Jan 4, 2019

Astro-Notes: Generals Washington and LaFayette

Gilbert du Motier LaFayette by Joseph-Désiré Court [Public domain]; 1792

Born Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert de Motier in Chavaniac-LaFayette, France on September 6, 1757 at 4:00 am LMT, the young aristocrat-turned-soldier known as LaFayette came to America at age 19 (his Nodal Return in Leo!), against his king's wishes, and with the express purpose of aiding our patriots in the battle for independence and liberty. Seeking glory, he received a military commission from Congress, then in Philadelphia, and met for the first time General George Washington (on the day and evening of July 31, 1777, respectively). Apparently, sparks flew, and the young LaFayette, sporting a character reference written by Benjamin Franklin, soon established himself as a worthy soldier and leader in the ranks of the Continental Army. In fact, LaFayette ("the boy," as the British came to call him) became a symbol of the French-American alliance. He spoke of having "a star" and considered his activities in America as fated--which one might do concerning alliances formed during one's Nodal Return when new encounters are often fated or karmic.

So having discovered an interesting video concerning LaFayette which details such information, you'll find the video link, below, but if you expect mention to be made therein that the strong bond between Washington and LaFayette issued in part from their shared Freemasonic memberships, you'll be disappointed. Funny how few if any sources ever cite such brotherhoods as if Freemasonry had nothing to do with the founding of America! However, loss of his father when he was only two years old, plus, Washington's reputed sterility and subsequent lack of a son, certainly seems to account in large part for their enduring bond.

View Washington's Generals: Marquis de LaFayette (45m18s).

And if you wish a view of the natal horoscope of Marquis de LaFayette visit astro.com which includes brief biographical details of his life and a Rodden Rating of C on his natal chart for 'original source unknown'. There you'll see that LaFayette's natal Midheaven (the Goal Point and most visible point in any chart) @17Tau52 (or thereabouts--because on-the-hour birth times are often estimated especially in older days), conjoins the natal Ascendant of George Washington whom the fatherless LaFayette took as his role model in life! So LaFayette 'held high' or in high esteem George Washington, as it is well-known that he did--and the Astrology between their natal charts agrees.

So perhaps it isn't curious at all that rounding up Washington's natal Ascendant degree to determine its Sabian Symbol gives an appropriate word picture considering the famous activities of both men during the American Revolution: "19Taurus": "A New Continent Rising out of the Ocean" which speaks of the ability to "remodel the face of the Universe"!

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"19Taurus' from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar.

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