Jul 30, 2017

August 2017 Solar Eclipse hits Chiron's natal Saturn!

Quite some time ago I posted the Discovery Chart of Chiron on my WordPress blog if you'd care to snag a peek where, among other things, you'll see Chiron 3Tau09 Rx in 4th house of Roots and the centaur's natal 8th house Saturn @29Leo, the rounded-up degree of the coast-to-coast Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, or, The Great American Eclipse, as it's being called for obvious reasons.

Of course because of its orbit, astrological Chiron is The Bridge between Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future) and kindly advises us to be here now!

This soon coming cosmic circumstance deserves further investigation which I've not had time for yet but I wanted to quickly post this heads-up for those with particular interests in astrological Chiron in case the eclipse's conjunction to Chiron's Saturn had not been previously noticed.

So is there any astrological significance to Chiron's 'eclipsed' Saturn? Well, we know that karmic Saturn is the planet of authority, the establishment, institutional systems, the status quo, hard work, and life lessons and in contact with Chiron usually suggests a 'letting go of the old' in some way. As you know, the cosmic blink of any eclipse can bring unpredictable and disruptive results in a Uranian 'wild card of the Universe' fashion and may affect events in historical ways via personal horoscopes. And since Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant @29Leo will be directly receiving the August 21st eclipse, it remains to be seen whether he will be personally, politically, medically, and/or otherwise impacted. Perhaps the American public whose White House the 71-year-old mogul now inhabits will subsequently 'let him go'.

Now here is the Sabian Symbol for Chiron's discovery degree from my previously published notes:

'4 Taurus': “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow": Rainbows are said to be bridges to the Divine and are archetypes of God's deal with mankind for no more floods that destroy the world. This Symbol speaks of the rewards gained from linking earthly with celestial natures and Chiron is, as you know, the Christ archetype in an astrology chart, aka The Key. If you’re not familiar with the graph for Chiron, its symbol resembles a key.

Both charts–-Oct 18 and Nov 1–-are descriptive of Chiron (aka, the blind spot) with themes of 'unawareness morphs into awareness' of the Wounded Healer.

In Greek Mythology Chiron is the wise and benevolent centaur, son of Chronos (Saturn = Father Time) and the sea nymph Philyra. Saturn also represents the earth (soil, crust, rocks, tectonic plates). For most of his life Chiron lived in the cave where he was born and there he was taught by Artemis and Apollo, goddess of the Moon and god of the Sun. He passed on knowledge to mythical heroes, abilities such as riding, hunting, music, ethics, philosophy, medicine, astrology...and Chiron IS the Tarot reader, The Hierophant, The Magician, the High Priest and Priestess.

And as you know, there are multiple versions of the myth concerning Chiron’s Wound (he was crippled at birth). One myth tells of how Heracles accidentally wounded him in his left knee, ankle, or heel (Cap = knee, AQ = ankle, Pisces = heel.) In constant pain, he gave up his immortality to die in the place of Prometheus, whose liver was eternally tortured for stealing fire from the gods to give to mankind. Thus self-sacrifice is an attribute of Chiron and the liver is an organ of purification.

Half-brother Zeus placed Chiron in the heavens as the stars of Sagittarius--or as Centaurus, some say, and both constellations are associated with teaching and the higher mind. Half man/half beast, Chiron symbolizes the duality of our world and indicates in our natal charts where our greatest weakness–-and thus potentially our greatest strength–-may be found.

Wise Chiron teaches us that integrating our higher minds with the lower, our earthly natures with the celestial, the unconscious with the conscious will bring the most golden and lasting of rewards, the kind that rust does not destroy!

Now, as mentioned in the post linked above, Chiron's official discovery date is Oct 18, 1977 when the photographic plate was actually taken at the Mt. Palomar Observatory with Chiron @3Tau50 Rx. Astronomer Charles T. Kowal (1940--2011) is credited with the discovery of Chiron which returns to natal degree three times from 2027 into 2028...here's my artsy attempt to capture such a cosmic moment upon an 8x11-inch sheet of paper:

Curious Side Note: 29Leo is also the degree of Thomas Jefferson's natal Saturn!

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