Jul 30, 2017

August 2017 Solar Eclipse hits Chiron's natal Saturn!

Quite some time ago I posted the Discovery Chart of Chiron on my WordPress blog if you'd care to snag a peek where, among other things, you'll see Chiron 3Tau09 Rx in 4th house of Roots and the centaur's natal 8th house Saturn @29Leo, the rounded-up degree of the coast-to-coast Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, or, The Great American Eclipse, as it's being called for obvious reasons.

Of course because of its orbit, astrological Chiron is The Bridge between Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future) and kindly advises us to be here now!

This soon coming cosmic circumstance deserves further investigation which I've not had time for yet but I wanted to quickly post this heads-up for those with particular interests in astrological Chiron in case the eclipse's conjunction to Chiron's Saturn had not been previously noticed.

So is there any astrological significance to Chiron's 'eclipsed' Saturn? Well, we know that karmic Saturn is the planet of authority, the establishment, institutional systems, the status quo, hard work, and life lessons and in contact with Chiron usually suggests a 'letting go of the old' in some way. As you know, the cosmic blink of any eclipse can bring unpredictable and disruptive results in a Uranian 'wild card of the Universe' fashion and may affect events in historical ways via personal horoscopes. And since Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant @29Leo will be directly receiving the August 21st eclipse, it remains to be seen whether he will be personally, politically, medically, and/or otherwise impacted. Perhaps the American public whose White House the 71-year-old mogul now inhabits will subsequently 'let him go'.

Now here is the Sabian Symbol for Chiron's discovery degree from my previously published notes:

'4 Taurus': “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow": Rainbows are said to be bridges to the Divine and are archetypes of God's deal with mankind for no more floods that destroy the world. This Symbol speaks of the rewards gained from linking earthly with celestial natures and Chiron is, as you know, the Christ archetype in an astrology chart, aka The Key. If you’re not familiar with the graph for Chiron, its symbol resembles a key.

Both charts–-Oct 18 and Nov 1–-are descriptive of Chiron (aka, the blind spot) with themes of 'unawareness morphs into awareness' of the Wounded Healer.

In Greek Mythology Chiron is the wise and benevolent centaur, son of Chronos (Saturn = Father Time) and the sea nymph Philyra. Saturn also represents the earth (soil, crust, rocks, tectonic plates). For most of his life Chiron lived in the cave where he was born and there he was taught by Artemis and Apollo, goddess of the Moon and god of the Sun. He passed on knowledge to mythical heroes, abilities such as riding, hunting, music, ethics, philosophy, medicine, astrology...and Chiron IS the Tarot reader, The Hierophant, The Magician, the High Priest and Priestess.

And as you know, there are multiple versions of the myth concerning Chiron’s Wound (he was crippled at birth). One myth tells of how Heracles accidentally wounded him in his left knee, ankle, or heel (Cap = knee, AQ = ankle, Pisces = heel.) In constant pain, he gave up his immortality to die in the place of Prometheus, whose liver was eternally tortured for stealing fire from the gods to give to mankind. Thus self-sacrifice is an attribute of Chiron and the liver is an organ of purification.

Half-brother Zeus placed Chiron in the heavens as the stars of Sagittarius--or as Centaurus, some say, and both constellations are associated with teaching and the higher mind. Half man/half beast, Chiron symbolizes the duality of our world and indicates in our natal charts where our greatest weakness–-and thus potentially our greatest strength–-may be found.

Wise Chiron teaches us that integrating our higher minds with the lower, our earthly natures with the celestial, the unconscious with the conscious will bring the most golden and lasting of rewards, the kind that rust does not destroy!

Now, as mentioned in the post linked above, Chiron's official discovery date is Oct 18, 1977 when the photographic plate was actually taken at the Mt. Palomar Observatory with Chiron @3Tau50 Rx. Astronomer Charles T. Kowal (1940--2011) is credited with the discovery of Chiron which returns to natal degree three times from 2027 into 2028...here's my artsy attempt to capture such a cosmic moment upon an 8x11-inch sheet of paper:

Curious Side Note: 29Leo is also the degree of Thomas Jefferson's natal Saturn!

Jul 10, 2017

The Personality of Jane Austen: Sun Sag-Moon Libra

image: wikimedia commons

When we look at the natal horoscope of author Jane Austen (rated A from her father's memory) we find a lady born into a rector's large family in Steveston, England on December 16, 1775 at 11:45 pm UT with Sun in fiery Sagittarius and Moon in airy Libra. The book writing sign of Virgo rises with the other sign of writers, Gemini, at Midheaven, the Goal Point and Career indicator of any chart. In line with her family's habit of putting on plays and reading aloud for entertainment, thespian Neptune rises and writing-speaking Mercury is in early Sagittarius, ruled by theatrical Jupiter, planet of enthusiasm with its sign describing how a person relates to others. She, as a chatty conversationalist--or we might say, a gossiping Gemini!

Although suitors and proposals were not unknown to Jane she came to be a spinster who eventually managed to have her novels published--a total of six, listed below--and, health failing, she passed away on June 18, 1817 at 4:30 am in Winchester and is buried at Winchester Cathedral. Addison's disease is usually listed as the probable cause of her death.

Now let's have a peek at the Sun Sag-Moon Libra blend of conscious-unconscious energies of this generous spirit who enjoyed 'people watching' with a mind inspired by all the intricacies of human relationships. A warm-hearted romantic with a philosophical mind and a social conscience, Miss Austen was outspoken yet considerate, charismatic and fun-loving.

As you know, Fire-Air personalities are the 'live wires' of the world and this she shares with another famous writer, Noel Coward (Sun Sag-Moon Gemini) - both were visionaries with unique talents. Perhaps Jane's spinsterhood might be partially attributed to the fact that Fire-Air males tend to find approval for their enthusiastic argumentativeness while females are often seen as intimidating and too 'masculine'. Or perhaps as she aged and saw book publishing (and financial freedom) in her future she preferred to steer her own course once young love had disappointed.

Well, all Jane Austen novels are massively popular and one supposes we might not have had all six of them had she married and had children. Needing intellectual rapport in relationships in order not to be bored out of her mind, maybe there were no gentlemen who fit the intellectual bill who would marry a penurious lady in reduced circumstances even though her father was of the gentleman class.

Now hopefully you have an hour to spare for an excellent BBC documentary on Jane Austen, the places she lived and how they affected her novels. My thanks to Norma Jean who posted the video on Tumblr--a great find!

Lucy Worsley's Jane Austen Behind Closed Doors.

The Austen novels are Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park.

Jun 25, 2017

A Solar Eclipse at Evil Degree, Two Stars, and a Tragedy

Using Astrology and Eclipses to Reassess Difficult Past Events

by Jude Cowell

Sometimes as we look back on our lives at sobering or difficult events, we find that the use of Astrology can aid us in gaining a better or more realistic perspective on them and our role during that period of time. Such is the case with an unfortunate period and event in my own life, the story of which may help demonstrate how one's Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) brings insight. In this case, my Prenatal Solar Eclipse manifested upon a malevolent degree while simultaneously conjoining two fixed stars associated with misfortune and tragedy. The astrological details can describe particular factors in the events of which we are most often not the master.

Not to bum you out, of course, but to illustrate that the time-tested admonition to Know Thyself--which can helpfully include knowing or studying one's natal horoscope--is useful for providing clarity on people and events in retrospect--events which were painful to 'make sense of' at the time become clearer using the lens of Astrology and the background influences of Solar (and Lunar) Eclipses which describe the 'cosmic weather' of the time.

First, here is an image of the 4 South Solar Eclipse which occurred @19Sco45 on November 12, 1966 set for my hometown of Athens, Georgia (where the initial events took place). Besides being the first repetition since my birth of my PE, the 4 South, this is also the Prenatal Solar Eclipse prior to the annual Kentucky Derby of May 6, 1967, Louisville, KY:

Themes of 4 South (4S) are: a sense of fatedness in relationship events that are beyond personal control; strong emotions concerning relationships or money are blocked or checked leading to much frustration; avoid rash action until things settle down. (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, B. Brady). As far as I know, the following events only concerned relationships, not money. And sadly, rash action was not avoided as you'll see.

Here are the background events and characters:

The setting is Athens, Georgia Summer 1966 and the tale opens during a street festival of music where a 16-year-old girl meets a young college fellow a few years her senior. Chit chat occurs, mutual interest stirs, phone calls soon begin, and an invitation to a fraternity dance is accepted which results in the fellow (we'll call him 'JR') gallantly informing the teenager that she's too young for him to date. This is true, I know, because I was that girl.

But another character soon enters the picture: the teenage girl's school friend who had begun to be known for having a wild imagination (let's call her 'DH' for short). Now as it turns out, the imagination of DH ran toward the romantic side and this came into play one afternoon after school when the two girls were together at DH's house. What I had only just discovered was that JR and a couple of his fraternity brothers had rented a house just around the corner from DH's house which set up a disturbing situation because DH would not be denied that afternoon--she and I had to visit said house and 'hang out' with the guys.

What eventually occurred I'm not certain because I soon called my Dad to come pick me up but as I was to soon learn, DH refused to go home and in fact, her parents didn't know where she was until the evening--at some point they called me to find out where she was so of course they had to be told. Few of the exact details were ever known to me but the result was that JR was charged by the father of DH with statutory rape, charges which were soon dropped once DH admitted that no such event or attack had occurred (except in her rich imagination, apparently).

Karma Awaits Her Cue

The real tragedy arrives when the frat brothers of JR proceeded to tease him unmercifully for days about the 'DH situation' and what had happened that week until he and a friend decided to leave a day or so early for their annual road trip to the Kentucky Derby which was held that year on May 6th. Sadly, there was a torrential thunderstorm underway but leaving early must have seemed a good idea to JR to escape the 'scandal' (without merit as it was) and head for fun in Louisville. My information on what happened was supplied by one of JR's frat brothers whom I had previously met, a kind young man, who came to my house after the accident to return a book I had loaned JR (In His Own Write by John Lennon) and who told me of the frightful accident, bad road conditions, and the hours of suffering JR endured due to internal injuries which lead to his death.

Even now, the word devastated can hardly describe my feelings over the untimely death of JR, a very kind young man whose family and friends surely miss him still. No, we were not and should not have been 'an item' but the addition of DH's fantasies into the picture somehow cast all subsequent events in an even more tragic light.

The Tragic Light Becomes Harsher

On Monday after the accident and with a heavy heart, I dragged myself to school only to find Miss DH sporting an 'engagement ring' that her wonderful 'fiancee' had given her before he was killed over the weekend in a terrible car accident. Naturally you can imagine the sympathetic expressions her story garnered! But her dramatic brazenness completely stunned me, and in my grief (and knowing her true involvement in the matter) I clammed up and am not certain now whether I ever mentioned the real events to anyone or not--not until this very post, that is. If I did talk of it people may not have believed me for after all, her story was told first and was much more dramatic.

The 4 South Solar Eclipse of 1966: Chart-Ruler Jupiter Applies to Nothing

So looking at the eclipse horoscope, a few factors pop out such as the violent Saturn-Uranus opposition pointing to the Ascendant (18Sag51) which happens to bring up my natal Venus and my natal 4th house of Endings. And considering the events surrounding the Kentucky Derby the next May (1967), we might think to include the brutal, loss-filled pair of Saturn-Pluto opposing one another (as they did on the morning of September 11, 2001) which also points toward my natal Venus, planet of relationships. Danger, separation, and alienation go here, while the usually benevolent, protective planet Jupiter, here in the 8th house of Death, isn't helping matters unless he's making things worse through expanded egos and heart conditions via romantic, self-dramatizing Leo.

Yes, karma runs all through the chart in various ways for Jupiter conjoins the Vertex (3Leo35), a point of encounter with destiny which may sometimes be a final destiny (mea culpa, the VX is not marked on the chart).

Rising is gossiping Mercury, planet of travel and young people, which is retrograde and suggests to me that JR and friend were returning to the Derby as they'd done before--but also hints at the possible disruption of a car trip, or car trouble--here, in the 12th house of Hospitals, Self-Undoing (leaving on a trip when a bad storm was due), and Karma (reaping what's been sown). Even one of the health asteroids, Hygeia, joins in @18Scorpio+ conjunct the eclipse.

And of course, a major factor is the fatal 9th house Mars-Uranus = Pluto midpoint picture penned on the chart, plus, the stars of tragedy and misfortune, Serpentis and North Scale. Fixed stars can 'act through' eclipses or be activated by them--and yes, my 4 South Prenatal Eclipse Series admittedly tends to bring difficult conditions into my life. In addition, the malevolent degree of 19 Scorpio was triggered in 1966 by the 4S eclipse and we might consider that *Nicholas DeVore gives 19 Scorpio as "an evil degree" and "the crucial point in the war between the Ego and the Supreme Will" which may or may not have applied to the subsequent events I describe.

Therefore, how much ego was involved via any of the participants I'll let you decide if you wish. But here we find me-first Mars plus, Pluto as ruler and co-ruler of Scorpio, shocking and disruptive Uranus (so often behind accidents and separation), and the fact that Scorpio solar eclipses always contain an undercurrent of karma and fate within them. Much karmic progress can be made if Scorpio energies and influences are well handled and thus discharged as root causes of karmic problems are identified and improved upon. Otherwise, the baser qualities of Scorpio such as cruelty, jealousy, and hatred will take over the life which will only lead to more karmic debts (Lineman).

Young Dreams of Romance

Also intimately involved, as you see, are love-addled Venus at a critical degree in sexy Scorpio (20 degr) near (or, Lord of) the eclipse closely conjunct urge-to-merge Neptune, planet of fantasy, dreams, illusion, deception, delusion, glamour, and romance. This suggests to me that misdirected love impulses were thankfully diverted for too-young yours truly (thanks to JR) but were unfortunately sought or expanded by a certain young fantasist whose bad choices set in motion a tragic chain of events.

My sincere hope is that, at our advanced ages, DH has dealt with her Scorpionic and Venusian-Neptunian tendencies as we all must do and has years ago begun to use her vivid imagination for various creative enterprises that are a credit to her and to her loved ones.

Reference: *The Encyclopedia of Astrology, Nicholas DeVore.

Jun 16, 2017

12 Cell Salts And The Zodiac - The Scottish Astrologer

Friday June 16, 2017: Okay, here's a personal disclosure - for decades, off and on, I have taken cell salts although it's uncertain how or from where I glommed onto their benefits. Most often I have used Hyland's Bioplasma Cell Salts although there are other brands. On the bottle Hyland's says, "For relief of symptoms of colds, nervous tension, fatigue and headaches" but my basic aim has been the balancing of cell function.

We should note that in Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences for Biological Correspondence, the combination of Moon-Saturn = "chronic disturbances of water balance in the body; defects of the mucous membrane; diseases of the bladder, wounds secreting liquid deposits," and Moon-Neptune = "an over-balance or an over-accumulation of water in the tissues of the body, a deficiency of the osmotic functions relating to the utilization of the cell salts (disturbance of consciousness or awareness, also a break in consciousness; eye diseases)". (My italics and bolds).

Then today I happened to discover a YouTube video by The Scottish Astrologer who posts videos as knowthyself (always the best advice!) and thought you might wish to review which cell salts are beneficial for each sign of the Zodiac and with the appropriate foods included:

Jun 13, 2017

String Theory, Prime Numbers, and Astrology - David Cochrane

Master astrologer David Cochrane presents new information not shared in other videos:

May 20, 2017 Run time: 18 mins 22 secs. For a variety of informative presentations visit David on YouTube.

Jun 5, 2017

The Age of Aquarius: Opening the Star Gate

Peace, Love, and Understanding

First, a personal astrological note: born with Orion at Midheaven, the following post is the very least I can do for those who are interested in such topics!

One of the more popular search terms online is the 'Age of Aquarius' though an exact date for this new dawning (from the Age of Pisces into the zodiacal sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius) remains in dispute. Whether such a collective shift is 'a thing' or only propaganda designed to make the political, draconian 'new world order' seem palatable to the public is up for debate along with the long-touted 'light worker' phenomenon which may possibly tie into the Uranus-Neptune cycle and the Age of Enlightenment (Age of Reason) movements stretching back to philosophers Bacon, Newton, and Locke and further back to the 'Utopia' of Plato's Ideal.

Plato, whose writings made the legend of a 'Lost Atlantis' so popular and long-lived--until our nation's Freemason Founders created Plato's ideal society in the form of America in the New World (under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus trine circa 1776 = Uranian genius poured into Saturnian form!) and called it a New World Order. And it's a well known fact that one of America's primary philosophical fathers, Thomas Jefferson, idolized the Three Philosophers enough to hang their portraits at Monticello. Mr. Jefferson was the fellow (possibly with the aid and/or inspiration of Thomas Paine) who did the pouring...into the Declaration of Independence, an event and document we shall shortly celebrate in July.

Note that the combined energies of Saturn and Uranus = break down of the old order--rebuilding anew upon ruins and with destructive Pluto now creeping through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, it seems that the time for a new break down has arrived or nearly so.

As for Star Gates (portals to another dimension), what little I know shall now be shared with you.

Mystic-seer-poet-artist-engraver *William Blake (1757-1827) used such Star Gate style imagery in his literary works and naturally you're familiar with one of his most famous poems Jerusalem.

Esoterically, two of the Cardinal World Points, 00Cancer and 00Capricorn, are known as the Gate of Birth (Cancer) and the Gate of Death (Capricorn). In Astrology, obvious correlations exist between birth and the Moon (mother; matrix), ruler of watery Cancer, and death and Saturn, karmic planet of restriction, loss, old age, and ruler of earthy Capricorn.

And then there's constellation Orion (aka, The Great Hunter, and Christ archetype or, a "prefiguring of Christ" - Brady) and his three Belt Stars, Alnilam, Mintaka, and Alnitak. Constellation Orion is included here as a portal because of a theory in certain religious traditions that Christ's Second Coming will be from the direction of Orion's Belt which to me, seems a Star Gate to top all Star Gates! This belief is at least as old as Ancient Egypt for the constellation we nowadays call Orion has also been known as Osiris; no matter the name or the culture, Orion-Osiris mythology includes the theme of immortality.

And of course, you've heard the popular theory that the three Pyramids at Giza align with the Belt Stars of Orion (though some disagree). So for more starry info you may wish to check out The Orion Zone which displays a variety of star maps showing the As Above, So Below reflective patterns of the stars of Orion cast upon the Earth below.

Please note that if Star Gates relate to the creation-renting CERN monstrosity of Shiva (Siva, the creator-destroyer) and its determination to open portals to black holes, to time travel, and/or to Hades itself, it is far beyond the scope of this post concerning myths and ancient lore, not science. Besides, it is not my belief that our Creator will allow mankind to completely destroy planet Earth no matter how obsessively fascinating their scientific experiments may be.

Naturally there is much more to the Zodiac, ancient myths, and the star lore of constellation Orion than can be mentioned in a brief post but let's close with one of my favorite excerpts from the pyramid texts for in two lines much of our topic here and more besides is captured for those with eyes to read and consider:

You sleep that you may wake

You die that you may live


Now here is a 6-minute video posted by The Underground Resistance: Six Chilling Facts About CERN:


*Perhaps you noticed or already know that William Blake died in 1827 (August 12th) one year after that his contemporaries, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, passed away on the same day (July 4th) within hours of each other. Blake outlived them by approximately one year 5 weeks.

May 28, 2017

Canopus "Star of Old Age"

By Hubble European Space Agency Credit: Akira Fujii [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; Source

Heavy-Weighing Canopus Visible Only in Southern Skies

In 2011, astronomer Brian Ventrudo wrote on Canopus (alpha Carinae) the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius. This was before he changed his site's title to Cosmic Pursuits where you'll find articles on a variety of night sky objects such as stars, nebulae, constellations, galaxies, and more. Be sure to check out the awesome May 2017 photo of the beautiful Sombrero Galaxy.

Plus, Brian always publishes on each month's night sky wonders with maps and information on where to view them. In summer, Canopus and Sirius are directly overhead in the southern states (above 37 degrees North, Canopus lies too low to be seen).

Astrologically, the keywords for Canopus, the keel, are: the navigator and the pathfinder and it is linked to the story of the Argo and the rescue of Helen of Troy but there is much more to Canopus. When linked to natal planets, Ptolemy associated the star with Saturn and Jupiter, Robson with 'piety, conservatism, and turning evil into good'. Ebertin connects Canopus to 'a love of travel' while Rigor adds the more negative potential of 'domestic problems'.

(Ex: if the natal planet linked to Canopus is fussy Mars, the potential for domestic problems would be more likely to occur due to conflicts and quarrels.)

Some cultures, including certain Native American tribes, linked the precession of Canopus with timing the end of the world, and other ancient cultures considered it the weight at the end of the plumb line that defined earth's poles so that the plumb line's movement explained the effects of precession on Canopus, sometimes known as the Point of Stillness in the south. Plus, the star was once worshiped in desert cultures as the Star of Egypt (instead of Sirius!) and in China, the red star is associated with happiness, success, and a long life which makes it the Star of Old Age.

For as Brady's Book of Fixed Stars relates, "In about 6,000 B.C.E. {Canopus} was the heliacal rising star for the autumn equinox and a series of temples were built in Egypt in alignment with these risings. Modern people see this star now being claimed by NASA, as they use this ancient location point as a navigational aid for spacecraft." Canopus--still the navigator!

In natal horoscopes, Canopus (14 Cancer) is a powerful star which can provide leadership skills. New directions may be inspired by Canopus which acts in similar fashion as the royal stars which always include a 'caution' (ex: royal Regulus: success if revenge is avoided--otherwise all gains will be lost). With Canopus linked to a natal chart, success is possible but its caution lies within the flaw of needing too much control.

Now here's a public domain NASA presentation on Canopus with additional information:

May 26, 2017

A Crystal Ball and a bit of Magick London!

John Dee's crystal ball; the British Museum {photo by Vassil; public domain}

Have you ever run across an interesting blog and read a post or two, only to discover that it hasn't been updated in quite a while? This just occurred with a certain newly found WordPress blog not active since 2014 and I'm placing a link here to one its articles so that the blog is handy for future reference.

One post concerns the ancient and bullish Mithras religion (so popular among Roman soldiers) and seems to relate to London, UK, as do the other posts. From the blog's title I'm guessing that the the author is based in London but I cannot verify that with certainty.

The blog is Magical London and the article is Dr. Dee of Mortlake which provides details on the famous hermeticist, astrologer, physician, and spy (and possibly a warlock), Dr. John Dee. As you know, his is a fascinating life story and we've actually briefly discussed Dr. Dee previously on this very blog if either of you wish to review his natal horoscope!

And if hermeticism, magick, and other curious topics are of interest perhaps you might mosey over for a visit to Magick London and see what posts are available for your consideration.

May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017: Mount St. Helens Rumbles and Eclipses Are Due

A refresher on the May 18, 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens (Washington State) by Sharyn Smith provides a timely reminder of the volcano's destruction that Sunday morning when a 5.1 magnitude earthquake opened a vent on the mountain's north face. Although not felt on the surface, deep seismic activity began to increase in March 1980 and now, from March into May 2017, a similar phenomena is occurring but this does not predict that a definite eruption is on the way, circa 2017. After all, volcanic eruptions have always been notoriously difficult to predict, which in scientific terms, I suppose means 'impossible'.

But what are easy to predict are Lunar and Solar Eclipses and their well documented effects upon natural forces that result in such weather-related events as storms, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and droughts, plus, earthquakes and volcanoes, so if eclipses are any measure, perhaps the month of August 2017 is one to keep our eyes on. However, not being a meteorologist I won't 'predict' any such correlated event/s but you may wish to consider the two eclipses that are due in August 2017. Links to their charts are below: the August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse horoscope is set for Washington DC and the charts of the August 21st Solar Eclipse that 'splits' our nation, aka, The Great American Eclipse are set for two locations where its shadow first touches the US--the West Coast (Oregon--too close to Mount St. Helens for comfort?) and a second horoscope for where its shadow leaves the mainland (South Carolina) and heads out to sea.

Astrology and a Significant Star

Significant is the degree of the August Solar Eclipse which manifests upon one of the critical 29th degrees, in August in the solar-ruled sign of Leo (Tropical Zodiac). What's more, significant events are more likely when an eclipse conjoins a prominent fixed star and this one hits royal Regulus now precessed from 29Leo to 00Virgo, an earth sign. The primary key phrase for Regulus, the king or kingmaker, is: success if revenge is avoided. If vengeance is not avoided all that has been gained shall be lost. Another way to say this is that a a fall from grace will occur and unfortunately for our nation, the 29Leo eclipse directly hits the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump who was born on June 16, 1946 with Regulus rising @29Leo (along with Mars @26Leo). This eclipse may not bode well for Mr. Trump's present political and legal troubles, as you may agree, though I hope this is not so because as he goes, so goes America.

For to paraphrase the great traditional astrologer William Lilly, Eclipses always affect History but work only through individual charts. This would seem to be the case in August for America which has been no paragon of restraint when it comes to taking vengeance upon our foes and at the moment, we are led by a belligerent Mars Rising fellow, a Jupiterian mogul who knows few if any bounds, and who behaves unpredictably via his 10th house Uranus in Gemini.

But enough of 'the politics', that "organized system of hatreds"! (And yes, I know I promised No Politics on this blog but a very significant and rare eclipse is due!)

For the Total Solar Eclipse in August is certain to be an eerie sight not to be missed especially for viewers in the Path of Totality (others will see a partial eclipse) yet we must have our eclipse glasses on hand for safety's sake and do be sure to check out the very informative Eclipse2017.org for pertinent details including your closest location and where to order your specs!

The Path of Totality touches: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Please check the Eclipse2017 website for specific towns and cities since some are directly in the Path of Totality and some are on the outskirts of it.

Related Horoscopes:

August 7, 2017: Lunar Eclipse @15AQ and Oregon and South Carolina Horoscopes of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (but beware: posts contain rather generous helpings of politics dribbled all over them). Note that eclipse influences may begin as early as two weeks prior to the eclipse date and are considered to be 'cosmic blinks' and 'wild cards of the Universe' which may affect events on Earth with Uranian unpredictability and disruption especially when they are Total.