Dec 11, 2022

An Astrology Chart for Empress Matilda!

Genealogy Plus History: Empress Matilda

by Jude Cowell

The following post and horoscope/s are part of my series on ancient ancestors - this time concerning Empress Matilda, my 26th great-grandmother, as geni dot com informs me. Ceres (the mother) is active in her natal chart as are Juno (wife), Pallas (daughter), and hearth-tender Vesta who mates with whomever she pleases. Three of the feminine asteroids are in a dynamic T-Square pattern so having two illustrious husbands - King Henry I and Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, she must have untold thousands of descendants by now. Why, perhaps you, dear reader, are one!

Never actually crowned queen of England (no matter how hard she tried), the pious Matilda is known as the Lady of the English (although even this title is sometimes disputed). And yet she was a daughter, spouse, and mother of Kings, who was born February 7, 1102 at Sutton Courtenay (Oxfordshire) or possibly at Winchester.

With her exact time of birth unknown, a 'noon' horoscope is shown here set for Sutton Courtenay on the date of her birth (lower left) while the upper right horoscope shows her Prenatal Solar Eclipse chart ('PE' @7Sco17:28: exact timing) which perfected on October 24, 1101 at 9:22:47 am LMT, and is also set for Sutton Courtenay:

So are there cosmic time links between Matilda's natal planets and mine? Yes. Plus, the signs of her and my Nodal Axes are 'flipped' and we share Prenatal Solar Eclipses in the sign of Scorpio, about one or so degrees apart. But our eclipses are not in the same Saros Series as near as I can tell, because unfortunately, her 'PE' reveals no themes due to the fact that its series expired at some point since 1101/02. However, her eclipse may have fallen within the played out 5 Old North Saros Series, if I had to hazard a guess, and for which I have no themes to share.

Even so, we know that Eclipses in Scorpio tell us a little something about the solar-lunar energies running in the background of the society into which Empress Matilda was born (like a time stamp!), suggesting the intensity and forcefulness of Scorpio's Mars-Pluto influences (positively or negatively - motive always matters), and great karmic opportunities are available for higher consciousness, again depending on an individual's motives which must include the avoidance of negative Scorpio traits such as jealousy, hatred, revenge, grudge-holding, and betrayal. Such avoidance must have taken Herculean efforts given her royal circumstances and the villains that surrounded her. And of course, Mars-Pluto energies are active during war and would have come in handy for Matilda and her then-current issue of succession after her father's death are credited with starting the civil war, aka, The Anarchy, a perfectly Uranian word as are 'disruption', 'attack', and 'separation'. Oddly enough and unaware as she is, Matilda is in process of having a modern-day Uranus Return! (@16Taurus as during the US 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse - conjunct disruptive anarchist Uranus). Anarchy then, the return of anarchy now.

Named his heir by her father Henry I, (an unpopular decision - she was female), Matilda was her father's only legitimate child after the tragic death of her brother William. She is said to have been arrogant, proud, and overbearing, and so was not well-liked. Yet perhaps you'll agree that Empress Matilda is a fascinating historical figure. And if you wish more details, try the 10m 23s video from the Her Remarkable History channel concerning The First Queen of England - Empress Matilda.

And one last note: if she'd been arrogant, proud, and overbearing - and male - we ladies know that popularity would have been no problem for Matilda at all. In fact, high praise - and a crown - would have been forthcoming.

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