Oct 17, 2021

Cleopatra, The Sphinx, Khafre, Scorpio

by Jude Cowell

Sunday October 17, 2021:

On the topic of solar cults of personality such as the one operative in US society at the moment - and a death cult at that - I've just watched a fascinating video on the Smithsonian Channel Secrets: The Sphinx (Full Episode) and it inspired me to publish here a link to a previous (and very popular!) post displaying the natal Horoscope of Queen Cleopatra, the last pharoah of Egypt, born in 0069 BC.

Rectified by master astrologer Noel Tyl, appropriately enough her natal chart shows Scorpio rising with royal Leo at Midheaven, Moon @28Can49 and the Sun @20Cap17 rising with fixed star Schedir, The Queen. If accurate, Cleopatra was born during a Full Moon phase and a Cancer-Capricorn 'tough-and-tender' personality blend provided her with a gift for seeing the larger, long-term picture, along with a concern for other people's needs. The lady was, in fact, an extremely capable manager! (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys) #ad.

Note: Those with an interest in Scorpio may wish to check out the Scorpion Tableau discovered in 1995 and relating to the origins of Egypt and the Scorpion King.

Khafre and The Eternal Cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth

Now for those in a rush, the final five minutes of the video linked above details how at Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, the rising and setting sun illuminated the Sphinx (symbol of the pharoah), Pharoah Khafre's Temple, and his Pyramid as if he were offering his temple to the gods. This suggests that the mysterious Sphinx acted as a religious symbol for the sun's illuminating arc across the sky on those particular days, Khafre believed, assured him of immortality (eternal life) because his fervent hope (shared by many!) was to live forever.

So to close, here is a view of the royal Pharoah Khafre seated commandingly in his valley temple at Giza; statue now located in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Cairo:

Image: A. Parrot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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