Feb 19, 2023

When Chiron Returns 2027 and 2028

CHIRON by William Blake, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Now in Aries, transit Chiron will enter Taurus in May 2027

by Jude Cowell, 3rd house Chiron in Sagittarius

Below you see a tri-wheel of the three times that Chiron Returns for the very first time since discovery to the centaur's founding degree of 3Tau08. Chiron, when in Venus-ruled Taurus uplifts within the Collective our concerns about mortality, our life-death connection to our planet (ex: environmentalism; earth changes; Mother Earth; the little blue dot), and of course, as The Key, to resurrection and eternal life with priestly Chiron symbolically represnting the Christ archetype in Astrology.

Moving through the sign of Taurus, Chiron reveals a period of life on Earth when ethics and a search for moral values become paramount for such values must be preserved in order to sustain civilization; history rhymes, and this was society's imperative during the Revolutionary era. More recent time periods when Chiron traveled through tropical Taurus range from 1926/1927, 1933/1934, 1976/1977, and 1983/1984, with Chiron always carrying the message to, Be Here Now!

Meanwhile, millions of folks already understand the need for preserving positive values in today's corrupt world, but through Chiron's sojourn in Taurus, things will reach crisis proportions and we'll be considering a lifting up of values - like a cross on a hill in olden days when spiritual values triumphed over materialistic ones through His sacrifice, for materialism and the love of money can only degrade humankind, never lift us up.

Actually, Chiron's rounded-up Sabian Symbol of '4 Taurus' and its "Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" (with Chiron 'the rainbow bridge' - B. Hand-Clow) word picture, the better end of the deal is the spiritual values side of the bridge - for that's where rust can never corrupt.

And so it is my lifelong belief that the Wounded Healer possesses all the compassion in the world - and for the world - and will do exactly that for those who let Him in!

Now in closing, here's a brief presentation from the Time Traveller channel Centaur Chiron: Wisest and Eldest of all Centaurs, Mentor to Achilles and Perseus....

And if you're interested, check out the natal horoscope of Chiron discoverer Charles Kowal, born with a powerful Pluto-Chiron Conjunction in early Leo (1940--2011), or review our previous discussion: Astro-Notes on the Discovery of Chiron.

Thanks for reading! Jude

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