Mar 31, 2019

Coco Chanel: the Lion-Hearted Mystic!

Dahling, how fabulous that the birth data of fashion legend Coco Chanel is rated AA for 'birth record/birth certificate in hand'! Now we can peek at the birth planets of a creative genius in leisurely fashion secure in the knowledge that 4:00 pm LMT is most likely a round-off hour and could be slightly inaccurate. Still, how grand to have what must be a reasonably accurate horoscope for her, and of course studying her chart in tandem with a Timeline of Life Events for designer/parfum maven Coco Chanel (nee Gabrielle Bonheur Cha *s* nel - good hour!) both major events and otherwise significant milestones, can help hone the birth time in if one were inclined to spend the time.

Left at an orphanage age 12 along with her sisters by their father, Gabrielle Chanel's childhood is nothing to write home about and her natal Ascendant at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Sagittarius reveals a quick slide into Saturn-ruled Capricorn associated with the father and, her ASC and first house, with early life conditions. Yet gaining for herself a milliner's license in 1910, the former cabaret singer ('Coco') entered the fashion industry bwo Hat Making. For this I cannot blame her for I too have fashioned and sold hats myself in former days, feathers, ribbons, trims, and all.

Unfortunately, early conditions in her life created for Coco a bitter personality and she was quite vicious when discussing and criticking her competitors (but honestly, all branches of the Fashion Industry are full of snarling cats--Coco's emblem was the Lion, of Leo fame--her Sun sign, a statue of which she kept close by when working. Rrraowr-r-r! She "clawed" to protect herself, she said, which had to be an early and necessary childhood habit she developed, no doubt. So it's part of her South Node behavior I suppose with South Node in Taurus, sign of greed and intolerance although creativity and patterning talent are strongly emphasized as well along with her creative, mystical Pisces Moon which leads a LOCOMOTIVE parade of her planets - it's a shape of the ruthless executive totally determined on success--here, in the 2nd house of Money, Possessions, Earning Ability, and Values. Plus, there's gold-loving asteroid Midas conjunct natal IC (29Aries). Black was her favorite color but she also preferred white, red, and gold.

If you have 10 minutes handy check out a photo montage (with a not too annoying disco loop you can shake your tail feathers to if you so desire!) of Coco Chanel: Transformation from 12 to 87 years old - come for the make-up and fashion, stay for the hats and hairstyles.

Now below you see a bi-wheel with her natal horoscope (shaded in green--too messy, I know!) in center and her Death Horoscope surrounding. She passed away "on the night of January 10, 1971" in a certain Paris hotel where she lived so the chart is set for a speculative hour of 9:00 pm CET. Perhaps you can see that 'death Saturn' @15Taurus conjoins her PreNatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') degree in the 11 South Saros Series (old systems fail; new ideas and reforms needed; 'any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' - Brady) and 'death Saturn' (karmic planet of loss, separation, and endings) is also apex planet of a Thor's Hammer (or, Fist of God) pattern which can bring "exposure to heavy and bitter attacks" (Ebertin) though with Astrology's 'AC/DC' tendency (energies can work in both directions and can alternate) this may refer to Chanel's own bitterness and skepticism and to her critical attacks on all her competitors (she was known for it!)

At the base of the Hammer is a Mercury-Pluto square which suggests deep-seated neuroses, a sarcastic expression, and an acute awareness of other people's vulnerabilities (A. Oken) which makes criticism of others much more deadly and thus more accurate.

And why is Coco Chanel a "lion-hearted mystic"? Because of her Sun Leo-Moon Pisces personality blend! Devotional, subjective, and moody, a lady who over-dramatized her trevails and played the victim when it suited - and was the originator and promoter of the "little black dress' and of lady's pants and suits!

For more personality details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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