Apr 21, 2023

On the Mysticism of Marc Edmund Jones

by Jude Cowell

In the A-rated natal horoscope of famed astrologer Marc Edmund Jones we find indications of his writing talent via a Mercury-Venus Conjunction in early Scorpio, sign of deep research and occult concerns, and a Saturn-Uranus sextile of a progressive individual. There his astrological, new age ideas and ideals are comfortably poured into Saturn's container, made real and available for those who appreciate his insights. And of course, Saturn and Uranus are the traditional and modern rulers of Astrology with his Saturn conjunct natal Midheaven ('MC'), the Career and Public Status point of any horoscope, and the visible-on-the-world-stage indicator of his longstanding fame.

So below you see a dual chart image of Dr. Jones' natal chart (upper right) along with his Prenatal Solar Eclipse chart (lower left) with my study notes penned on: born October 1, 1888 8:37 am CST St. Louis, Missouri; RR: A; 17 New North Eclipse August 7, 1888 12:20:56 pm CST (NS) birth location:

Marc Edmund Jones: Mystical Neptune in Gemini

Penned on the chart/s are astro-notes that include his natal Neptune Rx @2Gemini leading a BOWL shape (advocacy of a cause) in his Solar Eclipse Horoscope while a direct Neptune in Gemini leads a LOCOMOTIVE shape (determined upon success) in his natal horoscope. So a question is: what is indicated by Neptune in Mercury-ruled Gemini, sign of communication and writing?

The Neptune in Gemini Generation: Channeling Higher Realms

Receptive Neptune, planet of ideals and creativity, in mutable Gemini shows deep sensitivity, a love of nature, and mystical, psychical, and metaphysical interests and abilities. This is supported by the fact that his Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') conjuncts his natal Moon in dramatic Leo (need for approval and applause) which denotes a measure of psychic talent, and obviously such talent was utilized in collaboration with psychic Elsie Wheeler when they, with psychic Zoe Wells, determined the Sabian Symbol word pictures in 1925. Notably, Jones' psychic talent may have been inherited, probably from the maternal side of his family.

Now the 17 New North Saros Series this visionary astrologer was born into had its initial occurrence on June 28, 1870 @5Leo07 so Dr. Jones entered the earthly flux during only the second manifestation of a 17 New North eclipse approximately 18.6 years after the first. Themes of 17NN: hectic, impulsive energy; passionate and exciting; sociable, enjoyable and fun; financial matters and/or relationships may be involved (B. Brady). The last occurrence of a 17NN eclipse was October 23, 2014 @1Scorpio; the next 17NN will occur November 3, 2032 @11Scorpio. And when a PE is in the royal sign of Leo, The Lion, one must develop the positive attributes of the sign such as leadership talent, generosity, self-confidence, and vitality. Meanwhile, Leo's egotism is a no-no for best karmic results!

Well, I've always heard that during his lifetime, everyone loved Marc Edmund Jones so I suspect that his Air Sun and Fire Moon combination of energies influenced this since it's the joie-de-vivre personality blend. Plus, penned on the chart you see that his prominent Neptune of the masses conjuncts his natal Amor, the asteroid of love. And of course, Sun sign Libra is ruled by attractor planet Venus, while his Moon in Leo is a sociable, generous, and romantic placement!

Eclipses are Karmic Cosmic Blinks and Wild Cards of the Universe!

So besides his PE @15Leo35 linked to natal Moon, at birth the eclipse was conjoined by his natal Saturn which indicates one who has the experience, knowledge, and sense of responsibility to fulfill the themes of the eclipse, in his case the 17NN, as noted, above.

His philosophy of "Dynamic Idealism" is found within Neptunian planetary placements and is part of the cause he espoused and led, founding the Sabian Assembly on October 17, 1923. Organizing talent and intellectual prowess aided him via his Pluto in Gemini. And with Saturn, Moon, PE, and North Node of destiny in the 9th house of Philosophy and Higher Education, his life's work was well accomplished and to this day remains available to all who wish to learn!

Now Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, with his Bachelor of Divinity, lived to the advanced age of 91, passing away on March 5, 1980 in Stanwood, Washington--and my closing this astro-tribute to the astrologer, his work and teachings, and his genius gives me the perfect opportunity to say, May he R.I.P.

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