Oct 11, 2016

Wedding Day Astrology: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

The following report is a re-post from my discontinued blog Jude's Threshold sans edits except for purposes of readibility:

Chelsea and Marc's Wedding Day Astrology Report

by Jude Cowell

The place: Rhinebeck, NY; the couple: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky; the hour? Unknown. “This evening” is the closest thing I’ve found to a time for the happy couple’s ceremony but for the purposes of this Wedding Day Astrology Report, the Moon remains in Aries with Sun in Leo, a Fire-Fire combination of energies.

First, here are some bio details and natal chart details for Chelsea Clinton, born Feb 27, 1980 (data rated AA), along with mention of Marc’s birth date, Dec 15, 1977, mere weeks after Chiron was discovered @3Tau09. Update: we should note that the Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2016 in the 19 South series with its positive themes hits Chelsea's natal Sun at 8 Pisces.

In Marc’s natal chart (‘noon’), Mars 11Leo30 Rx will be transited by the Sun in early August, a time of pride and of putting plans into action. This will be good energy for a honeymoon sojourn! And progressing his ‘noon’ chart to July 31, 2010 shows a classic marker for when it’s time for marriage to occur: Sun conjunct Venus.

Fire-Fire is a combo indicating intense passion and creativity, and lives lived from a very self-centered perspective because life is approached according to keenly felt beliefs and visions of what could be – based on subjective truth. Yes, double Fire is very tuned in to its inner reality which may result in a lack of awareness of others. (This describes their partnership, not just the passing energies of their wedding day.) Enormous enthusiasm is shown, however, with an inspiring, childlike ability to enjoy life to the fullest, yet patience is not a strong suit of Fire-Fire.

Natural leadership abilities are embedded within the Clinton-Mezvinsky partnership, though pessimism may turn up when things go through a rough patch (as all relationships can do.)

Sun = male principle; Moon = feminine principle; Sun/Moon = marriage.

Sun Leo-Moon Aries: self-confidence, passionate and adventurous, reckless nobility, vanity, and a social consciousness in spite of its self-centeredness, this blend possess the idealistic dedication of a knight in shining armor or a Don Quixote.

(Interestingly, Chelsea’s natal chart has Hidalgo Rx exactly conjoining her natal Ascendant and thus, rising: both at 16Sco21! Hidalgo relates to the Spanish title ‘don’ and is one of the ‘power’ asteroids in Astrology.)

Leo-Aries has a warm-hearted, extroverted personality which is always eager to embrace life, love, and success in huge amounts and to the point of an assumption of ‘divine right’. Guile and pretence are completely lacking with this combo which is a gambling, daring blend of fiery energies. A dramatic spirit impels the combo forward toward making its own mark

This blend (their patnership) does not indicate irresponsibility for all its self-cernteredness and impatience – lecturing, media, business, and theater are areas in which they will shine. Yet they first look to others as models and may tend toward hero-worship as they learn through others how to be great (though it's doubtful Donald Trump will be consulted for 'greatness' tips.) Obviously, the couple have several icons to look up to, though favorite professors may fill the bill as well.

Great powers of persuasion, courage, optimism, and a desire to leave the world a better place make this a noble combination under which to start their married lives together. Now check out the two word pictures for Sun Leo-Moon Aries: the first image describes Marc and the second one sounds like a bride-to-be waking upon her wedding day (or the two children they have since sired)!

"Images for Integration: A knight errant dedicates his next grand adventure to the mistress of his heart, and then rides off into the sunset in a cloud of dust...A young child wakes in the morning with wide eyes and great excitement, as a whole day of play lies ahead." (Sun Sign- Moon Sign by Charles & Suzy Harvey.)

Oct 11, 2016 Update: if you're curious, the Huffington Post published a comparison between the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding and that of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

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