Aug 18, 2018

Fractal Reflections: Arc Transforms

Over the years of studying Astrology, this novice has occasionally sashayed down the Harmonics path of fractal reflections and right into the clearing where Arc Transforms flourish--quite on their own, it seems, and rather like a patch of mushrooms sprouting in an overgrown forest of cosmic knowledge. And having no idea how popular such techniques are these days I wonder if you, dear reader, find them fascinating or simply a curiosity...or do you use or study them at all?

Well, however you find them, you may wish to check out expert astrologer John Townley's PDF Arc Transforms and be sure to check out John's page on the methods and principles he prefers when practicing the ancient craft, his Astrologer's Toolkit of methods which include Harmonics such as the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 13th which, John says, "seem to have their unique flavors."

Additionally, his use of Arc Transforms allows him to "see if a given pair relationship has deep echoes in the rest of the chart." So once again it is confirmed that any astrological method or technique must always relate back to the radix or natal horoscope upon which the technique is used as in the adage, 'nothing happens or forms in a life unless it is promised in the natal chart'. So a deeper, wider view of the natal promise may be found within Harmonics, among other useful methods.

Also see Why Study Harmonic Charts in Astrology? which contains an enlightening video presentation on the topic by David Cochrane plus, a link to a Harmonics article authored by the excellent Mary Plumb!

Now the reason I'm thinking of Harmonics and Arc Transforms today and the deeper understanding they can provide is that I'm experimenting with them to investigate the natal horoscope and psyche of Mr. Trump. Yet this blog has been promised from its start to remain politics-free so no results for you, not on this page! Perhaps I'll get around to adding such info in a Stars Over Washington post at some point in time, perhaps on a 'slow news day'. As if we ever have those anymore, right?

Above image: Golden Chanterelles sprouting in an imaginary forest; drawing originally published in my Secret Moon Art gallery which you may browse as you wish but please note that occasionally a little Astrology may be involved.

Aug 12, 2018

The Art and Astrology of Paul Cezanne

"Don't be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation." Paul Cezanne.

The natal horoscope of Paul Cezanne is rated AA for accuracy although my Solar Fire (v9+) software gives it only a B rating. Baby Paul was born January 19, 1839 at 1:00 pm LMT (probably a rounded-off time) in Aix en Provence, France with Sun 28Cap19, Moon 12Pis56, Ascendant 2Sco49, and Midheaven, the Career and Public Status Point, 10Leo16. As a decades-long fan of Impressionism and Cezanne's Post-Impressionism, many of his paintings have always topped my favorites list but it took the study of Astrology to clue me in that Cezanne and I share the same Earth-Water Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces personality blend!

(I don't share his talent, of course, but some resonance on the personality level exists between this famous artist born in 1839 and yours truly born one-hundred-ten years later, not a rare astrological circumstance at all. And yet I do like drawing on black paper because of its 'mysterious' feeling and because it can add slight sculptural or 3D qualities to my efforts.)

Notably, one of the 'Images for Integration' for Sun Cap-Moon Pisces personalities: "Bathers in a Landscape by Cezanne" as mentioned by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign.

Please enlarge the image to read my scribbles of his basic chart factors plus a few I added that I thought were particularly revealing. One such is his Saturn @7Sag27 conjunct Anti-Vertex to which I added, lower left: did he "see himself" as Saturn in Sagittarius? Then there's chart-ruler Mars at a critical (impatient) 29th degree of Virgo so we see Mars, planet of energy, action, and motivation, struggling to reach 00Libra00, a Cardinal World Point of Fame, Fortune, and Recognition. I'd have to say Cezanne fulfilled that promise in a lasting way, wouldn't you? And we also see that Mars conjoins South Node, a "loner" signature, suitable for working in isolation which he is known to have done although working outside in nature also appealed.

Now one prominent feature of his chart and psyche is a powerful Jupiter-Pluto opposition which suggests persecution of a religious or philosophical nature. This may refer in part to the mockery he suffered for his painting style early on for it challenged the established methods of his day. And it wasn't until 1863 at age 24 (perhaps during a Jupiter Return in 'art sign' Libra?) that his first exhibition was accepted at the Salon des Refusee after the Paris Salon rejected his paintings which were accused of being incomplete (and too different, no doubt!) However, before long success began to follow thanks to the help of others who appreciated Cezanne's breakthrough style of work.

Yet both expansive Jupiter and wealthy manipulator Pluto relate to 'father' and authority figures in general, and therefore on some level to his successful businessman father. Plus, Mars opposing his North Node of the Moon (NN, a 'mother' indicator as well as 'future direction' and 'contact with the public') squares natal Chiron @25Gem46 Rx (the wound, the healer, the blind spot) in the 8th house of Shared Resources, Transformation, Sex, Death, and the Occult. Yet through transcending Chiron he lifted himself above family issues and complexes via excellent manual dexterity (Gemini) so that painting became a savior for him as evidenced by this post's opening quote. Besides, his Nodal axis falls across the Virgo-Pisces 'victim-savior' polarity suggesting the 'suffering mother' archetype which can infuse a child's psyche into adulthood.

So apparently Cezanne's animus function (Mars) and the feminine (North Node) may have blocked him on a very deep level--perhaps in the sexual arena (8th house) and/or via communication (Gemini) so that his thinking may have been on the skewed side regarding male-female relationships (but whose isn't?) After all, he and his sister, Marie, were both born out of wedlock as you see with the Sun-Venus-Neptune trio in 3rd house (Siblings) conjunct the IC (Home; Domestic Scene; Psychological Home; Roots) denoting such a family circumstance yet this trio also reveals great art talent (Venus and Neptune) which may have been inherited (IC). Art was the basis of his life after all.

Speedy little Mercury is also posited in 3rd house in structural Saturn-ruled Capricorn, a shout-out to his sculptural painting style. And note Cezanne's Moon-Uranus conjunction in creative Pisces (4th house), an aspect suggesting some measure of anti-social behavior (the loner!) but also an understanding of human nature and contact with all sorts of people. And according to Moon-Uranus, unusual and/or interesting women tended to enter his life, plus, an unconventional childhood is also a possibility (perhaps more than out-of-wedlock conveys). This conjunction also relates to potentials for an original imagination, sudden and peculiar mood changes, and crankiness especially if the conjunction is afflicted--which it is by the square from Saturn--papa! (See my notes penned on the chart, bottom right.) These chart factors suggest early troubles with Dad and with Mother and possibly a "cold heart" as one result (Oken).

Yet in spite of such problems which could have paralyzed him emotionally into few if any accomplishments, Paul Cezanne was born with a Sun-Mars trine hinting that he could muster his energies to reach his goals although the trine indicates that quite a bit of physical effort was required for best results from this ambitious, courageous aspect which provided him with prolonged endurance and physical strength. Of course, a competitive nature is also provided by a Sun-Mars trine and he probably possessed a strong sense of justice which supports his fair play Jupiter in Libra (who, like Mr. Trump, may often have asserted, "it's not fair!").

Also worthy of mention is the artist's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') @25Vir27 in the 2 South Saros Series (11th house of Groups and Associations). 2 South's theme is about 'joining unusual groups and feeling that you'll gain a great deal from them' (Brady). Is this a hint of a secret society membership? Well, curiously, a solar eclipse manifests in the 2 South series quite soon--on January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn! This eclipse will occur in Cezanne's 3rd house of Communications and it's possible that he or his work will appear in the news around that date, give or take a few weeks or into 2019. Perhaps through an art auction?

Anyway, a PE in Virgo relates to issues of perception, discrimination, and observation which actually tallies well with Cezanne's oriental planet, Mercury which is associated with a talent for detailed observation. This is a handy talent for a painter with its tendency to 'dot all the Is and cross all the Ts' (Tyl). However, a caution with PEs in Virgo is to avoid overdoing the tendency to criticize others for it interferes with karmic progress (Lineman). And of course, 'oriental' means that Mercury is the last planet in his chart to rise just prior to his Sun and seems to relate to one's work preferences.

(Personal note: Jupiter is oriental for me so I prefer spontaneity in the work environment, just so you know.)

Now as you may know, genius artist Paul Cezanne and writer Emile Zola (April 2, 1840 11:00 pm LMT Paris, France) first met during their school days. If you wish, read more about Zola, his natal Double-Fire Sun Aries-Moon Aries blend, and his mysterious death on September 29, 1902 in a previous JCAstro post. Included is a link to a History Today article concerning Emile Zola's death by fumes (culprit Neptune) and a view of Zola's AA-rated natal horoscope is also available.

And if you have 6 minutes to spare for a brilliant fellow's Art, I highly recommend the presentation Paul Cezanne: A 6 Minute Art History Video which includes a slideshow of his work.

Or for more details on Cezanne's art philosophy and architectural 'flat' painting style (he "constructed" pictures rather than "painting" them and his works created a 'bridge' between 18th and 19th century art styles, a signature of his Mars-NN = Chiron in Gemini as noted, above), try The Art Story website, and of course, a plethora of Cezanne's paintings may be found decorating the Cyber World!

Aug 3, 2018

Combining Astrology with Genealogy

For We Are Each 'The Flowering of Our Generations'

A while ago on one of my two WordPress blogs, I wrote about an ancestor William Claiborne (post updated this very day) and included some info on a later ancestor David Barnett (b. December 25, 1776 Christiansburg, VA) and his two wives. David interests me more than some of my kin due to the fact that he's what I call a "double ancestor" because his first wife Sarah Phillips and second wife Louvicy Hayes are two of my ancestral grandmothers--Sarah on my paternal side, Louvicy on my maternal. This was probably a fairly common occurrence in those days folks since had to marry whomever they had access to, don't you think? Travel wasn't so easy and the pickin's may have been somewhat slim (I imagine!) Which is not to say that romance wasn't a factor.

And so, in my quest to use Astrology to understand Genealogy via my ancestors, here is a dual image of the two marriage horoscopes of David Barnett who passed away in August 1861 after fathering a total of 17 children which is one generous result of marrying two wives!

Both charts are set for 'noon' (exact hours of the ceremonies unknown) and located in historic Smithonia, Georgia which is now restored and rented as a wedding venue--and is located very close to where my father was born and raised in Oglethorpe County, the neighborhood where my Barnett ancestors farmed and lived in their day:

Now as you know, Sun and Moon represent on one level husband and wife so I shall include here 'Images for Integration' of each of David's marriages. To Sarah (upper right chart, April 7, 1791) it's Sun Aries-Moon Gemini: "Haydn's Farewell Symphony...A fencing master carries off the prize."

To Louvicy (lower left chart, February 18, 1819) it's Sun Aquarius-Moon Sagittarius: "Alice in Wonderland...Indiana Jones--". Curious that both blends are Air-Fire ('live wires'--exciting!) but in reverse order, and that the Nodal signs of Aries-Libra, the partnership axis, 'flipped' from one marriage to the other!

So now you know a little something about how I came to be. How about You?

More details concerning these blends are found in Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

(Note that I cannot find a date of birth for Louvicy and next to nothing concerning which branch of the Hayes family she sprung from--maybe one day she'll turn up!)

Jul 29, 2018

Leo Solar Eclipse August 11th: Finding your JOY - Barbara Goldsmith

Here's a look at the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @18Leo41 presented by expert astrologer Barbara Goldsmith. Be sure to visit Barbara at her website Your Astrology Signs:

And if you're up for it, this eclipse is titled The Tower Eclipse over at Stars Over Washington--as in, Tarot card 16--and it occurs within the 2 New North Saros Series during which America's 2018 Midterm Elections will be held, such as they may be.

Jul 25, 2018

What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists - clip

Here is an intriguing 33-minute Truthstream Media presentation concerning famous scientists and the centuries of cover-up that have limited our understanding of them and their work. Right away we find Pythogoras, Newton and others with their metaphysical studies and practices of long ago hidden in the shadows of occultism and alchemy but these days with their 'science' reputations intact as far as the general public is concerned:


Of course astrologers are very familiar with 'the split' that occurred when Science in the form of Astronomy, and the study of stars and planets in the form of Astrology, were successfully separated philosophically as if one were based on truth, the other falsehood. This, in spite of the fact that those we now call 'scientists' and 'astronomers' in the olden days were simply studying the natural world and could never have been counted upon to hold the same prejudices against 'Astrology' that many modern scientists hold today. Besides, there was no such label back in the day!

And naturally, 'The Enlightenment' or Age of Reason (1685--1815) is the time frame when much prejudicial mischief occurred with planet Uranus (Science, Reason, Genius) and Neptune (Faith, Superstition, Spirituality, Mysticism) combined their energies by conjunction as they again did three times in 1993--in the realistic, Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn. Ah yes, Saturn, the Time Keeper of the Universe within this Great Cosmic Clock of a solar system our Creator placed us in--with a time and season for every purpose under the Sun!

Now I wonder if we're still supposed to be waiting for the Dawning of The Age of Aquarius or is that merely a snow job, too?

If you wish, check out the Natal Horoscope of (Sir) Isaac Newton (RR: C; rectified). Plus, today Pythagoras is intimately associated with Numerology. My Pythagorean birth date number is 9. What's yours?

Jul 23, 2018

Of Elbert Benjamine and The Brotherhood

Is Occult 'Enlightenment' Always the Good It's Promoted to Be?

One initially secret society later turned 'public' that has always seemed elusive to me is the Brotherhood of Light which opened its doors to the public with offers of classes and a study course on November 11, 1918 (Los Angeles, CA). An early founder, promoter, and teacher was 'C. C. Zain' (the pen name of astrologer Elbert Benjamine who was born as Benjamin Parker Williams--his RR: A birth data and link to his natal chart, below). Perhaps this sprung into my consciousness today because last week I heard an ad on Atlanta's WSB Radio promoting 'Scientology'. Ugh. Not that freakiness again. As if we need that with all that's going on.

But as we were saying...

The planets on November 11, 1918 tell a tale of activist and instigator Mars at a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation (00Cap12) along with a strong Saturn-Uranus influence for the two planets associated with Astrology are just beyond opposition, a 'be your own boss' sort of aspect of old (Saturn in Leo) and new (Uranus in Aquarius) and with a hint of Moon-Uranus excitement added to the event. Using '9:00 am PST' (exact hour doors opened is unknown) the Sun @18Scorpio promises 'deep study of specialized subjects' and with a cool Aquarian Moon, suggests that the group possessed 'intense determination, a talent for detached analysis', and great trouble-shooting ability. Both Sun and Moon are in rigid Fixed signs and square each other while pointing in T-Square formation toward Pluto @6Cancer (describing a critical time of development) though of course Pluto was not discovered until 1930, we're told, so any influence if active would have been unconscious.

However, 1918 Pluto @6Cancer actually times a Pluto-to-US-natal-Jupiter transit, a karmic period when intellectual horizons often expand although intolerance and fanaticism are cautions to be avoided. Personally, I would imagine any intolerance of the day would have been on the side of the public and/or government officials, plus, you'd have to be pretty fanatical to undertake such a large and unusual endeavor of founding an organization and school intended to insinuate occultism into the lives of regular folk. Some might call it dedication to a goal.

Note: Many of C. C. Zain's books remain available. Here's his Amazon page of selections with topics that include the Tarot.

So if you haven't sleuthed into C. C. yet and you're curious about the astrologer who was known by three names check out the natal horoscope of astrology pioneer Elbert Benjamine (Rodden Rating: A, from memory) where you'll see that the November 11, 1918 Sun conjoined Benjamine's natal North Node, a significator for successful endeavors involving the public. Then we can both sit back and admire his continued public status as an astrologer and seeker via natal Uranus at Midheaven!

For more Scorpio-Aquarius details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

And the answer to my question? No. Occult enlightenment is not always good and to me seems to be rarely so. Beware. For dark forces will come when you call and they care absolutely nothing about you. After all, the use of the word 'light' is often only a shout-out to Lucifer, isn't it? The entity, not the very entertaining TV show.

Jun 26, 2018

Cleopatra Selene and a Virgo Lunar Eclipse

Astro-Notes on the Death of Cleopatra Selene a Lunar Queen of Africa

by Jude Cowell

As you know, the name 'Selene' is a lunar name and several moons ago on Jude's Threshold I published the natal horoscope of Queen Cleopatra VII as rectified by master astrologer Noel Tyl. The post remains there if you wish to view it here. I simply love historical horoscopes, don't you? Born on January 13, 0069 B.C., Queen Cleopatra's chart is an ancient relic and extremely gray around the muzzle!

Do you know that the name 'Cleopatra' means "Father's Glory"? Well, one of the many things I did not know at the time of the previous post is that Queen Cleopatra's and Marc Antony's daughter Cleopatra Selene became Queen of Africa for she married Juba II thus blending the kingdoms of Egypt and Libya. Their son Ptolemy ruled with his father after Selene's early death at only 35 years of age upon which Crinagoras of Mytilene wrote a famous and stirring commemorative epigram for Cleopatra Selene which astrologers in particular may appreciate for its lunar qualities:

"The moon herself grew dark, rising at sunset, covering her suffering in the night, because she saw her beautiful namesake, Selene, breathless, descending to Hades, with her she had had the beauty of her light in common, and mingled her own darkness with her death."

Read more at History Today.

And so it is written that "on or around March 23, 005 BC" Cleopatra Selene's untimely death coincided with a rising-at-sunset Lunar Eclipse. Now being of a curious Mercurial nature, I checked my Solar Fire V9 software for lunar eclipses in year 005--and allowing for calendar differences through the centuries--I discovered that an appulse Lunar Eclipse (appulse, the weakest kind) in Virgo, sign of health, had perfected on March 14, 005 @21Vir59, a difference of 9 days. Setting a horoscope for Alexandria, Egypt we can see the eclipsed Moon rising precisely at sunset in this horoscope just as Crinagoras recorded:

Angular Planets and An Icy Cold 'Cold Case'!

If we place our trust in Crinagoras of Mytilene and dare to consider this as Cleopatra Selene's Death Horoscope, we find angular planets as if the Cosmos is timing her passing. The Moon at Ascendant (physical body) and the setting Sun and Venus angular at Descendant, are descriptive of her vitality (Sun) setting--and with aggravating Mars squaring the eclipse. Yes, near Midheaven is an angular Mars, malefic planet of infections, sharp instruments, attacks, and other negative associations but I mention 'infections' first because of other chart factors that are penned upon the chart.

Such as: when Moon-ASC is involved, poisoning may be the case; Virgo is the sign of the bowels; *Nicholas Devore gives "22 Virgo" (Luna's position--its apt Sabian Symbol = "A Royal Coat of Arms") as as degree of appendicitis which, if ruptured, spreads infection throughout the abdomen, causing much pain and suffering, and the appendix must be surgically removed immediately and the infection cleared out or death soon follows.

Also penned on the chart is a question that occurs to me because of Juno rising in Virgo (Queen of Heaven), and Moon as the mother: was she pregnant? Probably not since mention of it would almost certainly have been made at some point but with Mars angular and the Moon-ASC association my first suspicion is that some form of infection and/or poison was involved in Queen Cleopatra Selene's untimely death. Whether it was due to disease or was administered by another's hand is a mystery disguised within this Very Cold Case.

Unfortunately, my search for a natal horoscope or exact birth date for Cleopatra Selene has proven fruitless though this Timeline provides details such as the name of Selene's twin brother, Ptolemy Helios (who was killed by Octavian). Their older brother, Ptolemy Caesar is more often known as Caesarion--another link to pregnancy issues! did the tendency run in the family as did the name Ptolemy? These Greek twins of royal birth were born in 40 BCE which tallies with Selene's age of 35 at death, an age which also suggests that her death occurred during, or around the time of, what would have been her third Jupiter Return.

Recommended: King Juba II of Numidia and Queen Cleopatra Selene of Mauretania.

Please note that the horoscope shown includes the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto more out of habit than for any particular reason, considering how long ago 'twas 005 BC. Of course, chart-ruler Mercury @7Ari54 conjunct South Node of the Moon (a Saturnian point of separation) makes only one applying Ptolemaic aspect and that's to conjoin disruptive Uranus which is also associated with the concept of separation and suddenness--and Uranus--conjunct mother asteroid Ceres--has just vacated the 8th house of death (in this House System). Yet Mercury represents younger folk than Selene's age of 35--she's just entered the Mars phase of life actually (although Mars is in Mercury-ruled Gemini, sign of the puer and puella)--and there's dreary Black Moon Lilith at MC (seductress or child-killer?). Also curious is that Selena (in 3rd house) @00Sag40 conjoins nebulous Neptune which was not discovered until 1846, yes, but is associated with poisons, toxins, and infections (plus, loss and mysterious deaths). As you see, Neptune is at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Scorpio, sign of betrayal and death, and which is ruled by Mars, though many astrologers now add Hades-ruler Pluto to the rulership, co-rulership, or sub-rulership of brooding Scorpio. jc

*Nicholas Devore's Encyclopedia of Astrology, 1947.

Jun 25, 2018

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot 1796--1875

Orpheus Leading Eurydice From the Underworld by Camille Corot (1861); [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the more famous and beloved of Greek Myths is that of Orpheus and his love Eurydice. Often depicted by painters of Corot's persuasion, you see here his version illustrating the melancholy tale which looks suitably dark and ethereal. Naturally, astrologers would key in on the word 'Underworld' thanks to its ruler, Pluto, and although Pluto's discovery didn't occur until 1930, out of curiosity my green eyes had a peek at the planetary positions on Jean-Baptists Camille Corot's day of birth at 1:30 am LMT on July 16, 1796, Paris, France, Rodden Rating: AA; Data collected by Gauquelin!

We should note that Corot's natal asteroids Orpheus and Eurydice (Eurydike) link to two of his natal planets: Orpheus conjunct (depressive) Saturn in Gemini and Eurydice conjunct Mars Rx in Sagittarius.

Now if you wish, read a brief bio and check out Corot's natal chart at where you'll find that he was born into a prosperous family, received an inheritance in 1822 (which made his switch from being a businessman to a painter possible), and that he suffered from gout, a painful chronic condition usually brought on by an overindulgent lifestyle. For more details, here's his Wiki page.

My meager speculation about his natal horoscope is that if born 20 minutes later at 1:50 am LMT, Saturn @22Gem06 would be conjunct his Gemini Ascendant but in the 12th house (concentrated work in solitude) and Mars Rx @17Sag23 would dip into his 6th house of Health and Daily Rounds which could relate to his gout and daily work. After all, exact birth times on the hour or half hour are often rounded off and therefore not quite accurate, are they? Yet his data was collected by researcher-statistician Michel Gauquelin so who am I to quibble?!

So we find Corot's natal Pluto @28AQ41 Rx in the 10th house of Public Status and Career along with Jupiter Rx in creative Pisces (12:41). Both planets have 'father' implications so his prosperous papa is seen here with both denoting wealth. Interesting that early on Corot painted against his father's wishes and only turned to Art as a profession after his father's demise, a typical occurrence since Art is so often seen as an unstable endeavor by parental units. Yet Corot's Saturn-Pluto trine (more Daddy notes!) is the aspect of "The Magnate" (A. Oken) and suggests economic success in business and an ability to refine authoritarianism.

Corot's Chart-Ruler Mercury Conjunct North Node: New Concepts Accepted by the Public

Now chart-ruler Mercury (Rx @10Can54 and partile conjunct North Node in 2nd house of Money and Values) applies only once--a trine to artful Neptune in Scorpio (6th house) giving him much creative inspiration which can inspire the talents of others. This trine is often seen in the natal charts of writers, novelists, artists, and musicians--and the Neptune-NN trine is helpful for art contacts with the public. Another creative aspect is a Fire trine between his Sag Mars and Venus @21Leo58 (but note that Mars is out-of-bounds so he's off on his own a lot and maybe not as cooperative with others as he could be). Yet as you know, the Sun-ruled sign of Leo is creative and dramatic, plus, Corot's Venus is Stationed and turned Rx 19 hours 37 minutes ago @21Leo57. Another Stationing planet? Neptune which turned Direct in 21 hours 48 minutes after Corot's birth so both Venus and Neptune, though not in major aspect with one another, are strong due to their Stationing conditions.

Even so, another creative aspect exists between his 7th and 11th house ruler Jupiter and Stationing Neptune indicates that Corot may have considered Art as his mission, or calling in life. And if we are the servants of our 10th house planets, Corot well-served his creative Piscean Jupiter by painting masterpieces while expressing the power of a 10th house Pluto in Aquarius, a sign placement denoting popularity and 'advancement in life with the help of others' (Ebertin).

Sun Cancer-Moon Sagittarius ('Moon-Jupiter')

Yet there are a few turbulent placements in his chart. Corot's natal Moon in Sagittarius (6th house of Health) and Sun @24Can06 (3rd house conjunct its cusp so affecting 2nd house depending on the House System used) suggests difficulties between his parents (sesqui-square 136 degrees) and may have caused relational troubles in adulthood between his conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) minds. Was one or both parents overindulgent? That would be my first guess via the 'Moon-Jupiter' influence (plus, his Moon-Jupiter square suggests this along with a streak of laziness).

A quick look at his Water-Fire personality blend hints at a strong sense of family, concern for social issues, and an ability to understand 'the big picture' though perhaps with negligent attention given to details. He probably used sarcasm to hide his vulnerabilities and tended to justify his personal prejudices, yet a poetic imagination is also present with this blend but with much emotional volatility which is supported by Corot's Moon-Mars conjunction (7-degree orb), and Moon square his Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Plus, a Moon-Mercury inconjunct adds emotional overreactions and upsets since his lunar feelings and mercurial thinking processes and speech may have been at odds (as taught in childhood!)

But the most prominent factor concerning Corot's Sun is that it is unaspected. If you wish to read about such a detached Sun you'll find info in a previous post concerning a certain lady. Scroll to the last paragraph for a few unaspected Sun details.

Then on the generational level, Camille Corot was born during a creative Uranus-Neptune sextile period (as was Mary Shelley, 1797) identifying him a 'revolutionary thinker' suspicious of entrenched beliefs and institutions and insistent that commitments be made voluntarily. That last tallies well with the themes of Corot's Prenatal Solar Eclipse which perfected on July 4, 1796 @13Can31 in the 15 North Saros Series with cosmic vibes of 'good news' and 'joy through commitment' (Brady). In our day, 15 North last manifested on November 13, 2012 @22Scorpio and will come again in 2030 @3Sagittarius.

All in all, I'd say that the natal horoscope of Camille Corot is quite fascinating and worth your consideration if you wish for more chart factors are certain to be of interest!

There are several books on Corot and/or his paintings; one is Corot and the Art of Landscape available on Amazon via third-party sellers.

For more personality blend info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.