Feb 17, 2017

On the Natal Horoscope/s of William Shakespeare

Which Natal Horoscope for William Shakespeare?

There are multiple choices for the birth time and date of England's William Shakespeare including the Julian (Old Style) and Gregorian (New Style) dates. Additionally, there is his documented date of baptism (April 26, 1564 OS/May 6, 1564 NS) which changes the natal Sun-Moon blend from April 23's/May 3's Sun Taurus-Moon Libra to the three-days-later Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio of his baptism. For in that era, as you know, a baby was often baptized three days after birth although this varied in some cases.

As we would expect with April 23/May 3, a Sun Taurus blend with the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra, an Air (mental) sign, is sociable, pleasant, artistic, romantic, persuasive, and 'wants the best for everyone' while the darker Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio combination of energies (Earth-Water) tends toward materialism, obstinacy, possessiveness, passionate sensuality, and is self-dramatizing. Did that last one give The Bard away? Perhaps. Yet both blends are highly creative so that isn't much of a clue to his personality, and his other planets are in the same signs with either date. But perhaps it's a clue that once he moved to London and wrote plays that made him money, he bought a house in town and property just north of his hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon rather than spending or wasting his money unwisely. It seems probable that a secure future was on his mind for himself, his wife, Mary Arden, and his children.

Now if you follow the above link, you'll find two versions of Shakespeare's natal chart, plus, the birth data used by the great Alan Leo: April 26, 1564 (NS) 1:39 am LMT. And you'll see his line-up of planets in home-loving Cancer (from 3 to 29 degrees): Mars, Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter which makes the following quote seem most applicable, that although Shakespeare needed to earn his living in London,

"he was unusually attached to his native-place, coming back there often for the summer...true to his nature, the loyalties and affections so obvious all through his writing, the ties acknowledged in his life."-- William Shakespeare: A Biography, by A.L. Rowse (1963). And that would be Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire.

Now there is also the curious fact that William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 in his hometown where he had retired from play writing (though some collaborations had taken place) after his wonderful Globe Theater burned down on June 29, 1613 due to a cannon gone awry. William Shakespeare died at age 51 which to astrologers hints at a Chiron Return. His was retrograde @21Capricorn and suggests one who aims to conquer time and to prevail against all adversity. Tragically, he missed such a target on one particular day in June of 1616, and the world lost the greatest writer it has yet to know.

As for anyone aspiring to be a modern-day descendant of the great William Shakespeare, his direct line unfortunately died out with his grandchildren though allied family names may be worth investigation. Here's a website with very interesting information on the Genealogy of the Shakespeare Family of Stratford-Upon-Avon, if you're curious!

The above portrait (1610): may be by a painter called John Taylor who was an important member of the Painter-Stainers' Company.[1] (Official gallery link) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Feb 10, 2017

Solar Eclipse in Pisces, February 26th: Cosmic Awakening - Barbara Goldsmith

Feb 10, 2017: in the following presentation, expert astrologer Barbara Goldsmith discusses the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pis12 with its cosmic implications that necessarily include a possibly violent Mars-Uranus conjunction @21Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra:

And here's my post of today concerning tonight's Lunar Eclipse @22Leo 'Snow Moon' (exact at 7:33 pm est) which occurs during the current visit of the green comet to Earth's vicinity (if you don't mind a political lens cast upon tonight's cosmic show).

Feb 6, 2017

The Rosetta Stone and Astrology's Rosetta Pattern

Roses and Triangles for Rosetta

by Jude Cowell

The July 19, 1799 discovery by one of Napoleon's soldiers, Pierre Bouchard, during the French leader's military campaign into Egypt (invaded in 1798) of the Rosetta Stone, a black slab of basalt with three scripts inscribed, has always seemed of interest to yours truly because it led to the eventual translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics. History.com has more details for the curious.

Of course, the plundering of Egyptian treasures and antiquities was part of Napoleon's motivation for the invasion but when the British defeated Napoleon and his army in 1801 they took possession of the Rosetta Stone with its three scripts written in Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Egyptian demotic. It was the Greek script on the stone that announced that the three writings told the same story honoring Egypt's king, Ptolemy V, hence the translation which was ultimately achieved by the French Egyptologist Jean-Francois Champollion.

Curiously, Champollion and Queen Cleopatra share the same Sun Capricorn-Moon Cancer personality blend, as I mentioned in a previous post concerning Cleopatra's natal chart. Follow the link to view her natal horoscope as rectified by expert astrologer Noel Tyl. And do you know that the genealogy of the Ptolemy family including Cleopatra may be found on geni.com?!

So now let's set aside the obvious resonance between 'rosetta' and roses, the flower of Venus, in spite of the fact that pagan 'goddess' Venus is worshiped in many forms associated with the sign Virgo, the Virgin. For as many people are aware, America's Founding Fathers had an obsession with such pagan worship which can be seen decorating the city of Washington DC (ex: the Capitol Dome's Lady Liberty), in multiple Zodiacs and friezes, and is totally visible in NY harbor's Statue of Liberty (which was originally cast in copper, the favorite metal of Venus). 'She' was sent as a gift from French Masons to our American Masons in government--with her 'eternal flame' torch a symbol of the secretive Illuminati.

But let us skip all that and consider what little I know of Astrology's Rosetta pattern, a complex planetary configuration composed of various aspects. So named by astrologers Sally Fisher and Linda Shelnutt, the pattern is referred to as a Trapeze by the Hubers. If you wish, a 2012 video report by novelist Linda Shelnutt may be viewed, below. And perhaps you're familiar with the wonderful Art of Sally Fisher whose illustrations appear on the website of world renowned astrologer Jonathan Cainer.

So! What of the Rosetta pattern of planets?

Well, all the planets involved have both 'enemies' and 'allies' with the configuration containing energies that 'go around in circles' (similar to the closed circuit of energies contained in a Grand Trine). But in a Rosetta, each planet (actor) tries to 'win the argument' with an opponent ('enemy') shown by opposition and its squares while the sextile and trine aspects denote cooperation from helpful 'allies'. Complexity is added to circumstances by inconjunct (aka, quincunx; 150 degrees) creating a paradox (a square peg in round hole required) and the adjustment is needed in order to reduce tension and stress. Typically, the tactic of scapegoating may be employed to divert blame or responsibility temporarily and the psychological method of triangulation may be used in an attempt to manipulate those who are uncooperative.

And speaking of tri-angulation, I hope you didn't miss the History Channel's excellent Ancient Aliens episode The Power of Three!

Now here's Linda Shelnutt:


As always, dear reader, your Shares are much appreciated! jc

Jan 25, 2017

Perspectives on the Jan 27, 2017 Aquarian New Moon

January 2017: With a new administration in the White House, my blogging schedule has been full of Political Astrology so that Jude Cowell Astrology has been quite neglected as 2017 begins. So with the first New Moon of 2017 on January 27th @8AQ12 (perfecting at 7:06:56 est), I happily recommend to you three excellent articles written by my some of my favorite astrologers and an informative video report, too.

In no particular order, you may wish to check out lunar insights from your Auntie Moon, consider new perspectives suggested by Lynn Hayes, and ponder the transpersonal significance of an Aquarian New Moon with Diane, aka, Libra Seeking Balance.

Now here is a video report by Pam Gregory concerning the second half of January 2017 with special focus on the January 27th New Moon:

For more Astrology articles, you may wish to join Pam in her FaceBook group as well.

Jan 17, 2017

Horoscope and Notes on the Discovery of Chiron

Horoscope: the Discovery of Chiron by Charles T. Kowal

Chart of the Discovery of Chiron by astronomer Charles Kowal (Nov 8, 1940--Nov 28, 2011) when the mysterious body (asteroid, minor planet, centaur, remnants of a comet?) was @3Tau07 in the Tropical Zodiac and in retrograde (Rx) motion. The discovery date is Oct 18, 1977 when the photographic plate was actually taken (Chiron 3Tau50 Rx) at Palomar Mountain Observatory in California though November 1, 1977 is the date often used to calculate Chiron's natal horoscope. If you follow the link, above, you'll find a Minor Planets Discovered list showing Chiron's discovery on October 18, 1977 (#2060).

As you know, whenever a celestial body is sighted (i.e. humanity becomes aware of its existence), its character description in Astrology is shaped by the events and circumstances that are occurring in society at that time which helps designate the body’s meaning and significance. 1977 was the year NASA's Voyager blasted off to fly by and photograph Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune...Saturn (the knee) and the disciplinarian side of God, Aquarius (the ankle and The Waterbearer), Uranus (the maverick, genius, bolt of electricity or lightening), and Neptune (the foot via Pisces, inspiration, and the Divine Source). The aspects made by Chiron in the above chart are listed below.

For context, see Events of 1977; Chiron (#2060) is listed as a centaur.

Additionally, astrological Chiron is associated with alternative medicine which gained much wider acceptance and use beginning around 1977 and has become part of healthcare today.

Now here is the Sabian Symbol for Chiron's discovery degree:

'4 Taurus': “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"...rainbows are said to be bridges to the Divine and are archetypes of God's deal with mankind for no more floods that destroy the world. This Symbol speaks of the rewards gained from linking earthly with celestial natures and Chiron is, as you know, the Christ archetype in an astrology chart, aka The Key. If you’re not familiar with the graphic for Chiron, look for a symbol resembling a key near the top of the chart.

Both charts–-Oct 18 and Nov 1–-are descriptive of Chiron (aka, the blind spot) with themes of 'unawareness morphs into awareness' of the Wounded Healer. See Chiron's Prenatal Eclipse info, below, for related details.

In Greek mythology Chiron is the wise and benevolent centaur, son of Chronos (Saturn–Father Time) and the sea nymph Philyra. Saturn also represents the earth (soil, crust, rocks, tectonic plates). For most of his life Chiron lived in the cave where he was born and there he was taught by Artemis and Apollo, goddess of the Moon and god of the Sun. He passed on knowledge to mythical heroes, abilities such as riding, hunting, music, ethics, philosophy, medicine, astrology...and Chiron IS the Tarot reader, The Hierophant, The Magician, the High Priestess.

And as you know, there are multiple versions of the myth concerning Chiron’s Wound (he was crippled at birth). One myth tells of how Heracles accidentally wounded him in his left knee, ankle, or heel (Cap = knee, AQ = ankle, Pisces = heel.) In constant pain, he gave up his immortality to die in the place of Prometheus, who was eternally tortured for stealing fire from the gods to give to mankind. Thus self-sacrifice is an attribute of Chiron.

Half-brother Zeus placed Chiron in the heavens as the stars of Sagittarius--or as Centaurus, some say, and both constellations are associated with teaching and the higher mind. Half man/half beast, Chiron symbolizes the duality of our world and indicates in our natal charts where our greatest weakness–-and thus potentially our greatest strength–-may be found.

Wise Chiron teaches us that integrating our higher minds with the lower, our earthly natures with the celestial, the unconsciousness with the conscious will bring the most golden and lasting of rewards, the kind that rust does not destroy!

As the son of Kronos (Saturn), Chiron was the grandson of Uranus and is considered the ‘the bridge’ between Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future)-–Chiron is the Present with a capital ‘P' and tells us to be here now in all our experiences on planet Earth.

With an eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus, both planets associated with the sign Aquarius (and both linked to Astrology as is Chiron), qualities of Saturn-Uranus are then connected to Chiron, that of the unusual teacher and/or mentor who unites Saturn’s conservatism with the radicalism of Uranus (for best results and as some might say, to achieve self actualization). Chiron is literally “the bridge” between the old and the new, the unite-r of form with the ideal, and a necessary component of all creative endeavors.

Now on the chart in the foundational 4th house and conjunct Venus--is highlighted in yellow the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series @19Lib24 in which the discovery took place. It's the 16 North, a gentle series with themes of 'the illumination of ideas; deep insights and good hunches. It would be wise to act on them, says Bernadette Brady in her book Predictive Astrology, for the presence of a Uranus-Neptune trine in 16 North's initial eclipse speaks of 'a sudden release of material from the unconscious' into the conscious mind--precisely as discussed, above. Deep intuition is a result for we know that a trine between genius Uranus and inspiring Neptune (the Enlightenment planets) can provide the benefit of being able to see through illusion and dishonesty. 16 North last manifested in 2013 @11Scorpio (conjunct 1977's Uranus!) and will next repeat in 2031 @22Scorpio.

And if you're wondering about the trio in deep-thinking Scorpio of Sun, Uranus, and Mercury (ruler of the senses such as sight), the three form a midpoint picture that involves the application of Science and Technology such as the utilization on a dark night of a very large telescope on a mountain top, aimed at the Cosmos.

November 1, 1977: Aspects of Chiron

Please enlarge the chart to read a few basic notes which will not be discussed in this text. Let's consider the three aspects (angular relationships) made by Chiron @3Tau07 Rx for symbolically the centaur can move consciousness out of well worn ruts via constant initiation into the higher realms of the outer transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). The chart-ruler Moon's aspects are quite revealing in relation to the deeper meaning of Chiron as the Christ archetype, and yes, you have a Christian writing this post but you don't have to be one in order to read about Chiron! Here are the three aspects:

Sun opposes Chiron indicates that full expression of the self involves life and death choices and critical issues and some form of spiritual practice is required for best results. The opposition is waning which denotes that it operates on an unconscious level unless or until unconscious material can be allowed into the conscious mind.

Mars squares Chiron suggests a challenge to develop new and unique ways of living; the Mars-Chiron duo is a signature of the sacred warrior archetype--and motive is everything.

Saturn trines Chiron shows that this Saturn, at a critical 29th degree of Leo and conjoining royal star Regulus (success if revenge is avoided), manifests a different dimension than usual for the planet of reality, authority, authenticity, and the status quo. Saturn's cycle is 28 to 30 years' duration but a trine to Chiron denotes that life patterns don't follow a particular time table and are, in fact, quite unpredictable--more Uranian, we might say. Yet if the aspect is responsibly handled, karmic development is positively supported by contacts with the transpersonal planets once the Saturn Return is experienced when, hopefully, mature judgment is achieved and utilized.

Aspects of and by Chart-ruler Moon

As you see, the Moon is strong in its own sign of Cancer, has recently arisen at 10:00 pm PST, and forms four aspects--two applying, two separating/waning:

Moon trine Mercury (0A04) describes a warm, compassionate, and sincere nature toward everyone which attracts them--they come to You; the emotions are well-integrated with the intellect and there 's a high degree of understanding in dealings with others. A retentive memory is in evidence (our Father's heavenly records?) yet the past isn't allowed to distort reactions in the present. There's always time to make allowances for other people's flaws, foibles, and undesirable traits and assistance is offered to those in need. Dwelling on the positive (as a man thinks, so he becomes) is a fortunate benefit of this aspect.

Moon square Venus (1A38) indicates past ties that are deeply ingrained and as maturity is developed new perspectives allow a wide ranging comprehension of the motives and needs of others.

Moon square Pluto (3S24) an ability to intuitively anticipate danger. Work involves contact with the public as people are helped to restructure their lives in spite of severe limitations (their burdens are generously shouldered); feelings run deep and actions are motivated by a genuine concern for others.

Moon trine Uranus (6S30) denotes a willing listener who possesses a wide perspective on life (the widest!) and one who is well-prepared to accept his lot in life. Here is a good teacher, one whose public speaking ability is dramatic and to the point.Well-prepared to accept Universal Truths, profound spiritual wisdom is easily expressed in groups or to individuals. Lower left is listed two fixed stars linked to Uranus: Alphecca (keyword: fruitfulness) and Acrux, The Cross of Matter, which you may agree identifies the Wounded Healer of humanity in this chart even if no other factor does.

Now if you don't mind a little Art, here's a link to the very first post on Jude Cowell Astrology which includes my fanciful illustration on paper of Chiron's Return to Discovery Degree which will occur three times in the years 2027 and 2028 as Chiron completes its approximately 50-year orbit.

So Thank You for reading my Chiron ramble and know that your Shares are much appreciated!


Don't know where your Chiron is? Enter your birth data and find its position here.

For more info see Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets by Barbara Hand Clow; Chiron: The Key to Your Quest by Richard Nolle; and Chiron in the Natal Chart by Julie Demboski.

Jan 7, 2017

Astrology Predictions 2017 - 2018 by Barbara Goldsmith

With the coming emphasis on Fire signs, let's look ahead at our potential opportunities with expert astrologer Barbara Goldsmith:

Fire signs: Mars-ruled Aries, Sun-ruled Leo, and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius.

Personally, I have Leo and Sagittarius covered with a natal Pluto-Venus trine - romantic and creative, yes, but the trine also supports my interest in political activities as do my four planets in Saturn-ruled Capricorn!

Now how about you?

Dec 30, 2016

Astraea: goddess of Justice aids a famous astrologer on trial

Astraea, Justice, Jupiter, and Astrology

by Jude Cowell

Recently I posted here concerning the Saturn and natal horoscope of astrologer Evengeline Adams and today I happened to notice that Miss Adams will soon have an Astraea Return (18Sag15 in natal 9th house) on the cosmically prominent date of January 12, 2017 when a significant Full Moon perfects @22Cancer27. (Tap or click to view the Full Moon horoscope but Warning: the chart is set for Washington DC and thus touches upon the dreaded Politics and the very litigious Mr. Trump whose natal Astraea in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, conjoin his Stationary Direct Jupiter @17Lib27.)

Now although my notes on asteroid Astraea (#5) are pretty thin, I shall add what little I have:

Asteroid Astraea was discovered on December 8, 1845 in Driesen, Prussia by K.L. Hencke. Archetypally, Astraea is the goddess of justice, legalities, and the law and is aka, the starry maid. As such, Astraea resonates with Virgo 'the Virgin' traits and adds a shining quality which may express as prominence and/or magnanimity for the person or the event Astraea is linked to in a chart.

Her having natal Astraea in the 9th house also resonates with Jupiter whose favored abode in a horoscope and in the natural Zodiac is the 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Foreign Lands and Studies, and all Legal Matters. Plus, many people are familiar with the famous court cases in New York when Evangeline Adams, arrested three times, defended the practice of Astrology ("fortune telling," was the charge) with her first trial occurring in 1911 while she was in the process of a Jupiter Return reward cycle (the last one of which 12 years before she had begun her career in NYC). In her natal chart, Jupiter is in cosmic Pisces in the karmic 12th house, a guardian angel placement, as I suspect she must have known.

So during this fortunate period she stated that felt protected from harm and well she might with Jupiter as her chart-ruler (Pisces rising) and career-ruler (Sagittarius at Midheaven) - and she named her horse Jupiter! As it turned out, Miss Adams' sincerity, straightforward demeanor, and correct analysis of the judge's son's natal chart contributed to her and to Astrology's vindication at her third trial in 1914.

Good job, protective Jupiter and starry maid Astraea!

Dec 29, 2016

Cancer Full Moon January 12th: Finding Love - Barbara Goldsmith

Here's another insightful report by Barbara Goldsmith, this one concerning the January 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Cancer27, part of a Cardinal Grand Cross, which Barbara points out acts as a precursor to the major reconstruction that will occur in the very significant year of 2020:

Dec 26, 2016

Untenable position for Jude Cowell Astrology site

A Question for Readers: Should Jude Cowell Astrology shutter its windows for good?

Please vote Yes or No by leaving a comment if you may. Poll closes February 26, 2017 midnight est.

Actually I thought my post concerning the Prenatal Eclipse of Virginia Dare was quite interesting. Because America.