Mar 23, 2019

Saturn-Pluto and Asteroid Shakespeare #2985

So you know how we once discussed here the natal horoscope of the great bard William Shakespeare? Today I am reminded of the post and his chart because I've just double-checked the natal position of asteroid Shakespeare (#2985; January 3, 1949) and found that its position in relation to my birth was/is 22Cap19:25.

Now as the reader who keeps up with such things knows, that degree of the Zodiac (22Capricorn+) is where the Great Saturn-Pluto Conjunction perfects astrologically on January 12, 2020 (its DC Horoscope shown)...conjunct the natal Vertex of fated encounters of one Mr. Donald Trump. Of course, the point also contains a vibe of wish fulfillment in certain cases but its position doesn't necessarily determine just who or what benefits if a wish is fulfilled.

Actually, I don't wish to imagine what could be a wish that must 'welcome' a visit from the compressed, harsh energies of cold Saturn blended with unconscious planet, Pluto the culprit and 'god' of the Underworld which includes the distinct whiff of criminality (organized crime). Would you? But sigh...both planets are considered deeply karmic as what's been sown will be reaped by the one who sews. Saturn's imperatives take about 28 or so years to come to fruition, Pluto never does for an individual except by Pluto's aspects along the way, aka, interactions with our charts/planets. About 248 years for Pluto.

As always, all pertinent chart factors should be considered for inclusion for best results. And who knows? Perhaps in these particular legal matters it's Lady Justice whose fondest wish will be granted by the Universe - through the cosmic auspices of Saturn working with Pluto.

Above image of a portrait of William Shakespeare possibly painted by John Taylor.

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