Dec 4, 2017

When Progressed Moon Joins Natal Ascendant

Come Spring 2018, the Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon of yours truly will conjoin natal Ascendant so I decided to mosey around the Internet to see what other astrologers think about this rather rare conjunction. It seems that "many changes are in store," says astrologer Sophia Mason, author of Delineations in Progressions and it will be the wrong time to be self-conscious. Apparently I may be leading with my emotions and speaking from the heart with total honesty, something this Saturn-ruled Sun Capricorn tends to do and often with more Saturnian honesty than some folk can easily handle.

It's been years since SP-Moon-to-natal-Ascendant last occurred so as a 'Saturnian astrologer' I will be interested to see how this realism-promoting situation turns out though of course transits and other planetary considerations must also be applied for a fuller picture!

Now if you're curious, you may wish to check out Cafe Astrology for more info on Aspects of the SP Moon.

Nov 14, 2017

Composites and Astrocartography by Robert Cosmar

For astrologers, the accuracy of our astrology software must be depended upon so that we can be certain we're providing to others correct information. Here is a link to an informative 8-minute presentation posted to YouTube on November 10, 2017 concerning software in relation to Composites and Astrocartography charts and is presented by astrologer Robert Cosmar.

Now I don't know if you, dear reader, ever generate either type of chart or use them for relationship information or location advice but Robert's presentation sheds light upon the topic and comes highly recommended!


image: detail from Saffron Sees Stars; copyright by jude cowell art

Nov 7, 2017

Astrology's 12th House: There Be Monsters!

Dreams, Progressions, and the Astrological Twelfth House of the Unconscious

by Jude Cowell

Of all the houses in a natal horoscope, the Piscean 12th house is the most mysterious, occult (hidden), and spiritual of them all. Difficult to consciously access as its hidden material may be, planets and signs on the cusp and within the 12th house reveal tendencies that open the Unconscious for better analysis so with Neptune now floating through its own sign of Pisces, Let's consider a few things about the 12th house in particular here on Jude Cowell Astrology as one of the Psychological Water Houses (4th, 8th, 12th). In fact, when I first began full time study of Astrology in 1996 it was 12th house information that resonated with me and revealed secrets--perhaps because I do have a certain planet therein which rules my Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. That's quite a massive amount of 12th house baggage, don't you agree?

Dreams of Wisps and Symbols Can Reveal Our Deepest Darkest Monsters

Associated with oceanic Neptune, we often 'feel' or intuit hidden 12th house material when we dream of the ocean or other bodies of water for these symbols represent the Unconscious and mask or reveal images that attempt to rise up to conscious awareness (if we remember our dreams). Have you ever had a dream where you come out of the ocean, walk along a beach or other shoreline, or find yourself swimming in a pool? How close you were to your own Unconscious! Writing down in a journal all you remember upon awakening and keeping a record over a period of time is a valuable practice for your dream symbols will surprise you with important information about your motives, wishes, and/or the ways in which you undo yourself. Plus, they may perhaps identify a secret enemy or two lurking in the shadows. And of course, repeating themes and symbols in dreams are of special significance if we listen and closely consider the archetypes involved.

Yes, in dreams someone is trying to tell us something--and it's ourselves!

Another method for knowing ourselves is to study cosmic and real world events, progressions, planetary returns, etc, which impacted us at or around the age of 3. Here's a website that asserts that babies do not dream of themselves until the age of 3: Dream Dictionary where you can look up your dream symbols.

A Revealing Astrological Method -- 1:13:27 in Progressions

One astrological method for sussing out the Unconscious involves time and the three dimensional quality of it as found in astrologer Robert Blaschke's work on Progressions and the 1 : 13 : 27 ratio of Secondary ('1' = physical plane/day for a year), Tertiary ('13' = feeling-desires-intuitional plane/day for a month), and Minor ('27' = mental-thought plane/month for a year). Everyone has unconscious thoughts (Minor-mental plane) that drift up from the depths and are either allowed into awareness or suppressed on the Tertiary-intuitive-emotional plane--for we have positive or negative emotions and feelings about these thoughts and whether we will act on them or not. So thoughts occur 27 times faster than physical action, and feelings-desires occur 13 times faster than the actions we may take based on our feeling about those thoughts.

Now as you know, all Progressions issue from the natal chart when our personal cosmic clocks begin to tick the moment we enter Earth's physical plane. With Secondary Progressions, the first 82 days of life are key to our understanding and can reveal 'time links' between the three qualities while denoting whether an unconscious issue was initiated on the mental plane or the emotional plane. In Tertiary Progressions it's the first three years after birth, and in Minor Progressions it's the first 6 years of life. These time frames involve aspects, retrograde periods, eclipses, and other methods of determining what's going on 'under the hood' of our consciousness.

Yet the information supplied by Secondary-Tertiary-Minor Progressions does not replace that revealed by a study of 12th house planets, signs and their rulers, aspects, and such but enhance our understanding of ourselves (Know Thyself!) Of course, South Node and North Node details are pertinent as well for the South Node identifies where we unconsciously fall back on traits and behaviors that once 'did the trick' or helped to solve (or avoid) problems. Inherited talents and traits are found there as well, yet a caution at the South Node is relying upon what worked in the past and expecting a better outcome in the present. As you know, this is the very definition of neurosis! And much can be learned about childhood events and complexes by studying the natal 12th house and planets associated with it. My suspicion is that many clues concerning family Genealogy lurk in the 12th house as well and network through the entire chart via sign and house ruler ship, aspects to planets in other houses, etc. In fact, family myths and inheritance is what this particular Saturnian astrologer sees there--no fantastical 'past lives' please!

Add the information found in the Psychological 4th and 8th houses--and in the rest of the chart--and the brilliance of Astrology as a system for self-knowledge becomes readily apparent along with the factor that no other system of analysis can supply--the element of Time which provides us with valuable information such as how long periods of difficulty, hardship, or benefits will last and how best to navigate or utilize their influences upon our waking lives.

Related: Those Unruly Tricksters of the 12th House.

Image: not really a monster--it's a drawing of 'H's Cat' by Holden age 5

Oct 20, 2017

October 20 2017: Return of the Orionid Meteors

Friday October 20, 2017: Yes, this weekend it's time for the Orionid Meteor Shower again! Or rather, it's time for the Earth to pass through the dusty debris of Halley's Comet.

As previously noted, constellation Orion sits upon the Midheaven of my natal horoscope so in honor of its symbolic spiritual meanings, here's a reprint from another of my blogs, Stars Over Washington, with a little ancient Egyptian poetry included for the benefit of all:

You sleep that you may wake

You die that you may live.

-Egyptian pyramid text

Do you know that there are those who believe that Christ's Second Coming will be from the direction of the Belt of Orion? (edit: Orion's Belt is a Star Gate, says Adrian Gilbert in his fascinating book Signs in the Sky).

This easy-to-spot constellation contains Betelgeuse (Alpha Orion--mentioned in Scripture; keywords: success which is unhindered.)

Constellation Orion also contains Rigel (Beta Orion), keywords: to bring knowledge to others; the educator; the ruler; ambition.

Rigel is the brightest star in Orion, while Betelgeuse (Orion's armpit, or right hand; keywords: charisma and success) is second brightest, and Bellatrix (the left shoulder) is third.

Keywords for Bellatrix, his left shoulder: success through the shadow.

Other stars in Orion: Mintaka = the belt; Alnilam = the middle star in the belt; Alnitak = the third star in the belt; Saiph = the right thigh; Thabit = the sword.

So there we have Orion, the hunter, the immortal god, the giant. He is linked with everlasting fame, success, martial honor, changeability, and sometimes rashness. In a natal chart, much depends on which planets and angles a star is links with (parans) and their expressions in the life may be either positive or negative. Conjoining eclipses can trigger their potentials into activation as can planets or conjunctions by transit.

Greek stories about Orion echo Egyptian Mythology for their tales of him have the common flavor of Orion going blind or dying and then being reborn through association of some kind with the life-giving Sun.

Here's another snippet from an Egyptian pyramid text, gleaned from Brady's Book of Fixed Stars:

I fly from you, oh men,

I am not for the earth

I am for the sky.

I have soared to the sky as a heaven.

I have kissed the sky as a falcon.

I am the essence of a god,

the son of a god.

Behold the faithful and loving Osiris

has come as the stars of Orion, the Beautiful One.

I have come that I may glorify Orion.

My soul is a star of gold

and with him

I will traverse the sky forever.

So the figure of Orion (Osiris) is an archetype of God and of the Hero's Journey we each are responsible for taking upon this Earth. Hope yours is going where you step...but don't forget to look up!

You may also wish to see The Age of Aquarius: Opening the Star Gate.

Oct 16, 2017

The Truth About Astrology - Full Documentary

Originally posted on Youtube on Dec 1, 2015 by Documentary Films, here is a presentation you may wish to check out for it shares The Truth About Astrology:

In case of deletion, here is the video link.

Please note that this video is shared for your consideration and presents the views of its creator; embedding is not an endorsement by Jude Cowell Astrology.

Oct 7, 2017

On the Chart and Unaspected Neptune of Lewis Carroll

The following post concerns children's author Lewis Carroll, born on January 27, 1832 as Charles Lutwidge Dodson with a 3Sag24 Moon rising at his Ascendant 3Sag03. And with the astrological Moon as representative of childhood and the unconscious mind, we find a man who expressed such facets of his personality by befriending children all through his life, telling them fantastic stories which became the famous books we now know and treasure, and also by photographing children, some unclothed, at a time when film and celluloid planet Neptune had recently been discovered.

Above is a GIF of Alice Through the Looking Glass made from an antique film. Perhaps you agree that Alice's Adventures, with their down-the-rabbit-hole flavor, floated up from the super-creative unconscious material of author Lewis Carroll who, as a man of his time, may have received some of his Neptune-themed inspiration via the opiates prevalent in his day.

Horoscope: Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) January 27, 1832 3:45 am LMT Daresbury, England; Hour of Saturn; chart-ruler Jupiter in 3rd house providing good fortune with Communications:

Planets and Aspects

A loner and mathematician who never married, Carroll's natal chart with its independent, self-willed and original Sun-Uranus conjunction describes this condition well particularly since the conjunction is in detached yet friendly Aquarius. A Venus-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius describes a sociable person (see his Venus-Mars aspect, below) though he may have met with duplicity or deception in relationships with Gemini on his 7th cusp (Descendant). See his Prenatal Eclipse themes, below.

Yes, Carroll's natal Moon @3Sag24 rises precisely with his Ascendant denoting one who desires intimacy in relationships yet avoids it due to a deep dislike of feeling obligated to others and with Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius, seclusion and *solitude may have suited him best. Although he may have had no compunction about making demands on other people, he tended to withdraw before close ties could be established or demands made--and also for his own private reasons.

Emotional and sensitive, Moon-rising Lewis Carroll was highly imaginative and intuitive with a well developed fantasy life that helped him appreciate the simplicity of children and perhaps added a childlike quality to his personality. Talented with many skills (math, logic, drawing, photography, writing), Carroll was an original (Sun-Uranus) who had a precise and exacting mind suitable for Science, Math, and Logic (Mercury trine Saturn in science-oriented Virgo with studious Saturn Rx in the 9th house of Philosophy and the Higher Mind). This trine also aided him in putting his story ideas (Mercury) into the form (Saturn) of published books.

An Unaspected Neptune Tells a Fantastical Story

When the planet of dreams, visions, illusion, ideals, romance, deception, and withdrawal is unaspected and thus detached from the rest of the natal planets, it represents "a most passive condition for this other-worldly planet" (Epstein). Inner comfort and tranquility may be achieved by creating beautiful images (stories, drawings, photographs) within an exceptionally powerful fantasy life that is not shared within the environment. "Self-contained illusions" could be one result of Neptune's unaspected condition and may factor in with modern-day questions concerning Carroll's obsession with children and the photographing of them. He certainly seemed to be under the sway of filmy Neptune and chose his own private ways of dealing with this elusive energy. With his unaspected Neptune, my suspicion is that his dreams seemed unattainable to him and may have included love for Alice Little, the inspiration for his main character--or for her eldest sister.

So although Neptune is unaspected, it is apex planet of two midpoints with these potentials:

Sun-Mercury = Neptune: the play of imagination; simulating and deceiving oneself; writers and visionaries (Ebertin); something undermining the perceived reality; possible deception by others; fantasy (Tyl). And Mars-Jupiter = Neptune: a hopeless relationship; unfaithfulness (Ebertin); being near a mistaken course of action; letting reality slip away (Tyl).

Well, perhaps we should consider his other planetary aspects before Neptune lifts us away on a dream!

Lewis Carroll's closest applying aspect (2A34) to natal Sun (6AQ16 in the 2nd house of Values) is a sextile by Pluto (8Ari51 in 4th house) which describes the essence of his adult personality (Sun). Here we find an opinionated man with a strong will who developed self-reliance during his lifetime and who had an unconscious need for certainty (math and logic?) and control (relationships with small children?); plus, some measure of unexpressed grief may have influenced him. Now I've not discovered what such grief might have been but only direct you again to his Prenatal Eclipse themes, below.

And since astrological Pluto can exercise a 'magical influence over the masses', his Pluto in Mars-ruled Aries is interesting for Ebertin gives it as: 'subconscious forces try to come to light in order to assist in the recognition of novel ideas'--as his Pluto certainly did!

Curiously, however, powerful Pluto squares natal Mercury (12Cap16), the writer's planet, and is an aspect of obsession and deeply-rooted neuroses (Oken). He is known to have suffered from stuttering as did some of his siblings (speech blocked by a powerful parent's cruel words?) yet paradoxically he was not adverse to public speaking and even singing (sometimes such activities ease a stuttering condition). This is fortunate for his career ambitions since a Mars-Jupiter sextile denotes a need to fight for whatever recognition is received, and, if developed, suggests he had a talent for fighting his own battles.

Now perhaps you noticed that Carroll's Sun sextiles Moon, an aspect denoting biases picked up from the parents during childhood. These can be overcome to good advantage, however, and his chart shows that he had the intellect and self-awareness to do so. The aspect also indicates friendliness, popularity, and harmony between the solar will and the lunar emotions which provided a path to easy self-expression via his writing.

And if we look to chart-ruler Jupiter (28AQ14 in 3rd house of Siblings and Communications) we find no applying aspects although Mars applies to a sextile with Jupiter (see notes on this aspect, below). Jupiter in 3rd house signifies mental expansion in education, publishing opportunities, and a spiritual orientation that supports his full 2nd house of Values (as noted, below). Of course, Aquarius broadens the mind when Jupiter is posited there and since Jupiter has no application, its sign and house position are emphasized.

Mercury-Saturn: signature of the professional writer

Perhaps the natal horoscope and talents of this famous and well-loved author may best be encapsulated by his Mercury-Saturn trine and the fact that the two planets are in mutual reception (in each other's sign). But the real steam toward major success is found in the shape of his natal planets, a Locomotive pattern of success. This train is lead by Saturn, planet of concentrated work and study, in Virgo, the sign of book writers!

Other natal aspects of note include:

Moon square Jupiter (5S09--separating and thus unconscious) which suggests excessive emotions, over-generosity, extravagance, and troubles in the religious sphere (trained in the Church but took no parish which relates, I believe, to his rising Moon in religious Sagittarius). Grandiose fantasies often come with this aspect along with an overindulgent mother!

Moon trine Pluto (5A26) intensifies the emotions and helps control them; a wellspring of creative imagination can be brought into manifestation with this very creative aspect and may have been part of his interest in delving into the psychism or spiritualism of his day. Also note a midpoint picture--two, actually: Moon-Pluto = Sun: a sensitive nature; a person easily excitable (Ebertin); special far-reaching plans (Tyl); and, Pluto-ASC = Sun: seeing a whole new avenue for success; 'full steam ahead' (Tyl).

As for his original genius, ideals, invention, and novel ideas (Uranus) put into Saturnian form, we must consider the inconjunct (150 degrees) between the two planets, an aspect of adjustment. A Saturn-Uranus inconjunction (or, quincunx) describes Carroll as a loner (though with friends), a nonparticipant in some major area of life (romance with a real live person?), and one who is challenged by freedom vs responsibility issues (Epstein). This supports his Moon rising traits as noted, above. A nonconformist, Carroll took pains to assert his independence and the unusual perspectives he held made him an enigma to others. With this aspect, changes are made quickly and impulsively but only after much deliberation. Very tough on himself, he may have had an obsession with perfection but to reach for that, much self-discipline is necessary. This was probably well supplied by his Mercury-Saturn trine with studious, dedicated, responsible Saturn in serious Virgo, determined to lead the rest of his planets to major success.

Venus Conjunct Mars: Passion and Creativity

Obviously, physical passion in indicated by this joining of Venus (attraction principle) and Mars (desire nature) though as far as I can tell, no evidence has been found that its energy was expressed with others on the physical plane. Therefore, one word comes to mind--frustration. Yet a 2nd house of Mercury, Neptune, Sun, South Node, and Uranus suggests a man who inherited (South Node) strong spiritual values and principles (Neptune; 2nd house) who was perhaps resigned to settling for Neptunian illusions and dreams when it came to love and romance. We'll never know for certain but such a possibility is found in his natal chart.

Now Lewis Carroll's Venus-Mars conjunction has been left for last on our list of aspects so that it can herald the details and themes of his revealing Prenatal Solar Eclipse:

His Prenatal Eclipse fell into the 14 North Saros Series and manifested as a Total Solar Eclipse @14Leo34 August 7, 1831; 14 North Themes: an acute time of confusion in personal relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, and possible illness. Unrequited love, despair, confusion, a draining of energy, a peculiar turn of events; no important decisions should be made as there is too much confusion and possible delusion to make clear judgments (Predictive Astrology, B. Brady).

A solar eclipse in Sun-ruled Leo denotes a time when karmic progress may be made in the realms of pride, ego, vainglory, and self-will.

If you wish to check out the natal chart of Lewis Carroll sans messy scribbles, visit (RR: B) and for fans of his other whimsical writings, here's a not-to-be-missed article Five Fascinating Facts about Jabberwocky which I hope you'll enjoy!

*Solitude is the title of his first published work, a poem, the first under the pen name 'Lewis Carroll'.

Oct 1, 2017

A Few Notes on The Stars of Capricorn

Capricorn the Ancient 'Goat-Fish'

Being born with the Sun and three planets in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the 10th sign and its ancient symbol the 'goat-fish' have always been a fascination with me. From August through October each year is the time when the stars of Capricorn are visible, at least with binoculars though not necessarily with the naked eye.

Capricornus the constellation is shaped like a rather wonky triangle and is second faintest in the night sky, second only to the stars of Cancer. If you're Cap curious, I recommend joining astronomer Brian Ventrudo as he takes us on A Stroll Through the Stars of Capricorn.

As for the sign Capricorn, years ago I read somewhere (and would cite it for you if memory served!) that the entire sign of Capricorn is a labyrinth. Speaking as one of that Saturnian persuasion on a years-long journey attempting to understand it and my planetary placements therein, I must agree!

Now here's one of my drawings that reminds me of the Capricorn season of the year Snowy Path and there perhaps you can see my Midheaven stars twinkling in the constellation of Orion:

Sep 30, 2017

Wedding Day Astrology: Queen Victoria and Albert Her Prince

Image: painting by George Hayter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Bride Wore White!

by Jude Cowell

The wedding ceremony of Queen Victoria and Albert was held on February 10, 1840 in the Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace, London with the ring placed on her finger at about 1:00 pm LMT, according to historic record.

This date and time shows Sun in Aquarius 20:55 and Moon in Taurus 19:15. Using the Sun sign to describe the male principle and the Moon sign to describe the female principle, let's consider the Sun-Moon blend imprinted upon their wedding as descriptive of their partnership. For in The Combination of Stellar Influences Reinhiold Ebertin describes the principle of the Sun-Moon pairing as: "Spirit and soul, the conscious and the unconscious, vitality and feeling, husband and wife."

In a word, marriage.

And theirs is said to have been a romantic pairing yet perhaps you've noted that Aquarius and Taurus are fixed (rigid, stubborn) signs that square one another. Well, perhaps the energetic dynamism of a square aspect suggests that once psychological adjustments had been made between them, the action-reaction tendencies of a square could lead to constructive results such as the nine offspring their union produced.

And I very much suspect that their wedding day *Venus-Mars sextile was beneficial since it suggests physical harmony and attraction, and the romance which their Sun-Moon square needed especially during the crises of life (squares) along with the cultural refinement that can provide a capacity for positive adjustments. Another happy indication toward a successful relationship is that Aquarius is a male sign (active yang force), while Taurus is a female sign (receptive yin force).

The innovative, efficient, and rational Air-Earth combo of Sun AQ-Moon Taurus denotes a couple who valued their independence, were idealistic and broadminded, and were status quo yet reformer types who deeply appreciated the things that made them comfortable, happy, and secure. Family life with children and the protection of family obviously fell within this category for them.

Together they must have experienced a deep sense of inner contentment a happy union often provides and though nostalgic for the past, they were future-oriented yet realistic, and were able to learn from the past. The partners in this union represented solidity and reliability for each other and felt fortunate to have someone by their side with whom to enjoy life more fully. However, others may have seen them as arrogant, smug, emotionally detached, and even ruthless as they made persistent efforts to achieve their goals and ambitions by bringing their highest ideals down to earth. (Yes, jealousy may have something to do with the negative opinions of others!)

For more insight into Sun AQ-Moon Taurus, consult Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey where you'll discover two interesting Images for Integration for this blend:

"A country girl seeks a conventional life with an unconventional young man in the big city...The resident caretaker of a 'New Age' community sips his Beaujolais as he systematically does the year's accounts."

Perhaps you agree that Victoria and Albert remain to this day a fascinating couple!


View the Natal Horoscopes with biographical details of Queen Victoria born May 24, 1819 and Albert, Prince of England born August 26, 1819.

*Wedding Day Venus @10Cap sextile Mars 10Pis: Venus in Saturn-ruled Capricorn signified Victoria's more authoritative position; Mars in Jupiter-ruled Pisces his more hidden, supportive, sacrificial, silent, or behind-the-scenes position from which he struggled for recognition.

Here are Wikipedia pages for Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince consort where you'll find various portraits and links to other family members and associates.

Sep 4, 2017

The Natal and Death Horoscopes of Sir Thomas More

Image: Hans Holbein [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In the natal horoscope of Sir Thomas Moore we immediately see menacing Pluto near More's Career and Public Status Point, aka, the Midheaven, or MC. Because an unlawful execution for all eyes to see (MC) was his fate with the heaviest stain of plutonian brutality attached, we might call Pluto his fate master. Yes, power-grabbing Pluto the saboteur and assassin was at work providing perjured testimony against More. With all the draw or pull of plutonian vibes active covertly and/or openly in most any horoscope, it seems a vile culprit has been found and was indeed hiding in plain sight at MC all along.

One has only to consider Thomas More's era and high social position in government and church life to see an environment full of danger made worse by a willful king. And note that in his Death chart, below, transit Mars opposes his natal Uranus, an indicator of just that--danger and violent measures taken within the environment. Yet the monkish More chose the more worldly career path of politics, promoted a mythical island called 'Utopia' (published in 1516) based on Plato's account, and was generally active at the royal court and in legal, religious, and other fields of endeavor.

Fate and Karma Have Their Way: Reaping What Was Sown

For during his life the talented Sir Thomas acted as a lawyer, royal adviser, statesman, philosopher, sheriff - and judge, sending the unrepentant to executions of their own. Fatefully, he opposed King Henry VIII's divorce and refused to accept the King as supreme head of the Church. (As you know, Henry VIII was obsessed over wives who could give him heirs to his throne and his search was aided by a roving eye for beauty.) For his resistance to the King's wayward ways, Thomas More was arrested for treason on April 17, 1534, imprisoned (see chart with a difficult T-Square Sun-Saturn = Uranus + Neptune) for one year three months, and beheaded on Tower Hill, London, on July 6, 1535 at 9:00 am LAT.

The Natal and Death Charts of Sir Thomas More

Okay, I'll hush babbling for now and simply display the natal and death horoscopes of Sir Thomas More, son of Sir John More; born February 7, 1478 (OS; NS = Feb 16, 1478) with Sun in late Aquarius, Moon @14Ari39, and Ascendant 5Sag50. This makes Jupiter the hierophant-priest-guru and planet of hierarchical, codified religion, the ruler of his natal chart and a major determiner of his life.

And I suppose being an artist who scribbles, it cannot be helped that my notes are smooshed all over these charts. However, a non-scribbled version of his natal chart may be viewed at the link provided, above. Notice that his natal Vertex @23Cancer27 (VX = fated encounter; potential for death) is activated by Death Sun and shocking Uranus at 9:00 am, Tower hill, London. This points toward More's natal Sun-Uranus square of arrogance and willfulness - the upstart troublemaker could no longer be tolerated by the king!

Now here are the natal (upper) and death (lower) horoscopes of Sir Thomas Moore; various details are penned upon the charts, please enlarge; natal placements hit by execution transits are notated on the death chart:

Now AQ-Aries is an Air-Fire combination, a 'live wire' blend we would call it today! So with Thomas More's personality blend, Sun AQ-Moon Aries, we find an observant, astute, yet self-interested fellow with a disdain for hypocrisy, a rebellious streak, and an outrageous sense of humor. A prophet holding radical views, Sir Thomas More was a bit of a snob as befit his noble station in life. Yet as an original, More brought "a fierce moral integrity" to everything he did and as a "friendly egomaniac" wanted the best for everyone--and he would fight for it. More, it seems, did things his own way or not at all. He preferred practical answers that cut through the red tape of bureacracy and he respected the rights of others. In fact, the ideals of his contemporary social order called for the protection of individual rights "especially his"! Here, we see a foreshadowing of America's Enlightenment-era, reason-based Founders of the 1700s and the freedom documents they wrote to guide our country and protect the American people from governmental abuse of power.

As for the enlightened Thomas More, natural leader, "becoming subservient to the group" was never his intention. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey). He was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church in 1935 - 400 years after his death so there was one exclusive group of exalteds he joined whether he would have approved of a membership or not. Yet how curious that his Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) @23AQ22 is of the 2 South Saros Series with its theme of 'joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal from them '(Brady) - and so with the Pope's help, he did.

And though in life he promoted Utopian ideas, Sir Thomas never fully believed that there existed groups with the ability to make such ideas reality. After all, everyone knows that Plato's Ideal loses its perfection once brought down to earth. But being a man of his times who entered the earthly flux under the auspices of the Enlightenment/Age of Reason/new social order planets Uranus and Neptune in conjunction, More was an original Utopian, one of those born under this enlightening, awareness-producing pair of trans-personal planets...Science and The Spiritual meet, Faith and Reason shake hands. An unholy alliance, imho.

For as you know, the world now labors under a re-constellation, a 'new social order' of Uranus-Neptune which met again in Great Conjunction three times during year 1993. At or near '18 Capricorn' each time, their forces melded for the third and final encounter on October 24, 1993 which suggests a natal horoscope of a draconian, totalitarian 'new world order' (not what I believe Sir Thomas More had in mind for 'Utopia', do you?) with this Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' prominent for our times:

'18Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER: negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism." (Jones). And perhaps you noticed that transit Pluto has reached 18Cap more than once of late, and we are in a process shown by Pluto's Rx and Direct conjunctions with that degree so that a curious midpoint picture forms off and on: 1993 Uranus-Neptune = tr Pluto: the big picture must be followed, little option to do otherwise." (paraphrasing Noel Tyl, Solar Arcs).

And of course you know that later, Sir Francis Bacon was inspired by Thomas More's Utopia and penned his famous New Atlantis which ties in to the very earliest settling of America as the Utopian 'New Atlantis'. Or at least, that was the Baconian Utopians' basic motivation for investing in the founding and colonization of America. That, and making money, of course.

Now, for the first time on JCAstro, I am pleased to present a political ideology and ethics report analyzed by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes concerning the natal placements of philosopher and politician, Sir Thomas More:

Sir Thomas More

by Kevin Estes


Leftist - Ruler of Venus Mars semi sextile Neptune, South Node in 2nd house, ruler of 2nd house Saturn square Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune

Rightist - Venus trine North Node, Mars quintile North Node

Fiscal liberal


Leftist - Moon trine Neptune and contraparallel 12th house cusp, ruler of Moon Sun in Pisces square Neptune, ruler of 4th house Moon semi sextile Neptune

Rightist - Moon quintile North Node

Cultural liberal


Libertarian - Ruler of Pallas Mars trine Sun and Mercury and quintile North Node, Mars parallel Sun, Pallas parallel Mercury and trine North Node

Authoritarian - Mars opposite Jupiter and semi sextile Pluto

Defensive Pallas

Fiscally and socially to the left, defensive Pallas - Left Libertarian

This describes him very well.


Thanks, Kevin!

Kevin adds that Sir Thomas More's Pluto in Virgo/Mars in Libra suggests that his only strong belief system was his own judgment with left wing economics and cultural liberalism prominent as shown by a defensive Pallas. This is putting a long-ago man's beliefs into modern political terms, of course, but I do think such conclusions are worth taking under advisement, don't you?

Readers may wish to visit Kevin's two blogs, Left Wing Astrology and The Aquarian Paradigm, where more of his work is available, some of which is based on the theories of astrologer-musician Alan Lin with a focus on archetypal asteroid Pallas as a revealing indicator of one's ethics.