Dec 4, 2016

Westworld, Anthony Hopkins, and Astrology

Tonight is its Season One finale and by now everyone who likes Sci-Fi/Techno-Thrillers has probably glommed on to the very imaginative Westworld, an HBO series that has not failed to surprise and entertain. Originally Michael Crichton's first theatrical production of the same title came out in 1973, and needless to say, much has changed in the realm of Science since then.

The cast of Westworld I find to be stellar, as they say, including the illustrious Sir Anthony Hopkins. Each episode's plot keeps me guessing better than most new series can do with 'crossing boundaries' an underlying theme of the show and since I'm no fan of such projects as cloning a woolly mammoth, Westworld's level of scientific hubris seems breathtakingly distopian and a bad idea all around.

Now in the past, Anthony Hopkins has announced his retirement from a long acting career, but happily this did not last for he seems perfect for the role of Westworld mastermind, Dr. Ford. Perhaps you'd care to view a brief bio and A-rated natal chart for Philip Anthony Hopkins, born December 31, 1937 9:15 am GMT in Port Talbot, Wales. He has a birthday coming soon, number 79, and one supposes that the success of the HBO series is a welcome treat for Sir Anthony.

Actually, powerful Pluto in transit has been transforming his natal Sun (9Cap18) and, as the planet of extreme and/or hidden wealth, approaches his natal Ascendant (22Cap40) as I type but won't actually cross his Ascendant until late February 2019. Allowing a 5-degree orb applying, Pluto remains close to Sir Anthony's natal Ascendant which suggests that a more powerful image has appeared. But it isn't just image it's an expression of personal power and control with a fair measure of isolation thrown in. Pluto's transit and its effects are supported by his natal Jupiter-Pluto opposition and his Sun-Uranus and Mercury-Uranus trines (120 degr) which identify him as an innovator with a very fertile and creative mind.

Yes, his Uranus trines give a sparkle to his personality which comes in very handy for an actor seeking public notice and success results. Natal Moon is in Sagittarius (24:05), sign of the seeker, and indicates that he loves to travel, and may stick to a religion or philosophy instilled by his parents. Optimism is a characteristic of a Sag Moon yet this Moon is squared by Saturn and Neptune in a wide opposition. Perhaps the T-Square formed by this trio of planets expressed previously when he admitted to being in a depressive state (Saturn-Neptune = Moon: emotional depression; pessimism - Ebertin). So we see that the squares to the emotional Moon coming from Saturn and Neptune hint at parental involvement where their feelings and moods during his childhood were internalized, then were triggered later in life by a difficult or turbulent event. Hopefully such depression is all behind him now!

As for his Earth-Fire Sun Cap-Moon Sag combination, here is one with a monkish quality, high standards, and impressive moral strength which, along with a need to always 'get it right', show him as a classy, charismatic, and capable personality. He is an ascerbic wit with social concerns, a great debater and 'explainer' who is loyal in relationships and highly creative--a man who intrinsically understands the larger implications of a variety of situations and topics.

Now let's close with the two Images for Integration for his Sun-Moon blend as given by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"In his spare time, a High Court judge takes up the serious hobby of gambling at horse races...A bank clerk plans a world cruise."

And now I must mosey for it's 9:00 pm--time for Westworld!

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