Mar 6, 2023

The Neville Family and Anne's Date with Destiny

Image: The Neville Family Book of Hours,_1st_Earl_of_Westmorland.png

In ancient days it was a thing to record prayers in a Book of Hours and if there's a most-famous such book, it must be that of Queen Consort Anne Boleyn.

However, above you see a public domain image of the Neville Family Book of Hours instead, located on Wikimedia Commons because images of my 19th great-grandfather, Ralph Neville, 1st Baron of Westmorland, 4th Baron Neville of Raby (1364-1425) are few and far between if any accurate ones exist at all. Maybe the Nevilles are part of your ancient ancestors, too, so you may wish to check out a depiction of Ralph Neville's effigy at Staindrop Church, plus, a few biographical details that are available online as well.

Appointment with Cruel Destiny: May 19, 1536 8 o'Clock Tower of London

Theirs was a perilous and harrowing time for sure and I wonder if perhaps you'd be interested in viewing the Death Horoscope of Anne Boleyn with early Leo rising, sign of royalty, and a Mars-Saturn conjunction lurking menacingly in 1st house, the midpoint and pair that Reinhold Ebertin terms the death axis. As is often the case of horoscopes set for times of death - her execution at 8 o'clock as history records - Jupiter @7Ari55 conjuncts Midheaven (the Goal Point) along with invisible Neptune @6Ari41, a planetary pair suggesting the inflated scheme and deception by which Anne was condemned, aka, Henry VIII's scheme to rid himself of his wife.

Unsurprisingly, on that fateful morning in 1536 at the Tower of London, Venus (Anne) was conjoined by the melancholy asteroid Orpheus, while the North Node ('NN') of public contact pointed toward 00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation and Fame. Even centuries later, this indicates the significance to the world of Anne's untimely death as Henry continued his desperate quest for a male heir, no matter the cost.

Now there are other chart factors notated upon Anne's death horoscope for the curious so check it out if you wish. And yes, Anne Boleyn and I are connected: she's my 6th cousin 14 times removed, geni dot com informs me, via my Strickland grandmother. So maybe Anne Boleyn is one of your ancient cousins, too!

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