Nov 30, 2018

Unicorns: Mythical Creatures or an Extinct Species?

Here's an intriguing presentation by The Scottish Astrologer concerning the question of Unicorns: Mythical Creatures or an Extinct Species? Enjoy!

Oct 29, 2018

On the Path of Venus Oct-Nov-Dec 2018

Image: Venus in hi-res; public domain; view more astronomy images at

Monday October 29, 2018:

On this very day, transit Venus Rx conjoins my natal South Node and remains retrograde until November 16, 2018. On that very day, she seemingly turns Direct @25Libra14 and re-traces her path into Scorpio where she turned Rx on October 5, 2018 @10Sco50. In her honor, here's a re-posted excerpt written by Dane Rudhyar from a Stars Over Washington article concerning the 'goddess planet', ruler of both earthy Taurus and airy Libra, the more refined and discriminating sign of the two:

"The peacock is the bird consecrated to Venus; in occult tradition the Promethean Spirits who gave to animal mankind the divine gift of self-conscious intelligence had come from 'Venus'-- which may or may not refer to the physical planets we can observe in the sky. {} This peacock symbol indeed confirms the social status of the ancestral state. It indicates a CONSUMMATION of individual efforts; and it suggests that such a consummation is hardly possible except when a line of 'ancestors'--biological or spiritual--forms its base."

Can you spot the peacock in my drawing, Princess of India?

As you know, symbols for the degrees upon which planetary stations occur are always revealing so let's consider the October 5th and November 16th rounded-up Sabian Symbols along the 2018 path of Venus and note that Venus will reach her October 5th degree again on or about December 18, 2018 and thus will leave her 'shadow':

'11Scorpio': "A Drowning Man Is Being Rescued" - 'Keynote: The deep concern of the social group for the safety of individuals'; this symbol reveals "the basic feeling of relationship between the individual and his fellow men'; "The HUMANITARIANISM thus displayed has deep cultural roots."

'26Libra': "An Eagle and a Large White Dove Change Into Each Other" - 'Keynote: The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise'; this symbol speaks of "problems met by the seeker for the fulfillment of a higher life of Relationship...Implied here is a kind of Yang-Yin interplay" for when "the circle encompassing both principles rotates fast, they appear to change into each other. Consciousness operates beyond duality, because the polarized energies of the Soul (or spirit), Will and Love, though ever distinct, work for a single purpose. ADEPTNESS."

For more details see An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases by Dane Rudyar.

And as for natal Venus, check out Neptune's Silver Screen where you'll find details through the Zodiac on Love and Attraction in the Signs of Venus for astrological Venus is noted for her attraction principle and close association with the realms of art, beauty, love, relationships, social and cultural events, diplomacy, peace and war, plus, perspective, values and valuables.

Oct 11, 2018

Horoscope: Khashoggi and the Oct 2, 2018 Planets

October 11, 2018: well, here I am having to break my own JCAstro rule of No Politics! It seems that Blogger, which is Google in disguise, has turned up with some coding issues concerning today's Stars Over Washington post (an oversight, I'm certain) and its horoscope image had to be re-uploaded--but it will not upload. Of course, Venus is re-trograde in Scorpio since October 5th but the first thing that occurred was the SO'W sidebar content mysteriously navigating to the bottom of the page. Annoying.

So, needing a place to link to where the image can be posted, here it is - and please note that after posting this I discovered the time he entered the consulate to be 1:14 pm:

Horoscope: Saudi Arabia with October 2, 2018 planets, the day journalist Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey to pick up papers so that he and his fiancee could marry. He should not have gone there.

Oct 2, 2018

Money Meltdown? Uranus into Taurus 2018 - 2026 - clip

Got planets in money sign Taurus? Conservative Saturn perhaps? Well, progressive Uranus is coming!

Here's a clip for your consideration:

Aug 18, 2018

Fractal Reflections: Arc Transforms

Over the years of studying Astrology, this novice has occasionally sashayed down the Harmonics path of fractal reflections and right into the clearing where Arc Transforms flourish--quite on their own, it seems, and rather like a patch of mushrooms sprouting in an overgrown forest of cosmic knowledge. And having no idea how popular such techniques are these days I wonder if you, dear reader, find them fascinating or simply a curiosity...or do you use or study them at all?

Well, however you find them, you may wish to check out expert astrologer John Townley's PDF Arc Transforms and be sure to check out John's page on the methods and principles he prefers when practicing the ancient craft, his Astrologer's Toolkit of methods which include Harmonics such as the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 13th which, John says, "seem to have their unique flavors."

Additionally, his use of Arc Transforms allows him to "see if a given pair relationship has deep echoes in the rest of the chart." So once again it is confirmed that any astrological method or technique must always relate back to the radix or natal horoscope upon which the technique is used as in the adage, 'nothing happens or forms in a life unless it is promised in the natal chart'. So a deeper, wider view of the natal promise may be found within Harmonics, among other useful methods.

Also see Why Study Harmonic Charts in Astrology? which contains an enlightening video presentation on the topic by David Cochrane plus, a link to a Harmonics article authored by the excellent Mary Plumb!

Now the reason I'm thinking of Harmonics and Arc Transforms today and the deeper understanding they can provide is that I'm experimenting with them to investigate the natal horoscope and psyche of Mr. Trump. Yet this blog has been promised from its start to remain politics-free so no results for you, not on this page! Perhaps I'll get around to adding such info in a Stars Over Washington post at some point in time, perhaps on a 'slow news day'. As if we ever have those anymore, right?

Above image: Golden Chanterelles sprouting in an imaginary forest; drawing originally published in my Secret Moon Art gallery which you may browse as you wish but please note that occasionally a little Astrology may be involved.

Aug 12, 2018

The Art and Astrology of Paul Cezanne

"Don't be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation." Paul Cezanne.

The natal horoscope of Paul Cezanne is rated AA for accuracy although my Solar Fire (v9+) software gives it only a B rating. Baby Paul was born January 19, 1839 at 1:00 pm LMT (probably a rounded-off time) in Aix en Provence, France with Sun 28Cap19, Moon 12Pis56, Ascendant 2Sco49, and Midheaven, the Career and Public Status Point, 10Leo16. As a decades-long fan of Impressionism and Cezanne's Post-Impressionism, many of his paintings have always topped my favorites list but it took the study of Astrology to clue me in that Cezanne and I share the same Earth-Water Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces personality blend!

(I don't share his talent, of course, but some resonance on the personality level exists between this famous artist born in 1839 and yours truly born one-hundred-ten years later, not a rare astrological circumstance at all. And yet I do like drawing on black paper because of its 'mysterious' feeling and because it can add slight sculptural or 3D qualities to my efforts.)

Notably, one of the 'Images for Integration' for Sun Cap-Moon Pisces personalities: "Bathers in a Landscape by Cezanne" as mentioned by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign.

Please enlarge the image to read my scribbles of his basic chart factors plus a few I added that I thought were particularly revealing. One such is his Saturn @7Sag27 conjunct Anti-Vertex to which I added, lower left: did he "see himself" as Saturn in Sagittarius? Then there's chart-ruler Mars at a critical (impatient) 29th degree of Virgo so we see Mars, planet of energy, action, and motivation, struggling to reach 00Libra00, a Cardinal World Point of Fame, Fortune, and Recognition. I'd have to say Cezanne fulfilled that promise in a lasting way, wouldn't you? And we also see that Mars conjoins South Node, a "loner" signature, suitable for working in isolation which he is known to have done although working outside in nature also appealed.

Now one prominent feature of his chart and psyche is a powerful Jupiter-Pluto opposition which suggests persecution of a religious or philosophical nature. This may refer in part to the mockery he suffered for his painting style early on for it challenged the established methods of his day. And it wasn't until 1863 at age 24 (perhaps during a Jupiter Return in 'art sign' Libra?) that his first exhibition was accepted at the Salon des Refusee after the Paris Salon rejected his paintings which were accused of being incomplete (and too different, no doubt!) However, before long success began to follow thanks to the help of others who appreciated Cezanne's breakthrough style of work.

Yet both expansive Jupiter and wealthy manipulator Pluto relate to 'father' and authority figures in general, and therefore on some level to his successful businessman father. Plus, Mars opposing his North Node of the Moon (NN, a 'mother' indicator as well as 'future direction' and 'contact with the public') squares natal Chiron @25Gem46 Rx (the wound, the healer, the blind spot) in the 8th house of Shared Resources, Transformation, Sex, Death, and the Occult. Yet through transcending Chiron he lifted himself above family issues and complexes via excellent manual dexterity (Gemini) so that painting became a savior for him as evidenced by this post's opening quote. Besides, his Nodal axis falls across the Virgo-Pisces 'victim-savior' polarity suggesting the 'suffering mother' archetype which can infuse a child's psyche into adulthood.

So apparently Cezanne's animus function (Mars) and the feminine (North Node) may have blocked him on a very deep level--perhaps in the sexual arena (8th house) and/or via communication (Gemini) so that his thinking may have been on the skewed side regarding male-female relationships (but whose isn't?) After all, he and his sister, Marie, were both born out of wedlock as you see with the Sun-Venus-Neptune trio in 3rd house (Siblings) conjunct the IC (Home; Domestic Scene; Psychological Home; Roots) denoting such a family circumstance yet this trio also reveals great art talent (Venus and Neptune) which may have been inherited (IC). Art was the basis of his life after all.

Speedy little Mercury is also posited in 3rd house in structural Saturn-ruled Capricorn, a shout-out to his sculptural painting style. And note Cezanne's Moon-Uranus conjunction in creative Pisces (4th house), an aspect suggesting some measure of anti-social behavior (the loner!) but also an understanding of human nature and contact with all sorts of people. And according to Moon-Uranus, unusual and/or interesting women tended to enter his life, plus, an unconventional childhood is also a possibility (perhaps more than out-of-wedlock conveys). This conjunction also relates to potentials for an original imagination, sudden and peculiar mood changes, and crankiness especially if the conjunction is afflicted--which it is by the square from Saturn--papa! (See my notes penned on the chart, bottom right.) These chart factors suggest early troubles with Dad and with Mother and possibly a "cold heart" as one result (Oken).

Yet in spite of such problems which could have paralyzed him emotionally into few if any accomplishments, Paul Cezanne was born with a Sun-Mars trine hinting that he could muster his energies to reach his goals although the trine indicates that quite a bit of physical effort was required for best results from this ambitious, courageous aspect which provided him with prolonged endurance and physical strength. Of course, a competitive nature is also provided by a Sun-Mars trine and he probably possessed a strong sense of justice which supports his fair play Jupiter in Libra (who, like Mr. Trump, may often have asserted, "it's not fair!").

Also worthy of mention is the artist's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') @25Vir27 in the 2 South Saros Series (11th house of Groups and Associations). 2 South's theme is about 'joining unusual groups and feeling that you'll gain a great deal from them' (Brady). Is this a hint of a secret society membership? Well, curiously, a solar eclipse manifests in the 2 South series quite soon--on January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn! This eclipse will occur in Cezanne's 3rd house of Communications and it's possible that he or his work will appear in the news around that date, give or take a few weeks or into 2019. Perhaps through an art auction?

Anyway, a PE in Virgo relates to issues of perception, discrimination, and observation which actually tallies well with Cezanne's oriental planet, Mercury which is associated with a talent for detailed observation. This is a handy talent for a painter with its tendency to 'dot all the Is and cross all the Ts' (Tyl). However, a caution with PEs in Virgo is to avoid overdoing the tendency to criticize others for it interferes with karmic progress (Lineman). And of course, 'oriental' means that Mercury is the last planet in his chart to rise just prior to his Sun and seems to relate to one's work preferences.

(Personal note: Jupiter is oriental for me so I prefer spontaneity in the work environment, just so you know.)

Now as you may know, genius artist Paul Cezanne and writer Emile Zola (April 2, 1840 11:00 pm LMT Paris, France) first met during their school days. If you wish, read more about Zola, his natal Double-Fire Sun Aries-Moon Aries blend, and his mysterious death on September 29, 1902 in a previous JCAstro post. Included is a link to a History Today article concerning Emile Zola's death by fumes (culprit Neptune) and a view of Zola's AA-rated natal horoscope is also available.

And if you have 6 minutes to spare for a brilliant fellow's Art, I highly recommend the presentation Paul Cezanne: A 6 Minute Art History Video which includes a slideshow of his work.

Or for more details on Cezanne's art philosophy and architectural 'flat' painting style (he "constructed" pictures rather than "painting" them and his works created a 'bridge' between 18th and 19th century art styles, a signature of his Mars-NN = Chiron in Gemini as noted, above), try The Art Story website, and of course, a plethora of Cezanne's paintings may be found decorating the Cyber World!

Aug 3, 2018

Combining Astrology with Genealogy

For We Are Each 'The Flowering of Our Generations'

A while ago on one of my two WordPress blogs, I wrote about an ancestor William Claiborne (post updated this very day) and included some info on a later ancestor David Barnett (b. December 25, 1776 Christiansburg, VA) and his two wives. David interests me more than some of my kin due to the fact that he's what I call a "double ancestor" because his first wife Sarah Phillips and second wife Louvicy Hayes are two of my ancestral grandmothers--Sarah on my paternal side, Louvicy on my maternal. This was probably a fairly common occurrence in those days folks since had to marry whomever they had access to, don't you think? Travel wasn't so easy and the pickin's may have been somewhat slim (I imagine!) Which is not to say that romance wasn't a factor.

And so, in my quest to use Astrology to understand Genealogy via my ancestors, here is a dual image of the two marriage horoscopes of David Barnett who passed away in August 1861 after fathering a total of 17 children which is one generous result of marrying two wives!

Both charts are set for 'noon' (exact hours of the ceremonies unknown) and located in historic Smithonia, Georgia which is now restored and rented as a wedding venue--and is located very close to where my father was born and raised in Oglethorpe County, the neighborhood where my Barnett ancestors farmed and lived in their day:

Now as you know, Sun and Moon represent on one level husband and wife so I shall include here 'Images for Integration' of each of David's marriages. To Sarah (upper right chart, April 7, 1791) it's Sun Aries-Moon Gemini: "Haydn's Farewell Symphony...A fencing master carries off the prize."

To Louvicy (lower left chart, February 18, 1819) it's Sun Aquarius-Moon Sagittarius: "Alice in Wonderland...Indiana Jones--". Curious that both blends are Air-Fire ('live wires'--exciting!) but in reverse order, and that the Nodal signs of Aries-Libra, the partnership axis, 'flipped' from one marriage to the other!

So now you know a little something about how I came to be. How about You?

More details concerning these blends are found in Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

(Note that I cannot find a date of birth for Louvicy and next to nothing concerning which branch of the Hayes family she sprung from--maybe one day she'll turn up!)

Jul 29, 2018

Leo Solar Eclipse August 11th: Finding your JOY - Barbara Goldsmith

Here's a look at the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @18Leo41 presented by expert astrologer Barbara Goldsmith. Be sure to visit Barbara at her website Your Astrology Signs:

And if you're up for it, this eclipse is titled The Tower Eclipse over at Stars Over Washington--as in, Tarot card 16--and it occurs within the 2 New North Saros Series during which America's 2018 Midterm Elections will be held, such as they may be.