Mar 31, 2021

Are You Following a Life Path 9?

March 31, 2021: This post is primarily for my fellow travelers who share the cosmically inclined Life Path 9. If you're not certain which is your path, dear reader, add all the numbers in your date of birth (00-00-0000) for your total and if it amounts to nine, the following link from the Access New Age website is for you!

Life Path Number Nine.

And naturally, Life Path Nine relates in Astrology to the 9th Harmonic ('H9').

Now here are a few examples of the cosmic drawings in pencil that I've perpetrated for years!

Celestial View from Turquoise Arch:

Moon Phases:

Orion and the Full Moon:

Neptune Ascends:

Moon Trail:

Do you have a favorite of these images? Then why not leave an encouraging comment and let me know? ;)

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And to view more drawings you're invited to browse my Fine America Portfolio.

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