Jun 16, 2017

12 Cell Salts And The Zodiac - The Scottish Astrologer

Friday June 16, 2017: Okay, here's a personal disclosure - for decades, off and on, I have taken cell salts although it's uncertain how or from where I glommed onto their benefits. Most often I have used Hyland's Bioplasma Cell Salts although there are other brands. On the bottle Hyland's says, "For relief of symptoms of colds, nervous tension, fatigue and headaches" but my basic aim has been the balancing of cell function.

We should note that in Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences for Biological Correspondence, the combination of Moon-Saturn = "chronic disturbances of water balance in the body; defects of the mucous membrane; diseases of the bladder, wounds secreting liquid deposits," and Moon-Neptune = "an over-balance or an over-accumulation of water in the tissues of the body, a deficiency of the osmotic functions relating to the utilization of the cell salts (disturbance of consciousness or awareness, also a break in consciousness; eye diseases)". (My italics and bolds).

Then today I happened to discover a YouTube video by The Scottish Astrologer who posts videos as knowthyself (always the best advice!) and thought you might wish to review which cell salts are beneficial for each sign of the Zodiac and with the appropriate foods included:

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