May 26, 2017

A Crystal Ball and a bit of Magick London!

John Dee's crystal ball; the British Museum {photo by Vassil; public domain}

Have you ever run across an interesting blog and read a post or two, only to discover that it hasn't been updated in quite a while? This just occurred with a certain newly found WordPress blog not active since 2014 and I'm placing a link here to one its articles so that the blog is handy for future reference.

One post concerns the ancient and bullish Mithras religion (so popular among Roman soldiers) and seems to relate to London, UK, as do the other posts. From the blog's title I'm guessing that the the author is based in London but I cannot verify that with certainty.

The blog is Magical London and the article is Dr. Dee of Mortlake which provides details on the famous hermeticist, astrologer, physician, and spy (and possibly a warlock), Dr. John Dee. As you know, his is a fascinating life story and we've actually briefly discussed Dr. Dee previously on this very blog if either of you wish to review his natal horoscope!

And if hermeticism, magick, and other curious topics are of interest perhaps you might mosey over for a visit to Magick London and see what posts are available for your consideration.

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