May 7, 2022

Jamestown Colony Solar Eclipse 1607 a mystery

Matoaka, 'Pocahontas at Jamestown' statue erected 1922; wife of Capt. John Rolfe

Approximately two weeks prior to the founding of Jamestown Colony in Virginia, a Total Solar Eclipse in Saros #114 perfected @7Pis24 on February 26, 1607. This is the Colony's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 5 Old South series which influenced the early adventurers who landed and established their claim on May 14, 1607.

Details concerning the Virginia Company are available such as Capt. John Smith decreeing Capt. Gosnold (Gosnoll) the "prime mover" of the Colony. (Bartholomew Gosnold (1571--August 22, 1607).) Yet as you see, Bartholemew didn't last long once in Jamestown, Virginia and is interred there to this day inside what once was Fort James.

Other occurrences of Saros #114 Solar Eclipses include May 3, 1715 (NS; April 22, 1715 OS; @12Tau14) when Edmond Halley successfully predicted the (Total) eclipse and its path of Totality which lasted 3 minutes 33 seconds in the city of London. This 1715 manifestation of a Saros #114 eclipse is famously known as Halley's Eclipse (follow the link for details) and perfected during a Saturn-Uranus conjunction @17Virgo+. Of course, erratic Uranus of the lightening bolt wasn't discovered until about 70 years later by William Herschel.

Regretfully, I have no eclipse themes to divulge here for the 5 Old South series of eclipses (including that of 1607) ended on September 12, 1931 @18Virgo so its themes are not listed in Brady's Predictive Astrology (#ad).

Of course, there are ways to glean information even without eclipse themes such as Sabian Symbols ('word pictures') within the eclipse horoscope, planetary aspects, links to the charts of individuals or concurrent events, the initial eclipse in the series, the key planet of the eclipse, the Zodiacal sign in which an eclipes occurs, and by searching for historical events which occurred during the years that an eclipse manifested in the particular series--here, the 114, and the founding of Jamestown(e) Colony under a Piscean influence which suggests oceanic voyages, resulting illnesses, spiritual realms, various mysteries and hidden agendas. Yet we know that the founding of Jamestown was a new beginning if it was nothing else, of Old World to New World proportions, along with the expectation of gold discoveries and gaining wealth.

The Virgo-Pisces Axis

When a solar eclipse manifests in mystical Pisces, spiritual awareness is important for karmic progress to be made and the next evolutionary level reached. Plus, karmic relationships and significant family ties tend to be involved. We find this at times when researching Jamestown colonists and trying to ascertain who was related to whom, possibly prior to their journey across the Atlantic.

When a solar eclipse perfects in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo (the virgin, and other goddess references which also include nurturance and mothering), a strong sense of duty and 'work ethic' are implied along with traits such as discrimination, discernment, and dedication. Analysis and keen observance are also suggested but a tendency toward perfectionsim and criticism may be involved with eclipses in Virgo. Yet if such tendencies are under a reasonable amount of self-control, they may be more positive than negative (perhaps with maturity).

Enter The Intriguing Princess Pocahontas

Then as you know, health problems are associated with Virgo and eclipses in Virgo and I'm sorry to say that within that particular realm, Pocahontas, aka, "Rebecca" Rolfe, wife of Captain John Rolfe (with whom geni dot com informs me I have in-law connections through my Strickland and Bolling lines) died on March 21, 1617, age 21, as she and family began the journey from Gravesend, England back to America. Possible cause or causes of her death: pneumonia and/or tuberculosis; may she R.I.P.

Pocahontas passed away under the influence of a 16 North Solar Eclipse @17Pisces (opposite Virgo, the victim-savior axis with Pisces, sign of contagion) with its initial eclipse's transpersonal Uranus-Neptune content. Additionally, a Total Lunar Eclipse had occurred @2Virgo on February 20, 1617 so there were lots of Virgo-Pisces energies affecting the environment, an environment she had never been in before.

So! When it comes to the Prenatal Solar Eclipse in Pisces of the Founding of Jamestown Colony, we can note that a list of 114 eclipses is handily located here. Examples of 114 eclipses include: July 23, 651 (@2Leo: "An Epidemic of Mumps" = the initial eclipse), March 28, 1066 @13Ari24 (as you know, William I's year of Conquest, and surprisingly enough, William I is my 28th great-grandfather), the Jamestown PE of 1607 as noted, Halley's Eclipse of 1715, and 5 Old South's final manifestation in Virgo on September 12, 1931 with karmic Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn and an imaginative, if deceptive Mercury-Neptune conjunction early in the sign of - Virgo.

Apr 14, 2022

Astro-Genealogy Can Reveal Ancestral Trauma

Hercules Shooting Nessus; Hans Sebald Beham, via Wikimedia Commons

April 14, 2022

Astrological Nessus and Pholus: Ancestral Trauma and Forms of Abuse

by Jude Cowell

One of the celestial bodies that provides information concerning abuse, intensity, strong impacts, and dangerous or borderline situations in a natal chart, psyche, and in one's family is Pholus, a centaur discovered January 9, 1992 at 9:01 UT (about 2:00 am) at Kitt Peak Observatory, Pima County, Arizona by David Rabinowitz. When Pholus was discovered @00Leo36 Rx, galaxy CENTAURUS A was rising at Kitt Peak, and a 12 North Solar Eclipse had manifested only 5 days earlier @14Capricorn on January 4, 1992 with Themes of 'sudden new opportunities to accept greater responsibilities and commitments appear due to another's person's inability to carry on; events are difficult but self-esteem and harmony can be positive results' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

To me this suggests that 12 North eclipse themes are cosmically attached to centaur Pholus and the current and past events the centaur reveals can have positive results in the here-and-now because the advantage of having such self-knowledge is that we are given information with which to deal more successfully with difficult events that may have occurred recently or distantly in our families (paternal and/or maternal lineages). "Positive results" may provide the seeker with chances to 'clear the air' in a manner of speaking, or 'lift the karmic debt' in relation to issues of abuse and to me it seems that entertaining a wider perspective concerning difficult events while being distant from the problem is always helpful for those who are willing to 'do the work' which can be facilitated by the use of Astrology.

Now while it's true that contacts from natal Pholus to our natal planets signify prominent issues and events within the present lifetime, let's also focus on traumatic events and actions that have been passed down through the generations of families like yours and mine and are signified by another centaur, Nessus. Are you aware of such traumatic events suffered (or committed!) by an ancestor or two, perhaps passed down via oral histories? Obviously, events such as wars and their aftermath are possible time frames for research, plus, other large societal events within the Collective may need investigating since few folk want to shoulder burdens that actually belong to Grandpa Abner, Great-Great-Grandma Mabel, or 5th-Great Uncle Fussenpaw. However, it's highly possible that a 'culprit' event may have occurred much further back in the family line, say within famous battles of olde, or, for example, perhaps bwo executions at the Tower of London, so obviously, genealogical research may be needed in order to discover and consider them. I love how History tends to come along with Genealogy, don't you?

Furthermore, a recent event in a current family circle may actually represent a re-enactment or an echoing of a past event of abuse and trauma revealed by similar conditions between them. Examples that involve archetypal figures such as 9th-Great-Grandpa vs Daddy, or a royal ancestor vs a holier-than-thou tormentor may yield positive results if realized and considered.

Now naturally the premiere centaur Chiron (the wounded healer) is closely involved in the mythologies of both Pholus and Nessus and other centaurs so for more information, you may wish to check out the link at the end of this post. Also see a previous post Astro-Notes on the Discovery of Chiron for more details.

Now for a Full Disclosure: One of my paternal family lines reveals an abusive event following abusive event going back to 1627 and the Jamestown Colony which made it into various Genealogy records and books (because it's Jamestown and because various Genealogy researchers have studied the family through the years). Lucky me! For I can study the horoscope of the tragic event without knowing the exact hour it occurred since the day's planets are informative especially when compared with my natal planets. Of course, the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior polarity is involved, and the Nodal Axis's South Node, relates to the past, neurotic tendencies that no longer suffice, and to genetic inheritance. Additionally, in an accurately timed natal horoscope (as is mine), the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint is significant. Here's what Reinhold Ebertin writes about the Biological Correspondence of this midpoint:

"The phenotype in contrast to the Sun-Moon, Moon-Midheaven, and North-Node-Midheaven expressing relationships to the genotype (heredity factors)" (The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad).

So look to this midpoint in your natal chart (if you don't know its position consult your astrologer!) for it relates to hereditary and cellular factors. If nothing else, you have its sign and the body part/s ruled by that sign for clues. Mine is @00Leo54 which, as it happens, conjoins the discovery degree of Pholus (and here I am writing about it!). So with Leo ruling the heart and spine, then yes, I've had heart surgery, and my paternal grandfather suffered from a heart condition. As an infant I'm told that I was taken to the hospital where he held me one time, then he passed away one year later (no, not by my tiny little hand! Babies are often born around the time a family experiences a death). Now not much is known about my Grand Dad's personal habits in rural Georgia but I shall assume that abuse, as in overindulgence or overstrain (possibly due to work - he was a farmer), probably played a part in his heart condition although genetic inheritance cannot be ruled out - not at all. Plus, we sometimes hear of inherited conditions that remain unknown until a crisis event occurs so perhaps this was the case, and physical overstrain could have caused aggravation of a hidden condition. Plus, cardiology was not an advanced field back in his day.

And so I must wonder: did the abusive Jamestown Colony event in my family pass down generational-genetic influences all the way to my grandfather and me, and perhaps to others in between? Well, I can assure you that the event was horrific enough to cause heart problems in its victims, a mother-daughter pair. Of course, all family members would have been negatively affected along with witnesses to the event. And significantly, Pholus in my natal chart conjuncts my natal Mercury, the planet of young children, in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of authority figures. Even natal Mars, planet of desire and action, is nearby, all in my 5th house of Children.

Meanwhile, Pholus, which orbits between Saturn and Neptune (the 'illness/weakness' pair) has connections to the medical industry, gene research, aging, strokes, the alcohol-drinking habit especially when abusive (via Silenus, Pan, and Dionysus). And basically, poisoning and toxins are connected to both Pholus and Nessus which can affect health, identify malevolent intentions to cause harm, and thus may interfere with the self-actualization process as small actions may lead to shockingly large outcomes and/or unintended consequences.

Nessus the Evil Man: Obsession, Violence, Rape, Suicide, Revenge, Deceit

For this post, a friend has shared with me her birth data and details of childhood trauma in her family circle and it turns out that she was born with Nessus in 1st house (of Self and Physical Body), trined by her 10th house Saturn which represents the earthly father in natal charts (plus, Saturn is in Capricorn). Among several other things, poisonous Nessus relates to dangerous or extreme situations and I'm sad to say that her Nessus-Saturn combination suggests a picture of a lack of safety from adult to child, with the trine providing Saturn with opportunities to commit abuse. This was an outrageous victimization similar to the Jamestown event noted, above. Feeling unable to cope with events is a typical reaction, thus the trauma, and a sense of fate or dread is attached, made more intense for my friend because Nessus conjuncts unprepared Phaethon. In such cases, one must think of children who are forced to grow up too soon, before they're ready, and this happens too often in too many cases. Notably, centaur Nessus orbits between Saturn and Pluto, the planetary pair of cruelty, brutality, violence, destruction, and hardship.

Paging Doctor Pholus?

As for her natal Pholus, my friend works in the medical industry which is significant for her since Pholus is often prominent in the natal horoscopes of healthcare professionals and hers is posited in the technologically advanced sign of Aquarius.

Meanwhile, DNA and gene research are also within the cellular-level realms in which Pholus is active and this in turn relates to Ebertin's Biological Correspondences listed, above. Having one's DNA tested for the purpose of family genealogical research and/or for inherited health information is suggested by Pholus - and surprises, even shocks may be in store if a seeker should find out that a family member isn't who they always said they were.

And naturally Astronomy made advances the year Pholus was discovered (1992) so there's a link between the centaur and the Cosmic Sciences, plus, a storyteller vibe may be prominent based on the Mythology of Pholus, so if you haven't, check out the intriguing Mythology of the poisonous/poisoned centaur if you have the opportunity, and here's a brief video presentation concerning Nessus, cosmic 'poster-boy' for ancestral trauma.

Related: Chiron, Pholus, and Company.

Apr 4, 2022

Artiness and a Cosmic Blink for JCAstro!

April 4, 2022

by Jude Cowell

Since my last post here was a Death Horoscope (and a dreary historical one at that), today calls for a JCAstro post with a lighter topic. For me, this means a bit of Art is attached, so here's a link to the original logo for my online Art Gallery Secret Moon Art via its very first post at creation on July 14, 2006, 16 years ago. There you'll find SMA's original mission statement.

Now naturally, everyone knows that 2006 was back in the glory days of the self-publishing of "personal weblogs" (aka, blogs), and not being tech-savvy, it took me a couple of years to gain enough courage to give blogging a try. Now it's 16 years later, and SMA remains online and is occasionally updated, however, my tech prowess is little if any better than before! You see, the coding I learned at the start got tossed out the window once 'drop and drag' was introduced, for as a time-saver the new method could not be denied.

A Cosmic Art example: 'Timeless Path' a merit award winner Atlanta Olympics 1996:

Additionally, 1996 was a Jupiter Return year for me and in April 1996, I began full time study of Astrology - although I had purchased my first two Astrology books, age 12, when by progression my 10th house Uranus in late Gemini reached Midheaven, the Goal Point of Aspirations.

As for the founding planets of Secret Moon Art, my creation was and is a Moon-Uranus in creative, mystical Pisces affair, with the Moon-Uranus duo suggesting potentials for excited, ambitious, or restless women, peculiar pursuits, individualism, and/or metaphysical interests (paraphrasing R. Ebertin). This is probably spot on, if I must admit.

Yet other cosmic factors seem to me quite applicable such as the themes of the Solar Eclipse Saros Series in which SMA was 'born' - the 8 North which manifested @8Ari35 on March 29, 2006 in my natal 7th house. Unaware of the eclipse themes 'running in the background' of the period in which SMA was conceived, planned, designed, and first published, only later did I discover its implications in relation to SMA's founding and my life-long habit of creating artwork in general, pencil drawing in particular. See if we agree:

8 North Themes: 'inventiveness and flashes of genius are hallmarks of the 8 North series; intuitive leaps, insights, good ideas, visions or vivid dreams; new-found inspiration may cause strain in the personal life for freedom is needed, if only for a few weeks' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Well, no "genius" am I but you can see how "secret" lunar (of the Unconscious) illustrations, done most often on black paper which adds a mystical quality to any effort, might benefit from the themes of a cosmic blink 8 North Solar Eclipse which, in Mars-ruled Aries, can supply enthusiasm and courage. And yes, sometimes 'visions' of scenes do appear in my dreams or on blank sheets of black paper so that all I have to do is grab some colored pencils and get busy!

Jude Cowell: Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces, a practical Earth-Water Blend

Then for art-related placements in my natal chart through which creative talent might be discerned, primary credit goes to a Minor Grand Trine pattern between Sag Venus trine Leo Pluto with creative, flowing, inspirational Neptune in art-loving Libra between and sextiling both! According to Bil Tierney, the sextiling (midpoint) planet "helps facilitate the naturally flowing exchange of the trine, enabling it to attract upon a more conscious level opportunities for the expression of talents in the environment. The individual here is more alerted to the potential alternatives of that trine's creative expression" (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Tierny #ad).

Well, for alternatives besides drawing (which deepened on black paper when transit Pluto hit natal Venus!), in 2006 and before, I also hand-sewed a collection of ladies' and children's accessories such as beaded make-up bags, purses, drawstring bags, scarves, hats, and felt story books. So apparently, my love of fabrics, plus, college-level art studies kicked in via Fashion Illustration, Lay-Out, and Design courses with costume dressmaking also practiced during that period.

Then when transit Uranus activated natal Venus, electrical and candle-lighted creations were invented and sold such as wire Candle Bowers (inspired by the nests of bower birds!) with beads, vintage jewelry, and mirrors, and Cosmic Light Panels like this:

(Note that the small bright orb is a round glass prism meant to represent Chiron.)

So there it is: a self-summation via cosmic principles involved with the creation of entities such as Jude Cowell Art and Jude Cowell Astrology for anyone who wishes to know! And as always, your on-topic comments and insights are cordially invited! jc

Mar 31, 2022

A Death Horoscope for Anne Boleyn May 19, 1536

Unknown artist, English School, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Anne Boleyn: May 5, 1501 - May 19, 1536

by Jude Cowell

Basic biographical details concerning her life, ascendency to marriage at the heights of power, her tragic downfall after suffering four miscarriages, her unfortunate trial, and the death of Queen consort Anne Boleyn are readily available on Wikipedia if you need them. Further research on my part has yielded additional information via sources that wish to hold onto their info so I won't dare link to them here. You may, of course, do your own research, as you wish. One excellent resource is the YouTube channel of Claire Ridgway's Anne Boleyn Files.

Meanwhile, my objective today has been to find the information that astrologers always value for chart calculations such as the exact time of Anne Boleyn's execution on May 19, 1536 (OS) - at "8 o'clock" in the morning, say historical sources. Therefore, the following Death Horoscope for Anne Boleyn, shown below, is set for this date, hour, and location.

As for Anne Boleyn's natal horoscope, things get a bit murky for there are two possible birth dates and charts if you'd care for a peek, one for May 5, 1507 with a Pisces Moon, and one for May 5, 1501 with a Sagittarian Moon, a year based on her Wikipedia bio. Obviously, both horoscopes show her natal Sun @23Taurus+ (May 5th). At first glance for Anne (a distant cousin of mine as is Henry VIII! but aren't we all?), I favor a creative, spiritual Pisces Moon (1507) yet many historians seem to favor her birth year to be 1501. So what do you think? Is hers a fiery, adventurous Moon or a watery, creative one? Let's compare the two personality blends, below, by adding potential Moon signs to her May 5th Taurean Sun.

Earth-Fire ('Venus-Jupiter') Sun Taurus-Moon Sagittarius is a 'live-wire' plus homebody combination of energies with 'enthusiam for practical politics' and a 'craving for excitement'. One of the blend's 'Images for Integration' is intriguing in light of the lady in question, her husband's dissolution of the monasteries, and their era:

"A monk builds a cathedral whilst contemplating the infinite reaches of the Universe."

Earth-Water ('Venus-Jupiter/Neptune') Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces is the blend of a poet, nature mystic, and lover of beauty. Musical and easy-going, but nevertheless a determined combination, there's a quiet, self-contained demeanor. The blend's 'Images for Integration' may or may not apply to Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I:

"Through the power of the imagination a man is healed; A poet prepares his accounts in verse; The Mona Lisa" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys #ad).

Recommended is a worthy addition to this meager astro-tribute to the ill-used Anne Boleyn - a link to two poems she penned while awaiting her deadly fate in the Tower of London for they are Anne in her own words!

Mar 13, 2022

Classic Novel plus History, Astrology, Genealogy

An Open Letter dated March 13, 2022

from Jude Cowell

Thomas Hardy, frontispiece page, Augustus John, CC0, Wikimedia Commons

My Dear Reader,

If you've never viewed the natal horoscope of novelist and poet Thomas Hardy, you may find it curiously interesting. Predictably, the writer's sign of Mercury-ruled Gemini is well represented by his Sun, Mercury, and Mars (1-12 degrees), plus, the identity trio enjoys a close relationship with art-lover Venus @27Tau23. And as you know, a Mercury-Venus conjunction suggests one who writes and communicates in a pleasant way. For me in school, this was the case with Thomas Hardy novels which I read with much fascination, but if there was a clunker in the bunch, it would have to be Jude the Obscure which closes with a simply hideous tragedy described by Mr. Hardy's deft pen all too well.

You see, my Pisces Moon can take little if any stories or articles in which children are harmed or abused. Actually, add mistreated wives and women to that no-no list, while you're at it. But, since 'Jude' is something of a namesake for me, I had haplessly waded into the story, little suspecting what awaited the novel's characters near book's end. Yes, it's one of the many classics that I read in school, but I re-read 'Jude' about three years ago, and left the novel wishing I hadn't.

Now astrologically, this harsh event could be seen as an expression of Mr. Hardy's 10th house Pluto (@19Ari33 - ruled by Mars), a planetary pair of death, harm, and other catastrophic occurrences. Yet since his natal horoscope is RR:B, house cusps such as his career-related Midheaven @11Ari48 ('MC' - and visible-to-the-world 10th house in the Placidus House System) may not be as accurate as we would want, plus his birth hour is listed as "8:00 am" LMT, and we know that often such perfection is merely a rounded-off estimate when the true time of a baby's birth could easily have been before or after the hour. It was 1840, after all.

Literature-History-Astrology-Genealogy - and Jude

Now please note that Thomas Hardy's natal planets of June 2, 1840 are not actually my focus in this post, for earlier today, as I researched some of my distant relations - cousins, to be exact, as is Mr. Hardy! - I came across a certain Moore family, some of whom were based in Fawley, UK which is the town that features in Jude the Obscure and which he renamed, "Marygreen," where the main character, Jude 'Fawley' spent his childhood. This location relates to Hardy's mother, if memory serves, so today's post is primarily published to provide you with a link to what for me is an intriguing blog post written and published on WordPress by 'RecentlyRetiredMan' back in May 2017, in which the writer details his search for the old cottage, or what's left of it, located in the novel on 'The White Road' (photo included!) to Fawley.

What he found, using maps of the 1800s and other references, plus, by actually visiting and photographing the area, you must read and see for yourself, and I hope you will!

So here's a link to his Ex Libris Ad Rem blog: "The books and stuff that fill my day":

Back on the trail of Thomas Hardy's Jude - the missing cottage.



Jude C.

P.S. For readers with Facebook accounts who are interested in the history that comes along with genealogical research, a new group is available for joining called Genealogy plus History. In fact, I'll soon be sharing this very post with the group so why not Join Us! jc

Feb 21, 2022

Astrology of a Ripper Victim August 31, 1888

The lady thought to be the first - or some say, the second - canonical victim of the serial killer later known as "Jack the Ripper" was Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols (nee Walker), born August 26, 1845 in London, England.

One reason the murder of Polly Nichols on August 31, 1888 stands out from the rest is due to the fact that a man was found with her body - a man who gave his name as 'Charles Cross' (real name, Charles Lechmere). Yet newspapers of the day didn't take much interest in the fellow, an 'innocent witness', and perhaps he was, but with little information known about this "carman on his way to work," it's difficult to say unless you watch the Smithsonian video linked, just below. Or, perhaps follow the link to casebook dot org for more details about him because it appears that, leaving home to walk to work early that morning, "Carman Cross" had time enough to reach where Polly Nichols was murdered at around 3:30 - 3:40 am - in time to be discovered standing over her body by another workman, Robert Paul. Born in London on October 5, 1849, Charles Lechmere remains a prime Ripper suspect as noted in the Smithsonian channel presentation The Missing Evidence - Jack the Ripper (46m 15s) and of late I've been leaning toward Lechmere as the likely culprit.

Moon-Neptune: Subconscious Phenomena, Vivid Dreams, Refined Feelings

And yet in recent years, I have studied the deaths or body found horoscopes of 5 of the canonical murder victims, plus, the natal and death charts of Christian poet Francis Thompson who, imho, remains a possible 'Ripper' candidate. (His natal chart set for 7:30 pm is based on a rectified time but the original source is unknown - RR: C.) If you're curious, one such post I've published about him is Poet Francis Thompson and a Foreshadowing Lunar Eclipse. And prior to finding his rectified birth hour I had used a speculative natal chart timed by his birth day's Moon-Neptune opposition, a duo relating to potentials for weakness, instability, receptiveness, an intensely vivid dream life, indolence, exposure to peculiar and strange influences, exploitation by others, and/or life crises (R. Ebertin).

Born at 7:25 pm GMT (December 16, 1859 Preston, UK), Thompson's natal Moon @16Vir21 and Neptune @24Pis23 apply to opposition (8-degree orb) and would have influenced his psyche and subconscious mind, possibly with a prominent event occurring around age 8 (and possibly Saturn-related). So the strangeness points toward lunar Mama issues which is why his mother's death and the 1880 Lunar Eclipse, linked above, was highly intense and significant for him. His was a disfunctional family with a surgeon for a father. And his odd ideas involving Moon (women; mother; physical body) affected by Neptune (confusion; misperception; misunderstandings) resonate with his known connection to prostitutes and to serious drug use (Neptune). Additionally, his Catholic faith may be implicated by the suggestion that the White Chapel murders may have been committed in tandem with certain Catholic religious dates of 'saints', etc. (Please note that as a Protestant, I have no certainty about such an issue.)

So below is a bi-wheel of a 'noon' natal horoscope for Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols along with her 'found' horoscope on Buck's Row, Whitechapel, London, near the spot that about 100 years prior been a ducking pond for suspected witches:

And as a distraction that night there was a warehouse fire drawing away police officers from the area. We can also note that the murderer's escape (if not Charles Cross/Lechmere) could have been quick and easy because there were nearby steps that led down to unlighted train tracks. The culprit could have followed the tracks and ascended the stairs onto Buck's Row - as detailed in Jack the Ripper: The Works of Francis Thompson, a book by Richard Patterson (#ad).

So as you can see, a few natal planets of Francis Thompson are penned on - primarily his violent Mars-Pluto opposition (which also relates to his surgeon father and medical studies: Taurus/Scorpio) which at 3:40 am falls upon the MC-IC angles (the Why and How? Points in all horoscopes). Certainly, none of this is conclusive, of course, that Francis Thompson murdered Polly Nichols but it does suggest that her death was significant to him in some way - perhaps careerwise since some of his poems contain murderous references, so perhaps the cosmic link from his Mars-Pluto opposition which tends to attract violence, unless the energies are positively channeled, indicates only that.

Feb 20, 2022

7 Cancer: Two Fairies on a Moonlit Night!

Harmonics in Astrology: Arc Transforms

by Jude Cowell

As a life-long pencil artist and novice astrologer of 26 years, here's an illustration of the Sabian Symbol of the degree that appears when my natal horoscope is converted into its Sun-Moon Arc Transform which resulted in Sun-Moon @7Cancer (the degree rounded up from 6Can25):

Illustration 7 Cancer: "Two Fairies on a Moonlit Night':

Therefore, the Arc Transform technique for finding this degree represents what resulted when my natal chart placements were multiplied until natal Sun and Moon positions were conjunct bwo Arc Transform, which reveals a sort of balance point for me personally. Although exactly what fairies have to do with anything, I can't tell you, unless this symbol (word picture) relates to my considerable helping of ancestral heritage of the Celtic kind!

Now here's some of what Reinhold Ebertin has to say in general about a Sun-Moon conjunction and the pair's primary principle:

'Principle: Spirit and soul; the conscious and unconscious; vitality and feeling; husband and wife'.

'Conjunction: There is an appreciable influence of the zodiacaal sign in which the conjunction occurs; one-track mind; the misunderstood person' (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R.E. #ad).

Misunderstood? Often! And obviously, Moon-ruled Cancer = the family and motherhood, but also business and patriotism. And perhaps this sign contains a part of the deeper meaning behind my willing confession online that, Sometimes I get a little fussy: Cancer "the Crab".

Add to this cosmic picture Saturnian influences from my four natal planets in Capricorn and the Universe can wind up with a very fussy gal if it isn't careful. :o)

For more information concerning this branch of Harmonics in Astrology check out a previous post Fractal Reflections: Arc Transforms.

Feb 19, 2022

Saturn and the Astrology of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde in his Lady Windemere's Fan days; public domain photo

As we see in the natal horoscope (RR: AA) of famous playwright Oscar Wilde (October 16, 1854--November 30, 1900), he was born under the auspices of an Air-Fire Sun Libra-Moon Leo blend of conscious and unconscious energies with Virgo rising and Gemini at Midheaven (both signs of writing and both ruled by Mercury - his in intense Scorpio). Although Journalism was his first love, he is widely famous for writing a total of nine plays between the years of 1879 and 1894, several of which are still much enjoyed to this day - onstage or on film.

The Romantic and Creative Mr. Wilde

And what of Wilde's Sun Libra-Moon Leo personality blend? Well, we know that Venus-ruled Libra loves the Arts, beauty, luxury, and romance while Sun-ruled Leo is the sign of drama, entertainment, creativity, romance, performances in the spotlight - and vanity. And since the sign of natal Moon reveals clues about a person's 'reigning need', it's safe to say that Oscar Wilde harbored a deep, emotional need for attention, applause, and approval for his creative work, and perhaps, for his lifestyle choices.

Yet as the historical record attests, approval of his lifestyle choices was not forthcoming and he was put on trial and sentenced to two years in prison because of them, from 1895, leaving prison a "broken man," as all his biographers note. Subsequently, Oscar Wilde passed away in Paris, France on November 30, 1900 at age 46, where he is interred; his Tomb in Paris is much visited.

His Saturn in Mercury-Ruled Gemini

Now in his horoscope linked, above, you'll note Wilde's 10th house Saturn Rx which many astrologers relate to a prognostication of a "fall from grace." In Mercurial Gemini, Saturn gives a facility with studies and communications (both serious and silly), a lightening-quick wit, and a liberal measure of reasoning ability, but also suggests little capacity for adapting to changed circumstances (ex: prison conditions). And perhaps with Saturn in a parental house (10th), Wilde's father resembles these Saturnian remarks as well, and the planet's retrograde condition suggests that Papa was strict when gentleness was needed, and slack when discipline was called for. Or, was simply absent during Oscar's childhood.


Meanwhile, we know that Air-Fire individuals are full of ideas - they are "live-wire" personalities with a visionary quality to them but they do need grounding of some sort in order to turn their creative dreams into reality. As Utopian idealists, Air-Fire folk tend toward lofty heights and vast vistas in all that they do and hope for. But too much excited giddiness and an intense sociability can exhaust them (as it can anyone), however, boredom is to be avoided at all costs! As for the creative realms, his Mercury-Neptune trine describes his amazing talent as a story-teller and tends to bring success with writing while his Mercury-Uranus opposition reveals innovative ability, verbosity, and a restless nature.

Wilde's Solar Eclipse in Chatty Gemini: Fluid Communications

As for making his creative dreams real (bwo his published and performed writings), Oscar Wilde was born during a 19 North Solar Eclipse Saros Series (@5Gem12 - closely conjunct realistic Saturn @5Gem13!) with 19N themes of 'realism; coming down to earth; seeing an old situation for what it really is; tackling the truth' (paraphrasing B. Brady) and while this must have aided him in his creative pursuits (exs: his works concerning mistaken identities revealed, pretense, earnestness, fans which are actually a type of mask, etc), such eclipse themes may also have been a cosmic part of his downfall at the hands of Britain's legal system, ruled by Saturn, planet of karma, blockages, and loss. Plus, perhaps Gemini's well-known potential for superficiality, deception, and/or caprice may have played a part in the difficult court proceedings and the outcome of having to bow to accountability.

And yet, for a 10th house Saturn to bring a native public downfall, other factors must be involved. Of course, a major one is that he must neglect the demands and commands of Saturn, planet of responsibility and accountability - at least two more factors are necessary for an event to transpire in the real world. Sad to say, such neglect is indicated in the Astrology of Oscar Wilde. Admittedly, the other planetary conditions and personality traits involved are beyond the scope of this limited post so perhaps you, dear reader, will check out the intriguing natal horoscope of Oscar Wilde for yourself for there's much more to discover in the natal chart of this 19th-century literary genius, may he R.I.P.

So for now I'll simply close this post with one of Mr. Wilde's more famous quotes,

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."

Here's hoping this astro-tribute hasn't been overly tedious for you to read!

(For more personality blend details, consult Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey. #ad)