Jun 5, 2017

The Age of Aquarius: Opening the Star Gate

Peace, Love, and Understanding

First, a personal astrological note: born with Orion at Midheaven, the following post is the very least I can do for those who are interested in such topics!

One of the more popular search terms online is the 'Age of Aquarius' though an exact date for this new dawning (from the Age of Pisces into the zodiacal sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius) remains in dispute. Whether such a collective shift is 'a thing' or only propaganda designed to make the political, draconian 'new world order' seem palatable to the public is up for debate along with the long-touted 'light worker' phenomenon which may possibly tie into the Uranus-Neptune cycle and the Age of Enlightenment (Age of Reason) movements stretching back to philosophers Bacon, Newton, and Locke and further back to the 'Utopia' of Plato's Ideal.

Plato, whose writings made the legend of a 'Lost Atlantis' so popular and long-lived--until our nation's Freemason Founders created Plato's ideal society in the form of America in the New World (under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus trine circa 1776 = Uranian genius poured into Saturnian form!) and called it a New World Order. And it's a well known fact that one of America's primary philosophical fathers, Thomas Jefferson, idolized the Three Philosophers enough to hang their portraits at Monticello. Mr. Jefferson was the fellow (possibly with the aid and/or inspiration of Thomas Paine) who did the pouring...into the Declaration of Independence, an event and document we shall shortly celebrate in July.

Note that the combined energies of Saturn and Uranus = break down of the old order--rebuilding anew upon ruins and with destructive Pluto now creeping through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, it seems that the time for a new break down has arrived or nearly so.

As for Star Gates (portals to another dimension), what little I know shall now be shared with you.

Mystic-seer-poet-artist-engraver *William Blake (1757-1827) used such Star Gate style imagery in his literary works and naturally you're familiar with one of his most famous poems Jerusalem.

Esoterically, two of the Cardinal World Points, 00Cancer and 00Capricorn, are known as the Gate of Birth (Cancer) and the Gate of Death (Capricorn). In Astrology, obvious correlations exist between birth and the Moon (mother; matrix), ruler of watery Cancer, and death and Saturn, karmic planet of restriction, loss, old age, and ruler of earthy Capricorn.

And then there's constellation Orion (aka, The Great Hunter, and Christ archetype or, a "prefiguring of Christ" - Brady) and his three Belt Stars, Alnilam, Mintaka, and Alnitak. Constellation Orion is included here as a portal because of a theory in certain religious traditions that Christ's Second Coming will be from the direction of Orion's Belt which to me, seems a Star Gate to top all Star Gates! This belief is at least as old as Ancient Egypt for the constellation we nowadays call Orion has also been known as Osiris; no matter the name or the culture, Orion-Osiris mythology includes the theme of immortality.

And of course, you've heard the popular theory that the three Pyramids at Giza align with the Belt Stars of Orion (though some disagree). So for more starry info you may wish to check out The Orion Zone which displays a variety of star maps showing the As Above, So Below reflective patterns of the stars of Orion cast upon the Earth below.

Please note that if Star Gates relate to the creation-renting CERN monstrosity of Shiva (Siva, the creator-destroyer) and its determination to open portals to black holes, to time travel, and/or to Hades itself, it is far beyond the scope of this post concerning myths and ancient lore, not science. Besides, it is not my belief that our Creator will allow mankind to completely destroy planet Earth no matter how obsessively fascinating their scientific experiments may be.

Naturally there is much more to the Zodiac, ancient myths, and the star lore of constellation Orion than can be mentioned in a brief post but let's close with one of my favorite excerpts from the pyramid texts for in two lines much of our topic here and more besides is captured for those with eyes to read and consider:

You sleep that you may wake

You die that you may live


Now here is a 6-minute video posted by The Underground Resistance: Six Chilling Facts About CERN:


*Perhaps you noticed or already know that William Blake died in 1827 (August 12th) one year after that his contemporaries, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, passed away on the same day (July 4th) within hours of each other. Blake outlived them by approximately one year 5 weeks.

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