually of the feminine persuasion.

Meanwhile, here's the geni dot com bio page of Siegfried I if you wish to view his family members including his parental units and Hedwig. (You won't find me there because I'm not signed in to geni at the moment.)

A Bit of Astrology for Siegfried I

As for Siegfried's personality blend of conscious and unconscious energies, that's revealed by his Sun Leo-Moon Aries combo, with Moon in Mars-ruled Aries for the 24-hour period of his birthdate (August 15, 922, as noted). This energetic double Fire blend reveals a man of adventure, courage, and self-dramatization. Add to this a self-centered nature yet with a social conscience, powers of persuasion, and tendencies toward recklessness, unconventionality, grandiosity, and vanity.

He may have been prone to hero-worship so a mentor that he looked up to and emulated may have been part of his life, at least during his early years. And he probably tended to over-estimate himself as double Fire personalities sometimes do. Maybe he used the 'no risk, no gain' way of accomplishing things.

And so in closing, perhaps the "Image for Integration" (of conscious and unconscious energies - combine for best results) provided by the Harveys for the Sun Leo-Moon Aries blend describes something about Siegfried I, Count of Luxembourg. See what you think:

"A knight errant dedicates his next grand adventure to the mistress of his heart, and then rides off into the sunset in a cloud of dust." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad). This sounds about right for an super-charged 10th-century ruler to me, how about you?

So there's your astro-introduction to Siegfried I, Count of Luxembourg. If you're on friendly terms with him already, then kudos to you, and if not, Thanks for taking this meander down Luxembourg Lane with me and one of my very ancient great-granddads!