Dec 30, 2016

Astraea: goddess of Justice aids a famous astrologer on trial

Astraea, Justice, Jupiter, and Astrology

by Jude Cowell

Recently I posted here concerning the Saturn and natal horoscope of astrologer Evengeline Adams and today I happened to notice that Miss Adams will soon have an Astraea Return (18Sag15 in natal 9th house) on the cosmically prominent date of January 12, 2017 when a significant Full Moon perfects @22Cancer27. (Tap or click to view the Full Moon horoscope but Warning: the chart is set for Washington DC and thus touches upon the dreaded Politics and the very litigious Mr. Trump whose natal Astraea in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, conjoin his Stationary Direct Jupiter @17Lib27.)

Now although my notes on asteroid Astraea (#5) are pretty thin, I shall add what little I have:

Asteroid Astraea was discovered on December 8, 1845 in Driesen, Prussia by K.L. Hencke. Archetypally, Astraea is the goddess of justice, legalities, and the law and is aka, the starry maid. As such, Astraea resonates with Virgo 'the Virgin' traits and adds a shining quality which may express as prominence and/or magnanimity for the person or the event Astraea is linked to in a chart.

Her having natal Astraea in the 9th house also resonates with Jupiter whose favored abode in a horoscope and in the natural Zodiac is the 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Foreign Lands and Studies, and all Legal Matters. Plus, many people are familiar with the famous court cases in New York when Evangeline Adams, arrested three times, defended the practice of Astrology ("fortune telling," was the charge) with her first trial occurring in 1911 while she was in the process of a Jupiter Return reward cycle (the last one of which 12 years before she had begun her career in NYC). In her natal chart, Jupiter is in cosmic Pisces in the karmic 12th house, a guardian angel placement, as I suspect she must have known.

So during this fortunate period she stated that felt protected from harm and well she might with Jupiter as her chart-ruler (Pisces rising) and career-ruler (Sagittarius at Midheaven) - and she named her horse Jupiter! As it turned out, Miss Adams' sincerity, straightforward demeanor, and correct analysis of the judge's son's natal chart contributed to her and to Astrology's vindication at her third trial in 1914.

Good job, protective Jupiter and starry maid Astraea!

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