Jul 27, 2019

July 27, 2019: Attractive Venus Enters Romantic Leo!

Although a previous post Love and Attraction in the Signs of Venus has been popular for its notes on the sign positions of natal Venus, it must be announced that tonight at 9:53 pm edt transit Venus enters the Tropical sign of Leo the Lion!

Follow the link to check out an insightful assessment of this cosmic Venusian happening including what to expect at Ruby Slipper Astrology. I absolutely adore that fabulous blog title, don't you? Like lovely Venus, it's very attractive!

Now some may say that planet Venus isn't much to look at in real life (that's her portrait above via NASA and bitbox dot com) but for me her beauty is in the eye, as they say. Plus, astrologically Venus the 'goddess planet' rules both earthy, materialistic Taurus and airy Libra, the more refined and discriminating of the two signs. Therefore, the houses where Taurus and Libra appear in a natal chart (on cusps or intercepted within) have Venusian energies attached to them even if the planet of partnership, diplomacy, evaluation, and small amounts of money is located in a different or third sign. Aspects to natal Venus must also figure in for a fuller Venusian portrait but that's beyond the scope of this weekend post which is written in general terms only. (Please consult your natal chart or your astrologer if specifics are needed.)

And when transit Venus reaches 15 Leo, the Lion's Point, on or about August 9th or 10th, it will be interesting to see if The Lady (or a lady and/or feminine matters) turn up more prominently in the public discourse or perhaps in your or my life! Why, even a Hollywood star or a celebrity of some other creative kind may be spotlighted. Then on August 22nd or thereabouts, Venus enters Mercury-ruled Virgo, sign of The Virgin (and The Critic), and the spot where the Royal Star of Persia Regulus now twinkles with its famous caution worth heeding to 'avoid revenge; otherwise all that has bee gained will be taken away' (Brady). Now we know that Venus can engender jealousy so we must watch for that negative tendency...and scorn her not!

Besides, once the more serious sign of Virgo is entered, no longer may social pursuits and the excitement of romance take precedence over all else since Venus in Virgo denotes a period when 'the dictates of the heart (are) often suppressed by practical considerations' and 'indecision in matters of love' (Ebertin) can slow down our Venusian roll and bring some moderation into our relationships!

Well, I guess by late August we may all be eagerly awaiting Venus' entry into her own lovely sign of Libra when she 'comes into her own' in mid-September and our social calendars will again light up with pleasurable events and invitations and beautifying our surroundings and wardrobes will inspire action and spending once more!

Why perhaps we'll go wild and select a new shade of lipstick for Autumn!

Image: Lulu's Lipstick, a colored pencil fanciful figure study on paper by yours truly from my Fine Art America portfolio where you're cordially invited to browse 24/7. After all, viewing art is good for you, y'know!

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