Apr 25, 2019

An Historical Horoscope for Sir Walter Raleigh?

Sir Walter Ralegh; National Portrait Gallery [Public domain]

While it's true yours truly never cares to spend much time blogging about horoscopes that are not accurately timed, my interest in a certain Historical Horoscope, that of Sir Walter Raleigh (aka, 'Ralegh' and multiple other spellings), is on my mind due to my relocation in February 2019 to his namesake city, historical Raleigh, North Carolina.

But North Carolina is not the only US state with a 'Raleigh' under its belt for so have Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and North Dakota, plus, a Raleigh community is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee.

So today, while attempting to set up Walter Raleigh's natal and death horoscopes I discovered that, not only are there many spellings of his surname (Rawley, etc), but there exists more than one possible birth date for Baby Walter--and even the date of his execution is in question with Wikipedia listing it as October 29, 1618 while the astrodatabank site states it as December 29, 1618! With either death date, Sir Walter (b July 11, 1554 OS) was cruelly beheaded by ax at age 64 and had spent 13 years of his life imprisoned in The Tower of London for his part in a plot against King James I, Elizabeth's successor. Such a long sentence must have been especially difficult for an adventurous explorer (courtier and spy!) who was a mover and shaker in the era of Sir Francis Bacon, Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, astrologer and seer John Dee, and other famous notables of the Elizabethan Age, many of whom were intimately involved in the founding of America as the 'New Atlantis', a Baconian-Utopian ideal passed down from the days and teachings of Plato.

And so no horoscope for Sir Walter Raleigh is displayed here today but follow the Raleigh link, above, to view his astrodatabank chart, RR: XX or, check out his rather sparse family genealogy.

Yet all is not lost astrologically for here are a few notes on what is apparently Walter Raleigh's natal Sun Cancer-Moon Sagittarius personality blend with Sag the adventurous sign of foreign lands and of those who love travel and exploration:

Sun Cancer-Moon Sagittarius (Water-Fire = steam that can cleanse or scald; with 'Moon-Jupiter' influences) tends to be idealistic, imaginative, colorful (check out his stylish costume, above!), and changeable. He's 'the romantic traveler' who can be dramatic and restless, and is a lover of beauty and music. Adventurous yet careful, this blend suggests that Raleigh was a combination of conservative and progressive views, and was attached to an instinctive moral certainty that was perhaps forged in the days of his childhood (Cancer). Loyal, yes (to his Queen!), but also independent and outspoken to the point of argumentativeness--yet always expressing his views courteously. Determined to lead a consequential life, Raleigh was also attached to family and homeland (Cancer again), and was a man of action who could grasp the big picture then follow through with what needed to be done to fulfill it.

This tallies well with carrying through with the 'Great Plan' for the New World in America which Sir Walter Raleigh helped to further along in several ways, one of which turned out to be what we today call Virginia's Lost Colony of Roanoke.

And there we bid adieu to Sir Walter, may he R.I.P.

For more details on the Sun Cancer-Moon Sagittarius blend (and others) you may wish to consult Sun Sign Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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