Feb 6, 2017

The Rosetta Stone and Astrology's Rosetta Pattern

Roses and Triangles for Rosetta

by Jude Cowell

The July 19, 1799 discovery by one of Napoleon's soldiers, Pierre Bouchard, during the French leader's military campaign into Egypt (invaded in 1798) of the Rosetta Stone, a black slab of basalt with three scripts inscribed, has always seemed of interest to yours truly because it led to the eventual translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics. History.com has more details for the curious.

Of course, the plundering of Egyptian treasures and antiquities was part of Napoleon's motivation for the invasion but when the British defeated Napoleon and his army in 1801 they took possession of the Rosetta Stone with its three scripts written in Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Egyptian demotic. It was the Greek script on the stone that announced that the three writings told the same story honoring Egypt's king, Ptolemy V, hence the translation which was ultimately achieved by the French Egyptologist Jean-Francois Champollion.

Curiously, Champollion and Queen Cleopatra share the same Sun Capricorn-Moon Cancer personality blend, as I mentioned in a previous post concerning Cleopatra's natal chart. Follow the link to view her natal horoscope as rectified by expert astrologer Noel Tyl. And do you know that the genealogy of the Ptolemy family including Cleopatra may be found on geni.com?!

So now let's set aside the obvious resonance between 'rosetta' and roses, the flower of Venus, in spite of the fact that pagan 'goddess' Venus is worshiped in many forms associated with the sign Virgo, the Virgin. For as many people are aware, America's Founding Fathers had an obsession with such pagan worship which can be seen decorating the city of Washington DC (ex: the Capitol Dome's Lady Liberty), in multiple Zodiacs and friezes, and is totally visible in NY harbor's Statue of Liberty (which was originally cast in copper, the favorite metal of Venus). 'She' was sent as a gift from French Masons to our American Masons in government--with her 'eternal flame' torch a symbol of the secretive Illuminati.

But let us skip all that and consider what little I know of Astrology's Rosetta pattern, a complex planetary configuration composed of various aspects. So named by astrologers Sally Fisher and Linda Shelnutt, the pattern is referred to as a Trapeze by the Hubers. If you wish, a 2012 video report by novelist Linda Shelnutt may be viewed, below. And perhaps you're familiar with the wonderful Art of Sally Fisher whose illustrations appear on the website of world renowned astrologer Jonathan Cainer.

So! What of the Rosetta pattern of planets?

Well, all the planets involved have both 'enemies' and 'allies' with the configuration containing energies that 'go around in circles' (similar to the closed circuit of energies contained in a Grand Trine). But in a Rosetta, each planet (actor) tries to 'win the argument' with an opponent ('enemy') shown by opposition and its squares while the sextile and trine aspects denote cooperation from helpful 'allies'. Complexity is added to circumstances by inconjunct (aka, quincunx; 150 degrees) creating a paradox (a square peg in round hole required) and the adjustment is needed in order to reduce tension and stress. Typically, the tactic of scapegoating may be employed to divert blame or responsibility temporarily and the psychological method of triangulation may be used in an attempt to manipulate those who are uncooperative.

Now here's Linda Shelnutt:


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