Jun 23, 2021

The Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century!

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday June 23, 2021: Today I'm researching multiple Solar and Lunar Eclipses as they influence political and social realms and ran across an interesting tidbit of eclipse info - that the longest Total Eclipse of the 21st Century manifested on July 22, 2009 with Totality lasting 6 minutes 39 seconds.

Now here on Jude Cowell Astrology yours truly always attempts to leave Political Astrology "out of it" for I prefer this blog to be for more general astrological topics and horoscopes, or esoterism. However, there's not much I can say without mentioning significant events of 2009 which occurred during the presidency of Barack Obama, so please pardon!

So the thing is, the July 22, 2009 Solar Eclipse fell into the 11 South Saros Series and perfected @29Cancer26. The Sabian Symbol for "30 Cancer" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" and you may remember the beginnings of the conservative 'Tea Party' movement in 2009 and the tri-cornered hats and outfits some of them wore, plus, the interruptions they caused the majority, and the fact that they were active during the feckless 2016 Campaign of Tr*mp. Furthermore, any eclipse in the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer relates to tribalism, nationalism, patriotism, and family ties, and, the Moon in Mundane (Political) Astrology in the US = We The People/the public.

Note that in the center of the eclipse chart, below, I've penned "Jupiter conjunct Chiron = zealotry." Also you'll note that Jupiter and Neptune met 3 times all through 2009 and simultaneously hit US natal Moon = 'little sense of reality; dreaminess; swooning' - which for millions of people described their feelings about "rock star" Barack Obama. Meanwhile, the expansive bubbly, speculation pair of planet$ will forever be cosmically imprinted upon the Obama White House. And quite notably, they conjunct in the 1792 'Buttonwood' Horoscope of the New York Stock Exchange ('NYSE'). But when Jupiter and Neptune conjunct next time on April 12, 2022, it will be @23Pisces59 which may act as a poke of America's misguided Mars-Neptune square of 1776, a cosmic triggering which could stimulate expressions of religious and/or bizarre ideas that will have to be defended. Perhaps the forces and entities determined to turn the US into a theocracy may advance under these energies, but hopefully not. Of course, the gaseous, overblown pair also relate to 'political conflicts, scandals, mysticism, visionaries, loss, and/or gain without effort' (R. Ebertin).

So! The difficult themes of 11 South eclipses involve a lot of turmoil, as we know: 'the need for sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail so new systems are required to deal with events brought by the eclipse; new ways of handling issues are necessary; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). The next 11 South Solar Eclipse manifests on August 2, 2027 @10 Leo.

Okay, so I'll hush my fussing now on behalf of America and the common good, and add here the Total Solar Eclipse Horoscope of July 22, 2009 set for Washington DC in case you'd like a peek or perhaps a small review:

Jun 2, 2021

The Intriguing Asteroid Phaethon: First to be Discovered via Images

by Jude Cowell

June 2, 2021:

For details on Phaethon (FAY a thon; #3200), the myth and the asteroid in Astrology, try Alex's Asteroid Astrology by Alex Miller. One factor associated with Phaethon is to 'assume responsibilities before being ready to handle them'. Naturally, rash or impulsive behavior is implied along with the consequences of 'being or feeling in over one's head'. Therefore, a fall of some kind often, if not always, results.

Perhaps such tendencies are intriguing enough yet there's also the fact that Phaethon was the first asteroid discovered from images taken by a spacecraft. This occurred on October 11, 1983 as Simon F. Green and John K. Davies searched Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) data for moving objects.

And in Greek Mythology, rash Phaethon was a son of Clymene and the Sun god Apollo. Here's a brief See U in History video re-telling Phaethon's tragic story with a link to the video added, below, in case the presentation is removed from JCAstro:

Phaeton: The Fall of the Son of Apollo from the channel's Greek Mythology Series.

So as I type today, where is asteroid Phaethon?

At 21 Tau 40. And where was Phaethon on October 11, 1983, or, basically what is Phaethon's Discovery Sign and Degree? That would be 11 Sag 32 - conjunct asteroid Circe (11 Sag 17) which, in Astrology, shows where we seek rescue or where we provide it.

Practically speaking, my suspicion is that over-his-skis Phaethon would've been only too happy to be rescued by Circe!

May 28, 2021

The Natal and Death Horoscopes of Madame Blavatsky

Astro-Notes on the Life and Death of the Famous Blavatsky

by Jude Cowell

The Wikipedia page of Madame Blavatsky contains a fairly informative overview of her life for the curious of which I am one. No fan of hers nor of her work, I admit, but the recent 190th anniversary of her death on May 8, 2021 got me wondering about the astrological particulars of a lady who made such a lasting mark upon the world by founding the Theosophical Society and via her writings such as The Secret Doctrine.

Yelena Petrovna von Hahn born August 12, 1831 Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine

Searching, I discovered that there are multiple birth times for her as you can see by following the link, above, including one provided by the lady herself (4:38 am LMT), one with a RR: C (2:17 am LMT), and a third rectified by Mr. Starkman (2:34:56 am LMT) which I will be using for the bi-wheel horoscopes, below, with a speculative Death Horoscope, outer, timed by the Taurus New Moon which perfected on May 8, 1891, the day of her death.

Now another astrologer such as yourself may go about such a task differently but you're not here so this is how yours truly is approaching it, speculative as it must be!

Now as you see, the lady's natal Jupiter @17AQ14 Rx conjuncts natal Uranus Rx suggesting oportunities for world travel such as her relocation to NYC in 1873 where she met Colonel Olcott and they founded the Society, and their journey to India where they founded a chapter of the organization. Yet I mention her Jupiter because it turns up Angular in the Death Horoscope (based on the Taurus New Moon) - and expansive Jupiter is often active and/or Angular at times of death, either natal, transit, or both. As you see, this Jupiter-MC conjunction is to the degree. ('MC' = Midheaven, the most visible point in any horoscope and indicating The Objective or Goal). Often "too much of a good thing" is suggested such as with overindulgence causing health problems that ruin vitality. We might also note that in her natal chart (no matter the birth hour), her Leo Sun (vitality, essence, adult personality - Leo = the heart) opposes her Jupiter-Uranus conjunction denoting a restless wanderer and a seeker of knowledge who may have had trouble in the religious sphere of life.

(Here let's note the famous W.B. Yeats quote, "The problem with theosophy was that its followers wanted to turn a good philosophy into a bad religion.")

Now I don't know Blavatsky's level of overindulgence during her lifetime (at death she was overweight - and her Moon-Venus conjunction suggests glandular issues) but the possibility of overindulgence is worth considering. She did, after all, die at age 60. Now there's a clue! 60 years old hints that karmic Saturn may have been involved with her health conditions and death, with 'grim reaper' Saturn ruling Time and such things as blockages, stoppages, hindrances, restriction, and loss. And death. Plus, penned on the right side of the chart is a problematic midpoint picture which relates to liver, gall bladder, and chronic disease: Jupiter-Saturn = Mars.

Furthermore, Blavatsky's natal Saturn closely conjuncts her Mars (energy, action, motivation), a stop-go sort of aspect and this shows that her every Saturn Return was also a Saturn-to-Mars transit which tends to dampen one's energy and may cause chronic illnesses and/or conditions to flare up particularly in relation to bones and teeth (Saturn). Basically it's a time when one is vulnerable to physical complaints of various kinds which may include fever (Mars) or epidemics. (Note that the Mars-Saturn midpoint is the death axis accord ing to Reinhold Ebertin.) So her death on May 8, 1891 came after her last three-fer Saturn Return/s (@2Vir14 - Virgo, sign of stomach, abdomen, digestion, purification - and Mars can indicate infection).

Blavatsky's Saturn Return Dates: 1. November 12 1889; 2. January 15, 1890; 3. July 26, 1890, with karmic Saturn 'hitting' natal Mars each time. To me the most obvious factor in all three of these return charts is that they show Madame Blavatsky's natal Saturn squared by the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in early Gemini! Transit Neptune square natal Saturn indicates a period of increasing worries, hidden fears, deception, and unrealistic expectations. How a person copes with such weakening energy affecting lifestyle, authority, level of debt, business and work will be determined by age, medical factors, and willingness to engage with the issues which may include a sense of failure. Of course, this Neptunian transit simultaneously squares natal Mars which doubles the indications already noted.

Then there's transit Pluto square natal Saturn and this brings in potentials for heavy burdens, forced acceptance of responsibilities, and trouble with authority positions, hers or others. Severe criticism may have resulted during this time frame (1889--1890) and perhaps a detailed biography of her life and times could reveal such details. (I don't own one but perhaps you do.) Added to these difficult potentials is transit Pluto square natal Mars which suggests that wrong physical actions such as the physical abuse of others and dishonesty are the cause of obstacles in her path at that time. Aggression increases with this square and leads to turmoil in relationships, especially with males. In addition, her sense of competition may have increased under these forceful Plutonian energies yet, in sync with her stop-go, frustrating Mars-Saturn conjunction, the squares from underming Neptune could have made circumstances more uncertain for her and added to a sense of insecurity, doubt, and disappintment.

Now I don't know for how long the lady was ill toward the end of her life (I believe it was for a period of time, cause of death unspecified) but to me her 1890/91 Saturn Return/s reflect difficult circumstances of living (possible penury?) and physical complaints that eventually ended the life of the great and controversial Madame Blavatsky.

In closing, here's a 2015 article which may interest you, dear reader, for it concerns the lady and some secret letters advising her colleagues on how to 'fabricate miracles'. When published (Pluto) the letters caused a big scandal for Blavatsky in 1884, The Unmasking of a 19th Century Imposter. Do you suppose the author of the article was aware that Blavatsky's natal Jupiter (and Death New Moon's MC!) @18Aquarius (when rounded up) reveals the Sabian Symbol, "A Man Unmasked"?

As always, your on-topic insights are welcome but absolutely NO Ads will be published so don't waste your time! jc

Mar 31, 2021

Are You Following a Life Path 9?

March 31, 2021: This post is primarily for my fellow travelers who share the cosmically inclined Life Path 9. If you're not certain which is your path, dear reader, add all the numbers in your date of birth (00-00-0000) for your total and if it amounts to nine, the following link from the Access New Age website is for you!

Life Path Number Nine.

And naturally, Life Path Nine relates in Astrology to the 9th Harmonic ('H9').

Now here are a few examples of the cosmic drawings in pencil that I've perpetrated for years!

Celestial View from Turquoise Arch:

Moon Phases:

Orion and the Full Moon:

Neptune Ascends:

Moon Trail:

Do you have a favorite of these images? Then why not leave an encouraging comment and let me know? ;)

Now here's a Related Post: Prudence Veiled Likes the Number 9.

And to view more drawings you're invited to browse my Fine America Portfolio.

Mar 1, 2021

When transit North Node conjuncts natal Midheaven!

March 1, 2021: Today I'm using the horoscope of a current transit to my own natal Midheaven ('MC') to write about the potentials involved when transit North Node (aka, the head of the dragon) conjuncts natal Midheaven as it will do approximately every 18.6 years. For me, this transit occurs on March 10, 2021 @15Gem03, as you see in the horoscope, below. The chart is set for Raleigh, North Carolina where I expect to be on the morning of March 10th. The moment of exactitude is 8:50 am est:

At 8:50 am est on March 10, 2021 in Raleigh, Taurus rises and chart-ruler Venus @16Pis16 applies to conjunction with Neptune (a favorable time for Art, photography, and abstract thinking) and is At the Bending or At the Bends as TMA's Mary Plumb ably explains (Venus square Nodal Axis). My suspicion is that Venus in creative Pisces 'at the bends' (here at South bending, counting clockwise) suggests that my artwork and writings are offered or sacrificed to the Collective for spiritual purposes on an internal, subjective level. Plus, planet Neptune relates to sacrifice and chart-ruler Venus applies to Neptune in the chart with the pairing of Venus-Neptune relating to Art and Creativity, Beauty, Visions, Music, and Illusion. And the usual form of my drawings falls under the Visionary Art category.

(Note: for examples, you're cordially invited to join my Art Visions FB group, plus, you're always welcome to browse my Art Portfolio at Fine Art America 24/7. For as you know, viewing Art, unless it's the disturbing kind, is good for lowering blood pressure!)

Now another consideration are the indications of the pair itself: North Node/Midheaven ('NN-MC') which include:

'Seeking and finding others with similar interests; newfound friends; support from associates for ideas or goals; destiny integrated with daily activities' (Munkasey); 'being recognized; a meeting' (Tyl); 'individual relationships; unions based on a mutual inner understanding; associations with joint objectives; placing personal objectives above the group's; cropping up of difficulties when pursuing common interests; the sidereal or astral body and ego-consciousness' (Ebertin); 'harmonizing with present social trends; fortunate meetings' (Sakoian and Acker).

So as you see, it's not quite all lollipops and roses when the transiting North Node points toward a natal Midheaven! Yet perhaps the difficulties that crop up appear in order to be dealt with since they become more visible at MC - and the transiting NN here acts as a timing device. For me, concerns would involve Geminian-Sagittarian issues such as details, logic, fluency, coherent communications, the search for truth, and/or ethical concerns. Too much scattering of energies is a negative as is deceit.

And yet it could be that when transit North Node (a Jupiterian point of public contact, publicity, destiny or future direction, a 'joining' point in Western Astrology) conjuncts the most visible Angle in any horoscope, the MC (Goals/Aspirations), something new is being timed in the realms of Career, Public Standing, Reputation, and/or Relationships.

Well, be that as it may or may not be, my hope is that this post throws a ray of light upon the North-Node-to-MC transit which we all experience at various times in our lives!

Jan 14, 2021

January 2021: Here's a Neptunian DC Horoscope

January 14, 2021: It's Work Around Time!

by Jude Cowell

In the current climate of censorship, a certain amount of finagling can be necessary. Not for any negative reason by yours truly but for the sake of freedom of speech. Even in politics!

So even though I try to keep Politics out of JCAstro, below you see the DC Horoscope for the moment that the Neptune-Nodal-Axis square perfects on January 26, 2021 at 9:11 am est. The chart is uploaded here because Blogger won't allow me to upload it within the Stars Over Washington post I'm currently typing; I'll add a link to the post this horoscope 'goes with' below the image:

Horoscope details are available at Stars Over Washington.

Dec 12, 2020

Midpoint Structures: Their Use in Cosmobiology and Vibrational Astrology - video

December 12, 2020: Yes, I'm admittedly a long-time fan of midpoints and I use midpoint pictures frequently in my posts. Here is information concerning Midpoint Structures from an expert on the subject David Cochrane:

And here's another David Cochrane presentation which may be of interest to you, Sacred Geometry and Saturn Stations and the related number 108 which reduces to 27, the age for many folks when they experience what might be their very first Saturn Return.

Try this for More About Astrological Saturn.

Dec 3, 2020

On the Horoscope of Georges Seurat

If you read the Wiki bio page of painter Georges-Pierre Seurat, it won't take you long because tragically, the father of pointillism passed away from disease at the young age of 31. Seurat (December 2, 1859--March 29, 1891, Paris, France in both cases) lost his son from the same malady about two weeks later and in the ensuing years, various diseases have been proposed as cause of death. Suffice to say, the 1800s were replete with many diseases, unsanitary conditions, and often ineffectual "cures," and there's no telling what new, creative techniques Seurat the painter would have devised had he lived a full life. This makes me sad to think about it (he and I share a Pisces Moon!) and yet I am quite curious to learn about his natal planets.

For during his brief 31 years, Seurat did manage to waft, dot and dash Impressionism into Neo-Impressionism and we have his "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" (1884--1886) to forever signify the shift.

Image: Georges Seurat, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons: 'Un dimanche apres-midi a Ille de la Grande Jatte'

Fortunately, accurate birth data for pointillist Seurat is available, collected by Michel Gauquelin (!) so if you wish to ponder the Natal Horoscope of Georges-Pierre Seurat, be my guest. You'll find his natal Ascendant (physical body) in Virgo, sign of health, and his planets with a blend of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and a dash or two of creative, yet infection-prone, Pisces, also ruled by expansive Jupiter with the higher octave inspiration and creativity of Neptune swirling in the air!

Actually, for art talent, Geoges Seurat was born under the influence of a Venus-Neptune square which suggests a propensity to enter relationships suddenly with disastrous results, but is very creative an aspect to have for an artist who doesn't mind putting in the work (square). Plus, artful Venus also conjuncted his Mercury which suggests the beauty and pleasantness found in his paintings.

Personality-wise, Seurat's steamy Fire-Water Sun Sag-Moon Pisces blend suggests an emotional visionary with deep convictions, but one who could be careless, self-indulgent, and rather lazy at times. As with most artists, spending regular periods alone with his art was an imperative for him, plus, great sensitivity to the human condition is indicated by this blend.

Humorous, generous and forgiving, Seurat was a romantic - open to adventure, at least in his own imagination, and at his best he could sort out the real from the unreal. And yet he could also have been gullible (especially in love), moralistic, and somewhat unstable emotionally. Well, perhaps his Sun Sag-Moon Pisces blend's 'Image for Integration' (of conscious + unconscious energies) offered by the Harveys in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign, might inform us:

"A jolly, shabbily dressed vicar tells raucous jokes to down-and-outs, children and high society at the Church garden party."

And when Seurat passed away on March 29, 1891 (hour unknown), transiting heavyweights Neptune and Pluto in early Gemini were conjunct his natal Uranus Rx @5Gem33 and were thus in process of opposing his natal Sun @9Sag21 (vitality), which activated Seurat's natal Sun-Uranus opposition of restlessness and erratic behavior. Biologically, 'Sun-Uranus' = "heart neurosis" - Ebertin, who gives the biological correspondences for the 'Neptune-Pluto' pair as: "The treacherously painless stage of disease; lack of incentive to maintain health; disturbances or troubles of slow or lingering development." Now these are not definitive causes of Seurat's demise, of course, but they do present possibilities. Add his natal Uranus to the pair and we have "hyper-sensitive nerves" and a possibility of "peculiar discoveries."

Include Seurat's Sun with Neptune-Pluto and it's "peculiar diseases as a consequence of oveindulgence in alcohol, nicotine, medication"; and/or "succumbing to strange influences."

And so in closing: 2020 minus 1891 = 129 years since Seurat's death and with this meager tribute to The Artist I hope that he may continue to R.I.P. - Jude