Jun 25, 2022

John Dee and Welsh Mystic Edward Kelley

Image: John Dee and Edward Kelley By Ebenezer Sibley (The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons...raising the dead?

Keely, Kelly, Kelley! Welsh mystic Edward Kelley's surname turns up here and there under a variety of spellings (some of which these days may be simple typos), plus, in his day he also went by the name 'Talbot'. One thing is known for certain--Kelley was a hired as a "skryer"--a crystal gazer--by Queen Elizabeth I's favorite astrologer (and probably her spy), John Dee who, with Kelley, sailed for Poland looking for patrons of their work.

While there, it was rumored that they were engaged in the practice of necromancy which may have been the rumor (or one of them) that put Queen Elizabeth off John Dee--and curiously, necromancy seems to be the subject of the above image.

For more information, check out a fascinating page at 'English Historical Fiction Authors' The Strange Life of Edward Kelley whose association with famous astrologer and polymath John Dee (Dee's horoscope shown) earns the obscure Kelley a few links in Google searches these days. Now the information may not droop down to the level of necromancy but in our modern times, it might suffice.

Then if you're curious, you may wish to view a photo of John Dee's crystal ball now housed in the British Museum. Or last I heard, that's where it continues to glimmer!

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