Apr 23, 2023

Sir Isaac Newton: Unhappy Scientific Genius | Full Doc | Biography - w/ his Solar Eclipse

Whenever I hear or read an assessment of Sir Isaac Newton such as the title of the Biography presentation, above, this novice astrologer must wonder: are unhappiness and scienctific genius revealed in his natal horoscope?

Well, one prominent factor along these lines is that Newton's 5 North Prenatal Solar Eclipse @00Scorpio arose at his birth which identifies him as being destined to have an eventful life. Additionally, 5 North themes are significant and, in my estimation, do relate to 'scientific genius' and perhaps to the depressive weight of the eclipse's unusual implications as karma came knocking, whether he was ready for it or not:

5 North Themes: 'Sudden flashes of ideas that have a psychic or unconscious flavor; hunches, visions, prophetic dreams; a truly creative and enriching series with ideas that can be acted upon' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

The last 5 North eclipse occurred June 10, 2021 @20Gemini; the next will manifest as the Summer Solstice Eclipse of 2039 @00Cancer, and by degree (a Cardinal World Point of global events) will resonate with the Summer Solstice Eclipse of June 21, 2001, a solar eclipse which perfected in the 3 North Saros Series with themes of "news that transforms" or may involve young people; worries become obsessive and large plans are wanted but for best results, we "must not get carried away."

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