Sep 27, 2019

Rudolf Steiner, Atlantis, and the Aryans

Rudolf Steiner 1907; Ita Wegman [Public domain]

Since the natal chart of Rudolf Steiner is rated XX by Astrodatabank for 'date in question' let's spend only a brief time on the master occultist's planetary revelations. However, a brief consideration of what apparently is his Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo personality blend may be of interest. Born in Croatia on February 25, 1861 (speculatively, it seems) Steiner's fame has been long-ranging for his many and varied accomplishments. If you wish, check out his 11:15 pm LMT natal horoscope plus a brief bio at astrodatabank.

Actually, a Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo combo seems to fit him quite well yet I say this based on the little I know of his work and life events. Hopefully, you know more about this intriguing fellow!

His Water-Earth blend is highly creative yet pragmatic and contains dependable, devotional, and resourceful qualities. A wide-ranging, analytical intellect combined with a good memory makes it handy with details as well as easily grasping the wider view. Naturally, Pisces is a sign of mysticism and Virgo, its opposite sign, loves to categorize and critique. One is ruled by expansive, idealistic Jupiter and co-ruled by urge-to-merge Neptune (the divine source), while Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind and of communication. The volume of Steiner's many writings attest to this especially since Virgo is the sign of the book author and is also associated with Commerce via Mercury.

Health of mind and body is often of primary importance to personalities born under the influence of Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo (sign of health) and at its best, intuition and reason come together nicely. Yet flights of fancy may be necessary at times for as we know, Pisces cannot stand too much reality and must take breaks. So perhaps Steiner's many years of occult work count as one such flight of fancy but with a practical purpose as well. Plus, romantic reveries may have been engaged in occasionally for relationships were important to him, too.

And so occultist Rudolf Steiner possessed a natural ability to look at questions from all angles, was a perfectionist, and was perhaps a bit of a worrier. We might even say he could see both the forest and the trees simultaneously, an extremely enlightening talent to possess.

Now let's close with a consideration of the three 'Images for Integration' of Steiner's conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) minds--three 'word pictures' of the fellow who interests me primarily because of his work concerning the Myth of the Lost Continent of Atlantis and its alleged connection to the Aryans of hitlerian fame--the theory which forms the basis of the 'white supremacy' fallacy that has been the cause for centuries of so much loss, misery, and grief in the world:

"A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself...Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and reason shake hands." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey).

Now does any of this sound at all like the Rudolf Steiner you know?

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