May 7, 2022

Jamestown Colony Solar Eclipse 1607 a mystery

Matoaka, 'Pocahontas at Jamestown' statue erected 1922; wife of Capt. John Rolfe

Approximately two weeks prior to the founding of Jamestown Colony in Virginia, a Total Solar Eclipse in Saros #114 perfected @7Pis24 on February 26, 1607. This is the Colony's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 5 Old South series which influenced the early adventurers who landed and established their claim on May 14, 1607.

Details concerning the Virginia Company are available such as Capt. John Smith decreeing Capt. Gosnold (Gosnoll) the "prime mover" of the Colony. (Bartholomew Gosnold (1571--August 22, 1607).) Yet as you see, Bartholemew didn't last long once in Jamestown, Virginia and is interred there to this day inside what once was Fort James.

Other occurrences of Saros #114 Solar Eclipses include May 3, 1715 (NS; April 22, 1715 OS; @12Tau14) when Edmond Halley successfully predicted the (Total) eclipse and its path of Totality which lasted 3 minutes 33 seconds in the city of London. This 1715 manifestation of a Saros #114 eclipse is famously known as Halley's Eclipse (follow the link for details) and perfected during a Saturn-Uranus conjunction @17Virgo+. Of course, erratic Uranus of the lightening bolt wasn't discovered until about 70 years later by William Herschel.

Regretfully, I have no eclipse themes to divulge here for the 5 Old South series of eclipses (including that of 1607) ended on September 12, 1931 @18Virgo so its themes are not listed in Brady's Predictive Astrology (#ad).

Of course, there are ways to glean information even without eclipse themes such as Sabian Symbols ('word pictures') within the eclipse horoscope, planetary aspects, links to the charts of individuals or concurrent events, the initial eclipse in the series, the key planet of the eclipse, the Zodiacal sign in which an eclipes occurs, and by searching for historical events which occurred during the years that an eclipse manifested in the particular series--here, the 114, and the founding of Jamestown(e) Colony under a Piscean influence which suggests oceanic voyages, resulting illnesses, spiritual realms, various mysteries and hidden agendas. Yet we know that the founding of Jamestown was a new beginning if it was nothing else, of Old World to New World proportions, along with the expectation of gold discoveries and gaining wealth.

The Virgo-Pisces Axis

When a solar eclipse manifests in mystical Pisces, spiritual awareness is important for karmic progress to be made and the next evolutionary level reached. Plus, karmic relationships and significant family ties tend to be involved. We find this at times when researching Jamestown colonists and trying to ascertain who was related to whom, possibly prior to their journey across the Atlantic.

When a solar eclipse perfects in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo (the virgin, and other goddess references which also include nurturance and mothering), a strong sense of duty and 'work ethic' are implied along with traits such as discrimination, discernment, and dedication. Analysis and keen observance are also suggested but a tendency toward perfectionsim and criticism may be involved with eclipses in Virgo. Yet if such tendencies are under a reasonable amount of self-control, they may be more positive than negative (perhaps with maturity).

Enter The Intriguing Princess Pocahontas

Then as you know, health problems are associated with Virgo and eclipses in Virgo and I'm sorry to say that within that particular realm, Pocahontas, aka, "Rebecca" Rolfe, wife of Captain John Rolfe (with whom geni dot com informs me I have in-law connections through my Strickland and Bolling lines) died on March 21, 1617, age 21, as she and family began the journey from Gravesend, England back to America. Possible cause or causes of her death: pneumonia and/or tuberculosis; may she R.I.P.

Pocahontas passed away under the influence of a 16 North Solar Eclipse @17Pisces (opposite Virgo, the victim-savior axis with Pisces, sign of contagion) with its initial eclipse's transpersonal Uranus-Neptune content. Additionally, a Total Lunar Eclipse had occurred @2Virgo on February 20, 1617 so there were lots of Virgo-Pisces energies affecting the environment, an environment she had never been in before.

So! When it comes to the Prenatal Solar Eclipse in Pisces of the Founding of Jamestown Colony, we can note that a list of 114 eclipses is handily located here. Examples of 114 eclipses include: July 23, 651 (@2Leo: "An Epidemic of Mumps" = the initial eclipse), March 28, 1066 @13Ari24 (as you know, William I's year of Conquest, and surprisingly enough, William I is my 28th great-grandfather), the Jamestown PE of 1607 as noted, Halley's Eclipse of 1715, and 5 Old South's final manifestation in Virgo on September 12, 1931 with karmic Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn and an imaginative, if deceptive Mercury-Neptune conjunction early in the sign of - Virgo.

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