Jun 14, 2024

Jude Law plays Henry VIII in "Firebrand"!

by Jude Cowell, only a Judith but at least I saw The Beatles perform in 1965!

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons (2018)

Did you happen to catch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last evening and Jude Law discussing how Sir Paul McCartney dedicated his peformance in Australia of Hey Jude to the actor who was named after the song? How timely since Jude Law now stars in a new theatrical film Firebrand about King Henry VIII. The film focuses on Henry's sixth wife Catherine Parr who outlasted His Majesty, and who raised and taught his children, among other accomplishments.

Watch Stephen interview Jude here.

And check out Henry VIII's Sun Cancer-Moon Aries personality blend (RR: AA for accuracy) at the natal chart link, above, for it reveals a feisty, shrewd survivor possessing a heroic spirit and a romantic nature who, as we know, could be temperamental, moody, and possessive particularly in his later years.

A survivor, that is, until he died of hepatic dropsy on January 28, 1547 OS (February 7 NS) at Westminster in a horribly painful condition - and with Venus @29Pisces - right where transit Neptune hangs around these days - a perfect transit for the premiere of a celluoid depiction of a romantic and vengeful king whose reputation could use a glamorous sprucing up - if it's possible!

Well, the film should be riveting and very well performed if not historically accurate. Here's a link to the offical trailer of Firebrand.

Previously appearing on JCAstro A Death Horoscope for Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I.

Consult Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey for more personality details.

May 17, 2024

Astro-Notes: The Life and Death of Caravaggio

by Jude Cowell

Checking the bio page of chiaroscuro genius Caravaggio (nee Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) we find that the famous Baroque painter is a Sun Libra born on September 29, 1571 in Milan, Italy, hour unknown. Of course, Libra, ruled by lovely Venus, associates herself with the Arts and with Culture, and is often prominent in the astrology charts of artists. For Caravaggio, she's in earthy Virgo, sign of The Virgin of immaculate conception which suggests the religious themes of his paintings.

Venus-Pluto = Neptune: The Arts; A Love Narcosis

As a lifelong artist myself, born with a planetary pattern between Venus, Neptune, and Pluto, my suspicion is that the same trio in Caravaggio's Natal Horoscope is a good place to scope out his significant artistic abilities, made more powerful and dramatic for him (not for me!) by a Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in creative Pisces, the sign that "likes the shades".

Specifically, a T-Square between a Venus-Pluto opposition points toward natal Neptune in late Gemini with quicksilver Mercury ruler of Gemini suggesting his habit of painting directly from life and never from preliminary drawings. Street folk were his models and he sometimes included himself in his paintings. With a libertine image and his passionate lifestyle, his paintings and his behavior often caused controversy and conflict.

Add to this a volcanic temper and a large ego, and the following bi-wheel of horoscopes showing his speculatively timed Natal Chart (inner; 1571) surrounded by a 1610 Death Chart speculatively timed by his natal Uranus conjunct an Angle (Uranus, planet of genius, but also of assault, shock, disruption, and sudden separation) could make sense. Penned on are a few difficult 1610 transits full of negative energies such as 1610 Saturn opposing natal Mars, Pluto opposing natal Saturn and Mercury, and 1610 Mars opposing natal Sun. And depending on the degree of his natal Moon (from 18AQ18 to 2Pis34), transit Saturn Rx could also have hit his natal Moon at some point; notably, all the listed 1610 transits have health implications.

And although the timing of either or both horoscopes may be off, the following bi-wheel provides us with an interesting astro-study of an enigmatic, charismatic, intriguing, little-known artistic genius of a long ago era:

Now if you have 24 minutes to spare, don't miss Caravaggio: The Murderous Artist Who Died in Mystery, a Waldemar Januszczak documentary.

May 10, 2024

Update on The Idaho Student Murders

by Jude Cowell

Sadly, the tragic Idaho murders are thought to have been committed between 4:00 am and 4:25 am on November 13, 2022 near the University of Idaho campus, Moscow, Idaho. My original post showed two possible horoscopes based on early reporting - one set for 3:00 am, the second for 4:00 pm:

From court documents, details suggest that one of the victims was on tik tok at 4:12 am so the following updated horoscope is set for 4:20 am pst with my study notes messily penned on, some of which may repeat from the previous charts; a significant planetary factor is that creepy Pluto (the assassin) is Angular in the chart at its Foundation Point (IC) of endings along with melancholy Orpheus:

You may remember this time period in 2022 for its Lunar Eclipse conjunct radical Uranus @16Taurus which occurred prior to our Midterms 2022 Elections (when "Maga" politicians managed to infest the House), and the 6 South Solar Eclipse @2Scorpio manifested with its 'manic energy, forcefully taking power and control' themes (B. Brady). This eclipse landed, as we discovered later, upon the natal Venus Rx of Mr. Kohberger, described as "an awkward regular Joe with a dead stare."

Then at the time of the murders, a Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer blend of conscious-unconscious energies were of influence. Synchronistically, this combo happens to be the natal personality blend of suspect Bryan Kohberger, born November 21, 1994 in Albrightsville, PA (hour unknown). Was he aware of this, or was he simply responding to cosmic energies in an intuitive, if negative, way?

This emotional, intuitive double Water combination denotes the subjective over the objective, egocentric sensitivity, being absorbed by negative emotions and sinking into self-pity, and one who tries to re-create childhood conditions and may take revenge for early slights or disappointments. There is an indication of being rebuffed (see lower right corner).

For Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer, the Harveys provide a curious Image for Integration, as you might agree: "A surgeon develops life-saving methods--" yet as we know, the murderer's tragic methods were life-taking instead.

Of interest: Why Prosecutors Say Idaho Student Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger's Alibi Is Inadequate. Note that the article cites "around 4:00 am."

Recommended: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.

May 1, 2024

Did poet Emily Dickinson use Astrology?

An Astro-Tribute to Poet Emily Dickinson

by Jude Cowell

As we discover on her Wikipedia page, Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830 and passed away from Bright's Disease of the kidneys on May 15, 1886, age 55. Tragically, years of multiple losses of her family members had created a very depressive atmosphere for the shy poet and she began to weaken, then succumb.

Two Poems Suggest Her Intimate Understanding

According to master astrologer Matthew Swann on his Medium page, two poems written by Emily Dickinson reveal her understanding and use of Astrology. Hopefully you can read Matthew's post (I signed up with Medium just so I could!) which includes examples from the two poems.

Now here's the natal horoscope of Emily Dickinson rated B (biography) with not even one of my messy study notes scribbled on:

The Syzygy Moon (last lunation, a Full Moon) prior to her birth fell at @7Gem27 and Emily was born under the auspices of the 13 North Solar Eclipse of September 16, 1830 @23Vir40:00 with its themes of separation, and of breaking an existing bond (B. Brady). Then as you know, both Gemini and Virgo, ruled by Scribe Mercury the Messenger, are writer's signs, and when her Solar Eclipse manifested, it conjoined the Mercury-Saturn midpoint with the planetary pair known to identify the professional writer. Plus, solar eclipses in Virgo denote issues of the work ethic, discrimination, perception, criticism, and health problems which may or may not be inherited (R. Lineman).

Then as you see, a highly creative Jupiter-Neptune conjunction must have supplied her with an endless source of inspiration, and with Capricorn's Saturn, ruler of form and structure, a cosmic vessel in which to pour her creations was provided. And there's her innovative Uranus in futuristic Aquarius, possibly posited in the 3rd house of Communications!

Emily Dickinson: May she R.I.P.

Emily's 'Death Eclipse' perfected on March 5, 1886 @15Pis17 in the 14 South Saros Series with themes of an obsessive idea finally accepted leading to success and/or a breakthrough (paraphrasing Brady). Well, as we know success did happen for her - in subsequent years after death. In Pisces, a solar eclipse suggests that one is on at highest level of spiritual understanding, so any worries for the deeply reflective lady on that score may be misplaced.

Even so, she was a poet through and through and to me it's very sad that during Emily Dickinson's lifetime her writings were unsung, while posthumously she is now considered to be a major American poet - an original and a pioneer with words (partially attributed to her natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in the pioneering sign of Aries!)

So what's my recommendation, dear reader? Check out Matthew Swann's post linked, above, and perhaps pay a visit to Emily's informative page which displays the only known image of the poet as an adult -- at the Poetry Foundation website!

Mar 31, 2024

Are These Eclipses from the Life of Jesus Christ?

Two Speculative Solar Eclipse Horoscopes Seem Significant

by Jude Cowell, Protestant Christian for the commmon good

Using dates found in Adrian Gilbert's book, Signs in the Sky (#ad), the following Solar Eclipse Horoscopes are intended to shed some cosmic light upon ancient events that affect the entire world.

In the book, the speculative date of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth is given as July 29, 0007 with the Sun and royal star Regulus conjunct and rising over Nazareth at 5:10 am LMT; the date of His Crucifixion is given as April 15, 0029, according to analysis by author Gilbert. Scripture times His agony from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm LMT, mercifully ending after three hours, with His Ascension to The Father coming 40 days later.

Now because the dates of these events were so long ago, I have no information concerning the Saros Series in which the two Solar Eclipses fell. Therefore, let's consider them through the signs of the Zodiac in which they manifested: Pisces for Jesus of Nazareth's Prenatal Eclipse, and Capricorn for His Crucifixion and Ascension. Planetary aspects to each eclipse add a bit more information and are included.

Horoscopes with a few study notes penned on: Pisces Eclipse (upper right) and Capricorn Eclipse (lower left):

A child born under the influences of a Solar Eclipse in Pisces identifies one who has reached the highest rungs on the spiritual ladder. There can be no luring into spiritual escapism of any kind (ex: The Temptation of Christ didn't work on Him!), nor will He be blinded by earthly illusions with spiritual awareness fostering His well-directed efforts. Mars trine the Eclipse provided positive energies and direction for His physical efforts with Mars in the nurturing sign of Cancer.

Influences from a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn identifies "an old soul" with a mission to enlighten and guide others on the spiritual path while striving to correct wrongful karmic conditions. The New Law arrived! Aspects to the Eclipse include a trine from Saturn, ruler of the Eclipse, which provides a sense of responsibility and the perseverance to complete the tasks at hand, to carry things through. A conjunction from Neptune to the Eclipse, planet of the masses, reveals the sheep who follow The Good Shepherd yet some people are blind to the true objective of His mission, while others organize into a cult with themselves at the center where they don't belong.

He Is Risen!

So here's hoping that this eclipse analysis lends light to a path or two during these dark times that we're all attempting to navigate as best we can this Easter weekend and beyond.

For additional information, you may wish to see Your Prenatal Eclipse, by Rose Lineman, AFA #ad.

Disclaimer: personally I have no idea whether these dates are corrrect or not and are given here for your consideration. I've always heard that He lived to be 33 years old. Therefore, further research is recommended. Jude

Mar 13, 2024

Happy 223rd Anniversary to Uranus!

Astro-Spotlight: Uranus Enters Aquarius 1912 and 1996

by Jude Cowell

Astronomer and musician William Herschel, born November 15, 1738 in Hanover, Germany, discovered planet Uranus the evening of March 13, 1781 in Bath, England (10:30 pm LMT) with Uranus @24Gem27:15, as history records.

With the planet's discovery occurring between them, Uranus is associated with both the American and the French Revolutions, and has become known as the erratic "sky god" planet related to revolts, uprisings, protests, separations, changes, crises, assaults, and disruptions on Planet Earth, along with lightening, electricity, and shocks in general. Radical reactionary politics and upsetting reforms in society are also within the province of game-changing Uranus but those topics are beyond the scope of this post.

Then another astrological association applies via the realms of eclipses and eclipse cycles for their intrusions disrupt events on Earth and are said to be "Uranian" circuit disruptors, aka, "wild cards of the Universe", or "cosmic blinks" from above.

Uranus in Mercury-ruled Gemini: Scientific Aspirations, Quick Comprehension, Futurism, Circumspection, Convincing Oration; Restlessness, and/or a Scattering Of Energies

Now lurching through Taurus, quirky Uranus will soon jut its way into Gemini once again (July 7, 2025) but not for a permanent stay, not just yet. However, its 84-year cycle is somewhat predictable, so if need be, drop by Cafe Astrology for a list of Uranus Through the Signs.

And if you wish, check out the Discovery of Uranus Horoscope at astro.com with its double water, broadly intellectual Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio blend of conscious and unconscious energies most succinctly described as, "the agony and the ecstasy" (The Harveys).

Uranus in Aquarius: The Progressive Spirit, Collective and Cooperative Work, Knowledge of Human Nature, Manifold Aspirations, Rebellion, Exaggeration, Magnification

So for the sake of comparison, above, you see a dual image of the two horoscopes of transit Uranus at the very the moments it entered its modern sign of Aquarius on January 30, 1912 (lower left) and January 12, 1996 (upper right). A few astro-notes are penned on but only a partial few. Uranus is highlighted in blue, while Sun, Moon, and Eclipses are highlighted in orange. Naturally multiple events of 1912 (ex: Sinking of the Titanic) and 1996 (numerous crashes, quakes, storms, crises) resonate with the sudden, surprising, unpredicatable, disruptive qualities of astrological Uranus. Of course, events of 1911 and 1995 are informative as well as transit Uranus completed its erratic sojourn through the 30 degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

As for Uranian Futurism, transit Uranus will enter Aquarius three times all though year 2079 with form-ruler Saturn, its nemesis, acting as the sky god's traveling companion.

Their conjunction announces the planetary pair's association with concepts such as old order vs new order, potentials for the limitation of freedom for some folks, while for others, progressive ideas (Uranus) can be worked into the established order (Saturn) with an acceptable level of bother as their approximately 45-year cycle begins all over again.

Uranus in Gemini and Aquarius notes from The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin #ad.

Feb 16, 2024

8 Great Sigma Males in History | Sigmas Who Set New Standards

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've noticed the concept of "Sigma personalities" entering the public discourse of late or being featured online more than ever. Alpha, Beta, Delta - and Sigma may be described.

If so, then maybe you've looked up the position of Sigma in your natal chart. Are you a loner, an introvert who can become extrovert whenever it's needed? Can you lead but prefer to remain secluded if possible? Are you sometimes encumbered by original ideas? Are you bored by idle chit chat?

From these and other Sigma qualities, you may be a Sigma personality, male or female, and you may wish to check out this clip:

Well, for natal sleuthing, I'll get you started: my own natal Sigma is in mid-Virgo less than 3 degrees from natal Ascendant which may qualify as a mea culpa since I'm the one sharing the above video and writing this post.

Then if you happen to use SolarFire software as I do, look under 'Extra Bodies' for your natal Sigma position. The sign and house placements will provide clues as to the condition of your Sigma along with any aspects from your natal planets to your Sigma (separative Uranus in particular). Additionally, the planetary ruler of Sigma's sign is important. And actually, any aspects to Sigma's ruling planet may be involved as well if you wish to dive in as deeply as possible.

But perhaps the most notable clue and the simplist to consider is your natal Sigma's house placement since that's the area of life where you may behave in the most independent way - and where you can stand out from the crowd!

If you want to stand out, that is.

Jan 21, 2024

Astro-Notes: The Murder of Manly P. Hall

by Jude Cowell

The following post is meant as a tribute to Manly P. Hall and his decades of work although his favored topics are not my personal cup of tea as a Saturnian astrologer. However, I realize that many folks are interested in esoteric subjects along with their astrological studies and hold Manly Hall's extensive collection of works in high regard, including his many lectures - for which he charged only one dollar!

Now here's a photo of the magnetically attractive fellow as a young man:

Manly P. Hall; Atlas Obscura, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Astro-Notes: The Life and Death of Manly P. Hall

One of the most famous of past astrologers, esoteric authors, philosophers, and mystics is the legendary Manly P. Hall. According to his wife Marie Schweikert Bauer Hall, her husband was murdered by his caretakers on the evening of August 28, 1990 although Hall's Wikipedia page, linked above, and other sources give his death date as August 29, 1990 speculatively for 11:00 pm. This is the timing I shall use, along with Will Dotson's 6:02 am birth time. Adjust dates and hours as you prefer - this is only a speculative study.

Second wife, Marie Bauer Hall, who passed away on April 21, 2005, had stated that she'd been maneuvered into leaving the scene and her husband, and driving to her daughter's home several miles away from the vacation area at or near Santa Barbara, California. Apparently, it was later on that Marie realized she'd been manipulated, and said that the couple had trusted the men for three years prior to the catastrophic ending of Manly Hall's life in August 1990.

Born in Canada on March 18, 1901, there are multiple versions of Manly P. Hall's natal chart; notably one set for 5:00 pm, the other for 6:02 pm according to Hall's longtime associate, Will Dotson. Such discrepancies naturally make such a task more complex so the data chosen to be used in this post will be speculative. Therefore, you may wish to experiment with other charts and timings yourself, if you haven't already.

So for your consideration, here is a bi-wheel showing Manly P. Hall's natal horoscope (inner) using 6:02 am EST Toronto, Canada with mystical Pisces rising along with lovely Venus = an attractive young fellow, surrounded by a speculatively timed Death Horoscope set for August 29, 1990 11:00 pm PDT:

Note that a view of his 5:00 am natal chart is available along with explanations of a variety of birth times and rectifications.

Then for background concerning his work, a 4m50s video tells The Story Behind Manly P. Hall's 'The Secret Teaching of All Ages'.. And if you have 42 minutes to spare, try Manly P. Hall - Biography and How He Was Murdered, a lecture given about 6 years ago.

However he passed away, my hope is that Manly Palmer Hall may R.I.P.